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ATHENS, GreeceATHENS, Greece
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$10,000 - $50,000
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The Galien Think Tank Greece joins all forces from the health care sector-scientists, public sector, patients- to rationalize the wrongs in health and submit their ideas for a sustainable patient-centered system. GTTG's final positions are evaluated and recommended for vote in the Greek Parliament.

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What if all health forces joined for the benefit of the patients?
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The Galien Think Tank Greece focuses in the following three pillars, that consist major problems in the health care sector in Greece. Those, lead in the inaccessibility of patients in a fair and descent healthcare system and the loss of income expected from unachievable growth: 1. Unsustainable health care system 2. Non existent financing of innovation in health 3. Inability to develop clinical research in Greece

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-achieve better management of the national budget on health for the benefit of the population -propose appropriate prevention plan to reduce the cost of chronic diseases -design a program that will evaluate innovative treatments and new technologies (HTA), based on mapping the most frequently occurring disorders of the population in Greece -the role of innovation to be recognized, evaluated and strengthened by the state in order to converge the desired with the feasible -allocate resources from the national health budget to promote new technologies, innovative products and diagnostic tools -create the right conditions for Greece to attract R&D and become a reference center in southern Europe for the preparation of clinical studies
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Clinical studies attract investment and can fund the health sector, create new jobs and enable patient access to new, expensive treatments. The existing legal framework in the country gives the direction for clinical studies, but the major issue is the implementation where the administration does not correspond accordingly. During the last meeting of the Steering Committee, it was decided to establish the position of the General Secretary for Clinical Studies operating on a metrics system. The G.S. has immediate effect when a problem arises to facilitate the conduct of clinical studies. The proposal was launched by GTTG to vote on bill that will be submitted by the Ministry of Health on 15.04.14.

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All 56 members of GTTG are involved in the health sector and are distinguished in their field. See some examples below: Pr. George Velmahos, Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School, Chief, Division of Trauma, Emergency Surgery, and Surgical Critical Care, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts Prof. Dimitrios Karussis, Neurologist-Neuroimunologist, Dept. of Neurology, Head, MS Center, Hadassah University Hospital, Israel Mr. Panos Kanavos, Reader in Health Policy, London School of Economics Plevris Athanassios, lawyer specializing in criminal and medical law, Legal Advisor to the Minister of Health Lambrou Marianna, president of the Greek Alliance for Rare Diseases & the Greek Association for Tuberous Sclerosis For the first time all forces join together, forming a melting pot of the health sector in Greece, sharing a common vision: GTTG' s vision.

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1. The members of GTTG are important personalities from Greece and abroad (geographic spread) 2. The speakers and guests at the annual GTTG Forum come from different countries because the problem we encounter in health is not only domestic but affects all Europe. Our goal is for Greece to streamline the illnesses in health sector & develop a sustainable system based on the standards of modernized countries so as to become a reference country and operational model for the rest of Europe. We believe that sustainability in health is an issue the results of which will be visible over 5-10 years.

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1. The GTTG operates on a volunteers basis for its partners 2. the market stakeholders (pharmaceutical companies, private clinics, insurance companies) have strong incentives to financially support the project 3. The owner company of GTTG project, will finance the project with own funds, if necessary 4. Other companies that wish to gain visibility in the health sector will support GTTG through reciprocal benefits.

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All Galien Think Tank Greece partners (academics, scientists, researchers, patients' associations, market stakeholders) are addressing individually the same problem. The difference of the GTTG project is that we join all of the above forces together to make our voice stronger and thus efficient. Moreover, our proposals are submitted to the Health and Social Affairs Committees of the Greek Parliament in order to be recommended for voting in the House.

Founding Story

It all started during the organization of the Prix Galien awarding ceremony in Greece ( on April 2012. Our contact with the pharmaceutical industry and patients associations led us to realize that patients have no access to innovative treatments for the last 2,5 years. This proves that human lives are directly threatened and isolated efforts of the pharmaceutical industry- patients, weren't sufficient to solve this major problem. Discussing with the key stakeholders in the broader healthcare sector I asked them whether they believe in the dynamics of a collective effort that will help solve the key health issues in Greece. They were fully consistent with the idea and thus the Galien Think Tank Greece project begun.


Honorary Board: networks for GTTG purposes Steering Committee: suggests core topics to be discussed with state and health stakeholders Advisory Board: presents GTTG’s positions to the the Greek Parliament Greek Parliament Members: evaluate GTTG’s proposals and recommend for a vote in the House Market Stakeholders: update on current issues of healthcare industry All members are academics, scientists, MD, PhD, MSEd, MSc holders on part time
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All members-partners of the Galien Think Tank Greece share a common vision, of creating viable proposals for the operation of the NHS and they all work in a volunteer basis.
Our partners are prominent personalities within and outside the country, serving diverse fields of the health care sector, such as academics, scientists, researchers, patients' associations, market stakeholders that they want, they can and aspire to contribute with opinions and ideas, scientifically documented, to rationalize the wrongs in health and lead to a sustainable system that will be purely patient-centered.