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Make your Apps!: Learn how to create your own applications!

Athens, GreeceAthens, Greece
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
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This project aims at the creation of a comprehensive seminar program to teach young people, impacted by unemployment, how to create their own application. The seminar will extend the existing curriculum of "hackademy", a community-based institution teaching emerging practices of the Web.

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What if you could create your own application, despite the fact that you haven't had studied programming ever before?
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Applications have emerged as a new type of industry. Unemployed yet highly educated Greeks, familiar with the Internet, could benefit by learning how to develop their own apps and can have the chances to overcome the great problem of unemployment. While application development has become easier lately, it is still characterized by a great uncertainty. Yet, there is a lack of programs that could help non-programmers acquire the necessary skills.

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We propose the creation of a training program that will cover this gap and will set the basis for a broader diffusion of emerging application development practices for non-programmers. This program will result from the collaboration of academics, practitioners and community members coming from Greece and from abroad and being implied in the study or the exercise of such practices. Its aim will be to transfer a modeled “know-how” to the participants, accelerating this way the learning process and reducing uncertainty for the new developers. The seminars will combine technology, business and design courses. This programme will extend the already successful "hackademy" series of seminars.
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One can find hundreds of examples of individuals attempting to create their own application (and possibly a startup), more or less successfully. To this regard, the recent Ph.D thesis “When users develop industries: the case of the Web based applications” has modeled the passing from the user to the entrepreneur state of developers through the parallel transformations of both the objects and the subjects of innovation. While most individuals manage to master the underpinning technologies, issues such as design, marketing and client relationship management remain amongst the reasons of failure for their commercialization ventures. This seminar will provide the creative skills, as well as the anticipation capabilities required for this goal.

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Initially, this project will contribute in bringing together experts from different disciplines and countries, interested in the subject and willing to act in the direction of supporting innovation in Greece, to design the deployment of the seminar. Besides, already disposes a large audience in Greek diaspora, a part of which has illustrated its interest to participate in the community's projects. In parallel, it will address another part of the same community being stroke by unemployment, as does a large part of Greek society. In such a context, creating one's own business seems for many the only way not to immigrate. This public will be the one targeted by this low cost seminar.

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The design and the deployment of the seminar programme will be in synergy – and not in competition – with existing communities. This synergy, both at the relational and the cognitive level, can become a basis for the broader diffusion of the practices to be taught in the seminar. In addition, it can set a landmark for further collaboration between the actors of the seminars to foster the development of the Web, structuring alternatives to overcome the current crisis in Greece.

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Radiobubble has already had three successful years of self-financed seminars, the “hackademy”. The current project will use these already existing methods and framework to extend them. Besides, the synergies for the project are conceived as a part of a broader “movement” for the mobilization of Greek experts living in Greece or abroad to support innovative actions and structures in Greece.

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Provided the broad range of toolkits available through the internet (both community and enterprise based), the necessary skills for the development of applications needn't be taught by an institution. However, teaching from the experts can accelerate the learning process in what regards technologies themselves. More over, business and design related knowledge are usually acquired by a time costly “trial and error” process. Hence, the inclusion of such modules in the seminar is expected to motivate participation of individuals to it.

Founding Story

Being part of the Radiobubble audience myself, Panos, a friend of mine broadcasting for the community, let me know about the “hackademy” seminars. After a “guest lecture” in hackademy, where I had the opportunity to present the findings of my Ph.D. research, we discussed with Apostolis, a member of the organizing group, on the ways that we could start a more in-depth collaboration. Hence, the idea of a “hackademy” for new developers emerged as a junction of my research work and my professional experience, on the one hand, and of the community experience of Radiobubble and hackademy in particular, on the other.


Being Professor of Management at ISC Paris School of Management I have an experience by the coordination the Master “Innovation in European Business” that can be useful to this project. Together with the organizers of "hackademy", we'll create synergies with scientists and communities in Greece and abroad to gather motivated people who have the knowledge required. The Radiobubble community and its resources will be our starting point.
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The partnerships that will be deployed and used for the elaboration of the programme "Make Your Apps" will be of three kinds.

A first set of partnerships will come from the community of the audience of, which includes Greek scientists of the diaspora. These partnerships will contribute to the rigorousness of the program.

A second set of partnerships will come from other communities around new technologies active in two regions: Paris (France) and Athens (Greece). These partnerships will contribute to the relevance of the program.

A third set of partnerships will come from my personal network in Management Science, where the question of innovation is theoretically discussed and where the field of application development has attracted much interest.