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NuevoTraveller: I am a Traveller, not a Tourist

Athens, GreeceAthens, Greece
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$50,000 - $100,000
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Elevator Pitch

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For everyone wishing to travel green, smartly and efficiently using only one app.
1. BusJoy; "Ride the Bus" made simple
2. TaxiShare & BoatShare; When you share during your trip, a green journey begins
3. EcoLodge; Select your green accommodation
4. NuevoFuel; Gamifying eco travel

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What if an one-stop portal made all your travel experiences green, simple, easy and great fun?
About Project

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Environmental issues have a growing impact on our travel decisions. But we often overlook our eco-consciousness if going green means hassle or getting out of our comfort zone. Do we take the bus if a long wait in rain ruins our holiday or journey to work? Do we bother searching a co-passenger to share our cab or boat? Can we choose truly green lodges in a chaotic internet/social media world? Do we meet and engage with local people in our travels?

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

NuevoTraveller is an application enabling and rewarding effective green travel. BusJoy offers real-time bus track info to users via low cost GPS tracking mobile devices on public buses. Without queuing or waiting, bus travel is nice, quick and simple. TaxiShare and BoatShare match destination data and present viable live options to users for easy and fun transit sharing. Safety is ensured via user profile and rate system. Our app facilitates connecting and sharing with our co-passengers, including real local people. EcoLodge recommends eco-friendly places to travelers looking to immerse in local life and culture. Plus, users may log their eco activities and earn points and badges redeemed toward rewards for their future travels by sponsors.
Impact: How does it Work

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Mark is a student flying to El. Venizelos for his holidays. The NuevoTraveller app informs him of a public transport strike and suggests he uses TaxiShare. Mark checks users' profiles and selects as co-passengers Ira and Nikos who live near his hostel in Thissio. During the 45 min taxi ride, Ira and Nikos chat with Mark and recommend to him St Marina's fair on that night. Four days later, Mark is in Amfilochia staying in an eco-friendly hostel selected through EcoLodge. His next destination is Lefkada. With BusJoy he books online and tracks live his bus. A bus co-passenger, Tord, invites Mark through BoatShare in a sailing trip to Zante. A new journey begins! Plus, Mark earned points for his eco-acts toward rewards by the app's sponsors.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

Immediate estimated impact of a free mobile app facilitating and rewarding public transit use, transport share and eco-lodging: 1. In Greece, 1,454,237 KTEL bus itineraries are performed annually, serving approximately 15,0000,000 passengers. As such, the average bus passenger load is at present limited at 10.3. 2. In Athens, there are 14,000 taxis driving ca 5,000,000 km per day. Hence, their estimated daily carbon footprint is 720 tons CO2 for 280,000 taxi rides. Every time we take a cab as single passengers, we produce an average of 2.5kg CO2. 3. When we travel, everything, from our flight to our all-inclusive luxurious accommodation or our added extras, such as our boat trips to nice pebbled beaches, has an impact on the local economy, community and ecosystem. Truly responsible travel and respectful engagement with the locals can be offered with a single click. To everyone.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Although we consider Greece as a prime initial niche for implementing our idea due to its tourist industry, we trust that our project can escalate internationally, as there are no national or ethnic restrictions and/or policy limitations for a worldwide spread. Our intention is to enable and promote a lifestyle change, not a policy reform. This is by making greener travel modes easier, reliable, safe but, also, more fun by offering to our users the incentive of socialising and networking with locals or other travelers of similar age/gender/interests while traveling for leisure or business.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

The app will be free for everyone and available via the web, Google Play, App store, Windows Phone Store. Every time a user shares a taxi or boat with another user a one-time small fee will apply. Sponsors and advertisers will be sought from the tourist industry (hotel owners, travel offices, boat rental companies), Google AdSense and Google AdMob. We noted several ecolodging initiatives in Changemakers; an exciting initial niche for us!

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

To the best of our knowledge, there are no multi-approach, integrated mobile platforms dedicated to facilitate divergent eco-friendly travel modes. Also, there are no apps with gamification features to reward green travel activities. Existing fragmented approaches: 1. Apps for carbon footprint monitoring/offseting. 2. Apps offering taxi share in few specific cities worldwide; not in Greece. 3. Apps connecting community drivers with spare car seats in few specific cities worldwide; not in Greece. 4. Apps offering intercity bus tracking info; not in Greece.

Founding Story

15 years ago, Periklis lived in Lefkada. He would travel to Corfu by bus. His parents gave him a lift to Aktio, an intermediate stop for the Athens-Corfu bus line. He knew the estimated bus arrival time at Aktio, but, obviously, when he arrived, he had no idea whether the bus was on its way or already gone. So he waited in the unknown for 50 minutes - luckily it was not raining. That was the moment; he wanted to help the local people and visitors who don’t have or don’t want to use their own or a rented car in Greece. Does this story sound familiar? 15 years later, the conditions of intercity bus usage in Greece have not changed much. And people opt to use their car. And perhaps feel better by paying to offset their carbon footprint.


Our team members are Mr Periklis Douvitsas, Dr Maria Retzepi, Mrs Amalia Retzepi and Mr Tasos Tsaoussis. Periklis and Maria are responsible for strategy design, operations and marketing. Periklis and Amalia collaborate on the back-end development. Tasos is the database engineer, also responsible for front-end development. Collectively, we hold four MSc degrees, one PhD, one MBA and more than 40 years professional expertise.
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sounds like a good idea with prospects and benefits both for the traveler & the environment