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www.edosafakelaki.org (independent of proposal) : Health Professionals and Hospitals rating service website

GreeceAthens, Greece
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$10,000 - $50,000
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A crowdsourcing website that will allow Greek citizens to evaluate through a positive 5 star rate system healthcare professionals and hospitals based on their experience. This will give citizens the opportunity to make informed and confident decisions about the medical care they choose.

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What if you could research other patients' evaluations of a doctor/hospital before you received treatment or made an appointment?
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Greek citizens do not have informed access to the quality, credentials nor previous citizen experience evaluation of health professionals in their cities. This leads citizens to blindly seek healthcare from doctors and hospitals whose communication skills, delivery of expertise and ethical practice (i.e bribery) does not fully align with the demands and needs of the patient, leading to a mistrust between the citizenry and our health care system

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Our rating website will crowdsource citizen reviews of their treatment experiences through anonymous surveys. This eliminates the possibility of defamation and allows only for evaluative and constructive ratings of healthcare quality. Doctors will be able to form profiles with credentials, expertise, location, contact and hours of operation and citizens will be able to rate doctors' communication, care delivery and quality, hygiene standards, accessibility, ethics etc. Empowered citizens will now know that they have a constructive input in the quality of care they receive. This access will allow for an informed selection of care that will drive business away from poor quality and corruption and create a positive system of meritocracy.
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The inspiration for this creation of this website came from the "δεν εδωσα φακελακι" (I didn't pay a bribe) section of www.edosafakelaki.org. A young, unemployed pregnant woman had been asked for a bribe by her gynecologist on her 8th month of her pregnancy. On the website she asked women to guide her to a doctor who delivered care without bribery. Hundreds of women contributed to this post and the website has now become a hub for informed citizens searching for quality healthcare. Imagine now if this woman had access to a website where she could look for a gynecologist in her city and read other women's evaluations and see whether or not the doctor she would select for her pregnancy aligned with her needs and specifications.

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According to the Special Eurobarometer 2013, 63% of Greeks believe that corruption affects their daily lives with healthcare ranking first in this perception. This website will allow people to sense that they finally have a say in the quality of care that they choose. They will now have the ability to rate out of a 5- star system of experience, hence preventing others from unknowingly engaging in a vicious cycle of poor healthcare delivery and corruption that erodes weakens our healthcare system, encourages financial waste and has serious adverse social effects. This evaluation system will give incentives to medical professionals to improve their quality of care. It will strengthen the communication feedback we have with our Ministry of Health and provide a comprehensive illustration of the areas of opportunity and gaps in dire need for restructuring.

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The website will provide a platform for doctors to market for free their services (i.e pro bono clinics, free exams etc), communicate their updated qualifications, services etc. in an effort to compete for favorable customer retention. A doctor who strives for positive rating will encourage patients to contribute to the website which in turn translates into a competition for quality care. Consulting services can then be provided to doctors based on analytics on how to better market or improve their healthcare delivery. Concise reports of quarter ratings and trends can be published.

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The website will be kicked off with an initial fund for its creation and then will subsequently create a sustainable model for revenue collection from ad-space for medical related providers (pharmaceutical, diagnostic centers etc) as well as a monthly membership fee for premium packages to doctors who would like to purchase more tailored features for their public profiles. Quarterly reports will also be available at a fee.

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This approach to healthcare evaluation does not exist in Greece. Similar websites have been created in the US but not founded on a pillar of ethics and social solidarity that is so specific to the experience of the average Greek citizen who needs to reevaluate his approach to public services.

Founding Story

The website www.Edosafakelaki.org/ I Paid A Bribe Greece was launched in 2012 to create a whistleblowing digital platform which would allow Greek citizens to openly admit to having paid a bribe to a Greek public service in an attempt to raise awareness as well as to crowdsource valuable data that would illustrate the magnitude of the phenomenon across the country. The website harnesses the collective energy of its citizens who can report on the nature, number, pattern, types, location, frequency and values of corrupt acts (i.e bribery). With this inspiration the proposed project seeks to create a SEPARATE, UNRELATED to edosafakelaki, positive evaluation website that will create an informed citizenry and promote access to quality healthcare.


Kristina Tremonti - Founder and Director of www.edosafakelaki.org. Linkedin profile : https://www.linkedin.com/pub/kristina-marie-tremonti/9/20/40a The team will expand with the recruitment of individual experts in crowdsourcing technology, healthcare management and marketing. EdosaFakelaki.org is already an affiliate of the Indian organization Janaagraha Center For Citizenship And Democracy with leading expertise in active citizenship.
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www.edosafakelaki.org is a sister organization of the Global I Paid A Bribe Organization headquartered at the Janaagraha Center for Citizenship and Democracy, a non-profit organisation based in Bangalore, India. It works with citizens and the government to improve the quality of life in Indian cities and towns.


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Project looks fine to me, but this rating system has any method like standard requirement meet.

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Solution looks fine to me. Thanks for sharing.