Innovative Product for Greek hotels

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Innovative Product for Greek hotels: Mobile Language Lessons

Ελλάδα, GreeceThessaloniki, Greece
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$1,000 - $10,000
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The product is a network of hotels and young teachers of foreign languages (optional - greek schools of tourism) that allows a Foreign Language Lesson to be offered to a tourist who stays at a greek hotel. This product increases competitiveness of hotels and reduces uneployment in Greece.

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what if people could combine the pleasure of holidays with the opportunity to learn a new language, what if there was no youth unemployment and there was a sweepingly growing demand for bright minds of young professionals in tourism by local hotels?
About Project

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Youth unemployment reached 64% in Greece last year. Low demand for intellectual skills of employees by greek hotels don't encourage bright young tourism professionals to start a career. Low competitiveness of greek hotels due to lack of product diversity keep hotel occupancy rates in Makedonia region at 60%. Gap between academic education and real market needs don't allow tourism schools in Greece (IEKs) to maximize value of the study program.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Greek hotels will advertise for its guests an optional product - a foreign language lesson. The total request for the lessons (by lesson type,frequency and date) will be announced in the network. Foreign language teachers of the network see the announcements and respond to them. As a result guests of the hotels enjoy the new product that increases their satisfaction from staying at the hotel and the probability of recommending and returning to the hotel for the next vacation. Foreign language teachers are young students/graduates of greek tourism schools (IEK) and they benefit from providing intellectual work services at their professional area. IEKs could participate by expanding foreign language programs during academic year.
Impact: How does it Work

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A group of tourists checks-in at the hotel and sees at the registration counter and at their rooms an option of foreign language lesson among hotel services. The foreign language lessons could be booked at the hotel late morning or in the afternoon - around the same time when animation takes place. The tourists order the language lesson of his choice at the reception desk. The reception clerk informs the company twice a day about new lessons ordered. The company sends teacher of a foreign language to the hotel the day the lesson is booked. The lesson takes place at the territory of the hotel. The teacher brings all necessary study materials with him/her. Possible lesson types could include specific lessons for culinary,water sports lexics

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

The impact of this idea is multisided. First target is 1000 lessons.It belongs to a new business model that does not aim solely at profit making and places importance on helping society to solve significant problems by raising competitiveness of hotels in Greece and raise customer satisfaction, fight unemployment of youth, promote intercultural integration and community development. Cooperation of young foreign language teachers with greek hotels could bring both profits and significant development of tourism in Greece. It would provide Greek market for tourist services with a distinctive market feature-that of possibility to learn/sustain foreign language while vacationing - and that would in turn strengthen tourist hospitality,customer relations and openness of the market for intercultural dialogue and cooperation. Increased tourist flow and fall of unemployment are immediate results.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

The larger impact of the project comes from creating "satellite" language centers at every resort town all over Greece, offering lessons to local shops/businessmen at a lower price to teach them a language and help them raise customer service, broadening the range of lessons from foreign languages to other subjects. Online lessons could be offered from the beginning depending on relative market response and that could raise profits by 200% and more. Additional foreign language classes would be created at tourist schools,students will find jobs that match their skills.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

There is no initial need of significant investment for this project. The project manager is a teacher with necessary know-how of a product,product materials and availability of communication channels for contacts with hotels and teachers. The requested budget is 1000 Euros for website development and monthly cost of 100 Euros max for communication costs. Revenues are 1000 Euros during 1st month,2000 Euros during 2nd month and 2500 Euros for 3rd.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

This idea is unique because at the moment there are neither foreign language schools at the resort places, nor hotel products of this kind. There are foreign language schools in Greece that offer courses for foreign visitors at a price of minimum 400 Euros per month without residence. Our lesson would cost 10 Euros per hour and would be attractive for both clients and teachers. In the long-term greek people working in tourism would also benefit from our lessons because they will be taught at their workplace at a competitive price during the period when they most need to use the language.

Founding Story

While traveling along the beautiful beaches of Halkidiki I talked to different tourists who came on vacation and stayed at hotels at different spots of the peninsula. They told me about their impressions of staying at greek hotels and told me that it would be very nice if there was a chance to combine staying at the hotel with getting some knowledge for themselves or their children. At the same time I saw some hotels being not so full and wished for the solution that would make greek hotels most competitive among all hotels in the Meditarrenean.


Olga - manager, teacher of several foreign languages Periklis - a well-established local graphic designer. He will generously support marketing campaign (leaflets, web images). 2 managers and teachers of foreign languages from internet portal that offers online lessons.
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, Thessaloniki

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, Ελλάδα

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Friends and family.

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Periklis - a well-established local graphic designer. He will generously support marketing campaign (leaflets, web images).

A number of contacts with innovative tourist companies in Greece and in Russian speaking countries (30 - 50% of annual Greek tourist flow) that are selling tourist services directly to individuals, that are web-based, that are networking with hotels according to a certain feature (green hotels, boutique hotels).

An innovative well-established internet educational training company that could participate by offering its web platform/ads channel - monthly newsletter and website for the project's services and its team members.

Tourist schools (IEKs), municipalities of two districts - for conduct of free of charge sample lessons for business development purposes.

Two leading local consultancies - for cross-marketing purposes and combined sales efforts.

Networks of youth organizations - for effective social media campaign/search of young teachers.

Network of social entrepreneurship hubs - for effective networking and business development.