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Piraeus, GreeceAthens, Greece
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Portal to Education is a non profit organization that offers free tutorial lessons to students who face economic problems.These lessons will prepeare them for their final exams which provide their entrance to higher education.

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What if every student,despite its economic situation,could have access to higher education and build its future?
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The national Panhellenic exams in the last class of High school are highly important for the students in Greece as they are the key to their entrance to Universities.Unfortunately,the Greek Educational system is inadequate,so the students have to take additional lessons in private tutorials.However,many families are stricken by the Economic crisis and can't afford these lessons,which in many cases require even a salary.

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Portal to Education was founded as a non profit organization that offers free tutorial lessons to students with economic problems who can't afford to take private lesson,especially from Piraeus.It's one of the poorest areas in Athens.The lessons will be taught by students of the University of Piraeus and by professors.It aims to prepare the students so that they succeed in the final exams of the last class of High school and achieve their entrance to higher education.It's main goal is to have a strong impact on the society and to be an organization that students can rely on to succeed,despite their economic situation.
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Portal to Education is the link between the students and the Universities,which provides them with the necessary knowledge and qualification in order to follow a career.A university's degree is the key input to the Labour Market.Consequently,this has a strong impact on the Society and on the Economic development of a country. The fully qualified employers contribute to the diminution of unemployment,the creation of new job positions, the employment in highly trained jobs and subsequently to the Economic growth.

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The main goal of Portal to Education is to have a strong impact on the Society.It helps the students to get prepared in order to enter to the higher education.In our days a university's degree is the only way for the young people to enter to the Labour Market and build their future career.The competitiveness is getting more and more hard for a job position and the the young people are becoming more and more qualified.It becomes obvious that this can be achieved only through the universities.This Social tutorial will prepare the students in the best way so as to get well in the exams and achieve the entrance in the university of their choice.Many students can't afford to attend lessons in private tutorials which are quite expensive.Portal to Education will give them the oppurtunity to have Access to additional aid offering them all the lessons that are examined in the final exmas.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Portal to Education has hired tutors in order to staff the Social tutorial.These tutors are professors or university students.The students will be approached in schools around Piraeus,one of the poorest areas in Athens and will be offered free lessons.One major goal is to spread the target area in more schools but the lack of money is a limiting factor.One of our mechanisms is to be advertisided in the media so as to follow my example other volunteers and to make similar projects.Moreover,i want my idea to be adopted by university students and to make groups offering aid to the weak students.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

My plan's sustainability is ensured by the Angelopoulos Fellowship for CGIU as i have been selected as a fellow and i participated at the CGIU conference this year. Moreover. i will address to some foundations in order to ensure additional financial aid so as to expand my Project.

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The issue of the tutorials is addressing also by the Ministry of Education which has founded social tutorials in some areas of Greece.Unfortunately these tutorials don't correspond to their goals.The tutors who teach take very little money so they don't have a strong incentive to be good at that.My Project differs in the concept that the tutors have a strong sense of voluntarism and want to make a difference in the Society.The money isn't their first incentive.And of course this Project is founded completely by individuals and it isn't related with the public sector.

Founding Story

When i decided to participate at the CGIU i knew that i have to make a commitment to be accepted.The first thing that i came up with is the issue of the poor students.The money required for a student to attend private tutorials are huge.Many families are stricken by the Economic crisis and can't afford.Also the Educational system is inadequate so the students can't rely on the schools' lessons.As student i faced the same problem and i know how difficult is.So,this idea came in my mind.As a volunteer in the university,i am member of a group which offers aid to anyone who needs it.With their assistance i decided to launch my idea and to make it action.


My team composes of the founder and chief who is me and the tutors.Every tutor teaches a specific lesson according to their field of education.Three of them are philologists,so they teach the lessons of Ancient Greek language,Latin,History and etc.The economist teach Economic Theory,the Mathematician Mathematics and so on.Everyone has strong qualifications.My role as chief is to organize the tutorial and have the full supervise of it.
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