Amzuri - Kenya

Amzuri - Kenya: Solving Unemployment from the Inside Out

Nairobi, KenyaNairobi, Kenya
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Kenya, Nairobi

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Kenya, Nairobi

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I would not call them partners rather clients. Amzuri is currently working with micro - finance institutions as clients that have a mass reach to communities. One of our clients is Musoni Microfinance.

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The primary challenge with this approach is defining measurable outcomes from the interactions we have initiated so far. It will be a challenge to show for accurate behavioural measures on internal business relationships and communication.
However, we identify priorities for change with the clients that will act as indicators, measurable through the life of a project.

How does your idea help young people create bright futures and improve opportunities for meaningful and long-term careers?

Our goal with this project is to offer another approach to solving unemployment in Africa. For Kenya, we have observed potential for great opportunities and openings if business practices and cultures are harnessed to the optimum - where individuals will function with initiative and loyalty to grow business and opportunities for others to come in. Hence the tag - Solving unemployment from the inside Out.
Young people can be entrepreneurial within their spaces of employment. If the work culture allows for such initiatives to mushroom, we double the employment factor impacting directly on the social landscape of the African Society. If we can raise the bar for loyalty and effectiveness, then young employees will spend time exploring opportunities to expand their current operations rather than researching where to seek for the next job.
The logic behind this project is to enable the young employed generation to blossom within the employment sector so we can collectively make effort to create more job opportunities for the unemployed.

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Job Creation, Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, Training/Skill Development, Community, New industries, Products or Services.

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Marginalized/Minority, Disabled (physical/mental).

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Not Applicable - yet! (we are at the idea stage or start-up)

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Fewer than 10

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Fewer than 10

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Put Young People in Charge: provide the experiences and skills needed to be resilient, creative, and take action

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Job creation lacks adequate coordination between the government, private sector and development organizations