Healthcare Access Concept for Greece

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Healthcare Access Concept for Greece

Tacloban City , Philippines
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Healthcare Access for Greece with the aid of mobile applications. Mobile devices can actually be a force used for good in the realm of healthcare.

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What if mobile applications would enable access to healthcare a walk in the park?
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Innovations for Access to Healthcare

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Mobile application for healthcare. Mobile devices can actually be a force for good in the realm of healthcare. Application developers have to make an app which would work in any mobile devices under different platform, providers or system. Within that are records which only they can personally access. Health conditions, history, attending physicians, hospitals and clinics admitted, allergies to medicines, current medicines taking, nearest kin or authorized representative of the individual and others. This would be beneficial to the individual, the physician and healthcare providers.Every data can be stored in the cloud, can be easily updated and be tailored to the appropriate needs of each individual.
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An individual downloaded the healthcare mobile app, services are easily deployed and integrated. A pregnant woman in Piraeus on her way to delivery access the app, system verifies her data, provide her the maternal service that best suit her. A man from Thessalonki suffers a heart attack, authorized representative access his healthcare mobile app, system verifies his data, sends valuable inputs regarding his current condition to the nearest hospital where attending physicians are ready. An elderly woman in Volos who runs out of her maintenance medicines access her healthcare mobile app, system verifies her data, process the medicines for pick up at the nearest pharmacy or clinic. The possibilities to healthcare are endless.

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Everyone has a mobile phone, adaptation to this concept can be easily achieved. The growth of mobile phone, services and its industry are quite remarkable which would easily suggest that mobile data through a mobile applications would integrate well with healthcare services to achieve clinical outcomes and professional standards.

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This would work on a global scale. With the advent of technology, mobile applications enables us to collaborate, indulge, inspire and innovate for the development and growth of healthcare services and its access to the said sector.

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Once everything are developed, data's used in system needs to be updated and protected. Requires manpower for the efficient delivery of healthcare services. Since this is for the long run and of great benefit to everyone in Greece, the potential to touch everyone and make their life easier would paved the way for this concept's growth.

Founding Story

When a person close to my heart was hospitalized for a life threatening reason, it dawns on me that I can make a little change to at least save a life or lessen the untoward effect sickness or injury to those people who matters to our life. I will harness the potential that technology can offer us and a concept which would incorporate healthcare mobile applications to our society would be exciting for me.
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Canete Jr

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, Tacloban City

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