Wireless Sensor Platform For Home-Based Healthcare

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Wireless Sensor Platform For Home-Based Healthcare

Crete, GreeceHeraklion, Greece
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$10,000 - $50,000
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A multifunctional portable platform for measuring biomedical data
with fully autonomy usage from the patient,for housing or for distance medical care.The usage of the platform will be functioned from the patient without the need or the precence of a doctor,medical staff for measuring/receiving data

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A big percentage of the Greek citizens are over aged people, where they always need medical observation. At the same time there are patients with long-life deseases and sickennesses with some needs(cancer , diabetes, heart strokes,hypertensive individuals , e.t.c). Especially in places far for hospitals or medical care. The same also happens sometimes in Big cities, where the lack of medical and nursing staff is huge.

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The aim of the project, is the collection and elaboration from biometric measurements of patients in Real Time and the briefing of patient and doctor.The interest of this solution is focusing on housing medical care to come up against of medical incidents and also of direct and faster transport and store of medical information.The platform will contain a system managing and collecting all the medical needed information with a big number of applications. With the usage of new technologies we will be able to inform immediately the patient, the nursing unit and the responsible doctor through network or SMS.The system that will be developed will be compatible with FHIR.
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Health is the ultimate possesion human can have. With this system we will be able to make a timely diagnosis using the specific platform and to avoid any bad or dangerous facts. A simple example is a patient tha has heart problems in some small island: The time before visiting a hospital is very important cause the deaths at that point is big, and until now there is no reduce on that. With that platform we can have the needed result. For each patient-user of the platform ,at some point where there will be some health problem , through the system the doctor will be informed automatically and he will take the appropriate measures. For each patient-user of the platform there will be analytical history in the central computer system.

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The first reason of deaths globally are the cardiovascular diseases , mostly because of the patient not following the requiered threatment. With the platform we can follow and observe the overall situation and health of tha patient, and where is possible if the patient is following the treatment. The main target of the project is the distance observation of patient's health. With the platform the geografical distance is no longer a problem for immidiate medical service. Overall the advantages are that everyone ,no matter if they are far away or close to hospitals, have equal rights to health services and they also can have upgrated health services. So with that we are encountering a problem of orginizing in medical units/centers.

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This solution is already in implementing and testing stage.When this step is done, what is going to start is to try and promoted to the medical industry.We belive that the combination of cheap hardware with the needed specialized management system, storing and checking(client application-server) all in a package will find some correspondance in the market.

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In the market the is not something similar with that and if there are,there are very expensive and they dont cover all the requirements needed.The usage of microproccesors arduino alouds the implementation of such a system for collection and exchange biometric data with cheap and reliable way.For example for the systems that are already in the market usually they are not so much direct in the measurements,some basic sensors are missing and there is not some history record for the patient in some site, or application.


Kalogeraki Maria
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