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Tutorial Gate: e+Quality in Education

All over Greece, GreeceThessaloniki, Greece
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Tutorial Gate’s goal is to offer a new, revolutionary method of learning via the internet using the latest available technology. The site will offer both synchronous (live) and asynchronous (e.g. recorded webinars) methods of teaching.

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What if technology could be used to offer e+quality in education?
About Project

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According to the National Bureau of Statistics,300.000 students (almost 80%) attend tutorial lessons,due to the poor educational system. The cost of private lessons averages the 1/9th of a family’s annual income. Due to recession many students cannot afford to have private lessons. These students have a 30% lower chance of entering university.A large number of students live in remote areas and islands.These students cannot attend private lessons.

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Tutorial Gate offers a solution to the following: 1.Tutorial Gate uses technology to achieve a low cost operation. 2.Quality education through the careful selection of tutors,the use of technological programs,participation in educational programs/projects. 3.Equality in education as students from remote areas will be able to access tutors from all over the country. 4.Free lessons to students from low income families. 5.40-50% lower rates to all the students. It is important to emphasize that e-learning is growing at an exponential rate all over the world. Unfortunately, Greece is lagging behind in this important field and we hope that Tutorial Gate can contribute to closing this gap.
Impact: How does it Work

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George is a lyceum student,who lives in an isolated village in Greece.He wants to be a doctor and studies hard for the exams.Despite his hard efforts he needs further assistance in Chemistry.He lives in a nearby small town,and his parents cannot transfer George twice a week,as needed to attend private lessons.He fails in the exams Katerina is a lyceum student whose parents are unemployed.She lives in a deprived area and wants to be a teacher.Although she is a good student she needs further assistance in laguage.Her parents cannot afford to pay for tutorial lessons.She fails These imaginary examples represent the stories of almost 200k students in Greece.T.Gate could help these students gain access to affordable and qualitative tutorials

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

The goals of Tutorial Gate are: 1.Offer lessons to at least 400 students in three years. 2.Help a significant number of students (at least 150) by offering free of charge lessons. 3.Offer more than 60 free webinars in three years. 4.Participate in educational programs/projects/competitions with our students. 5."Learn the students how to think,not what to think" - Margaret Mead -by guiding them through mentors programs and team projects.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Tutorial Gate will offer lessons and webinars to people from all over Greece by it's first day of operation. On second stage foreign languages lessons will be offered.Tutorial Gate can later spread to Cyprus and other countries. Studies have shown that eastern Europe is the largest growing market in distance learning.I strongly believe that many organizations/tutorials will adopt the idea.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

Operational details: 1.Tutors will work as freelancers 2.The maintentance cost of Tutorial Gate is very small (around 20-25 students will be needed in order to achieve sustainability) Sustainability will be achieved by : 1.Tuitions of the students (lessons will be 40-50% cheaper than other tutorials). 2.Donations/payments/funding from individuals,organizations and NGO's.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

E-learning in Greece is not yet developed. There are only a few players in the market. Tutorial Gate will differ by providing interactive tutorials (external use of technological programs),by offering its students the chance to participate in international and national projects and by helping students who cannot afford tutorials for free.

Founding Story

A year ago, when I was an undergraduate student at university, me and my fellow students, needed to attend tutorials for our university exams-due to our professors' strike. We started searching for tutorials but the prices were not affortable. My brother who is a lyceum student had the same problem. One night during the exams when I was trying to sleep the idea of Tutorial Gate hit me like a tornado.The next days,after reading many studies and researches I saw that there are more than half a million students who are in the same position with me,my fellow students and my brother.Since then,building Tutorial Gate became my primary goal.


I am the only full time member(I am an Educator of Electronic Engineering).My project mentor is Ms Holly Sargent,Associate Dean of Kennedy School of Government from Harvard University and the Angelopoulos Fellowship mentor.Five professors from my university are helping me as part time members along with Mr Tony Houghton,Educational Development Director at Cambridge Centre for Innovation in Technological Education and HP Catalyst Academy Fellow.
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, Thessaloniki

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, All over Greece

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Aggelopoulos Fellowship: Tutorial Gate has received its initial seed funding by the fellowship and is is assisted in the implementation phase. Professor Holly Sargent is the associate Dean of Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and is a Tutorial Gate mentor. Unfortunately, the costs of implementing and marketing Tutorial Gate exceed this seed funding considerably.

Greek GeoGebra Institution: GeoGebra is a STEM educational program used worldwide by many educational organisations and schools. Greek high schools and lyceums use this tool to visualise experiments and improve learning. This is one the tools to be used by Tutorial Gate.

Einai2030.gr: This is a visionary community of teachers, professors and parents who would like to change the educational system. One of their activities is the ‘mentorkids’ program that connects mentors with Lyceym students to assist them in selecting university courses and careers.

Tony Houghton: Dr Tony Houghton is the Educational Development Director at the Cambridge Centre of Innovation in Technological Education and an HP Catalyst Academy fellow. He is a councelor to Tutorial Gate in the field of creating educational programs.