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E-Personal Assistant

GreeceAthens, Greece
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E-Personal Assistant is a project about helping vulnerable groups of people cope with essential needs in every day life, having access to valuable information through an available person ( personal assistant ) who arrange simple or more complicated tasks on behalf of them.

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What if there always be a person available to ask for direct help, for people who have not close relatives or close friends or the means to help themselves?
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Specific groups of people, because of special circumstances of low income ,low education ,older age , or one parent families have limited access to information which could make easier the every day life. We are used to call certain lines or search on the internet , when we need taxi, doctor, available hospital,consultancy help,need for social activities,or someone to talk to. This is not taken for granted for all members of our society.

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Our society today has modern structures to cope with social problems, because of modern technology, advanced infrastructure and brand new ideas, and people willing to offer. This solution is very simple in its concept regarding to the huge benefit it transfers for the user's welfare to feel connected to the society. It needs simple devices with simple menu( like skype application ) to connect people with well organized and informed call centers. A special feature is the initiative of a personal assistant to call first and to propose to the user for example social activities ,inviting them to events for free ,organized by the municipality, as a friend would do so ,according to the stored profile of the user.
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Example :a family with special characteristics such as low income,one parent, no relatives.Most probably the level of socialization for that family is low. Entering to this project , this family could have easily access to information about social programs : actions for children , free cultural events, psychological support , chances for employment,and other useful information that could not one imagine by itself.And this ,using a simple device with skype or alike application only,which connects the persons directly with the Assistant. Example: Older people leaving alone,need help and information to arrange matters such appointments to doctors/ hospitals, to call a taxi ,someone to bring them some basic shopping,information for events.

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Maximum utilization of Social Welfare schemes. Promoting welfare for vulnerable and sensitive social groups. Promoting civilization and culture. The idea is the Personal Assistant Project to become a helping friend.

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Main target is to reach the maximum percentage of participation to the Social network for people who do not have the means. Municipalities and social actors could be of the first institutions spreading the idea and testing the program and our first clients. Insurance companies may incorporate and develop this service as part of personal contracts with their clients. The idea's impact is to minimize the percentage of vulnerable groups to feel abandoned and alone.

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There are some companies which offer service of personal assistant but not under the concept of Social Responsibility.
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