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kilkenny, IrelandKilkenny, Ireland
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$50,000 - $100,000
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DAYSE is a not-for-profit energy charity.
DAYSE provides the platform to raise funds for positive impact energy projects, through energy saving measures. The funds raised, by participants saving energy, are used to help social enterprises and poverty alleviation through energy provision.

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Everyone in the developed world were shown how to stop wasting energy and in the process they donated this waste to those that have no energy?
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. Globally over 1.2 billion people have no access to clean reliable energy sources whilst on a local level there are people in your community who cant afford to heat their homes. Meanwhile most of us, unknowingly, waste over 30% of the energy we pay hard earned money for. Our very survival as a species is also at risk from the use of fossil fuels for producing this energy. A paradigm shift in attitude to energy is needed.

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We help you energy consumers to save money, reduce their carbon emissions and in the process give that waste energy to those who need it most. We make it worthwhile and motivating to save energy and we raise funds to be spent both locally and internationally on projects where energy can have its greatest impact. By helping other social enterprises to reduce their energy spend we help them achieve greater social impact. By bringing energy to remote communities we stimulate economic activity and assist in poverty alleviation. Energy can save lives in these communities.
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A recent project involved energy saving initiatives in 3 hotels in Kilkenny. All 3 upgraded lighting systems to LED lighting saving over €20,000 per annum. The hotels also qualified for a utility sponsored fund based on the energy credits amounting to €2000 per hotel approx. All three of the hotels are now donating this money to DAYSE to be used for energy projects. One hotel wishes to sponsor developing world projects. Their contribution is going to Renewable World. The second is supporting a cancer research organisation. This money will be spent on energy efficiency measures in the organisations head office. The third hotel is supporting their local sports club again for energy saving. One of the hotels has chosen to donate tho

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We are at the beginning of our journey but we feel that the impact has the potential to be global and large. We envisage opening up a world-wide network of donors, beneficiaries and industry partners. we want to make it easy and rewarding to save energy by giving an extra incentive for people. They are saving it so that others may benefit from it.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Our Ireland base has just been launched and over the next 3 to 6 months we will embed the concept locally through strategic utility partnerships. We envisage opening UK & US branches of DAYSE within the first 6 moths of 2015 and have already had discussions with local partners. We have also been included in a recent Horizon 2020 project application with 9 other European countries and this could leverage a presence in those Europe wide countries between now and the end of 2016. Our collaboration with renewable world gives us access to beneficiary projects in Africa, Asia and South America

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We generate a revenue stream through offering selling energy credits and charging a small percentage of each donation made from a donor to a beneficiary. We also derive an income from promoting products and services on behalf of affiliated industry partners. Lastly we have a model for shared savings where we ask energy saving participants to consider donating a portion of the value of the energy saved to a beneficiary.

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There are many organisations globally providing energy such as Action Aid or Solar Energy International. They rely heavily on financial donations and fund raising activities. I believe this model is quiet unique, although there are similar variations in Ireland based on the 'energy credit' market that has evolved from legislated obligations for energy saving, required to be met by utilities. We are also developing an app and smart monitoring interface to engage with donors that advises them on how to 'save more to donate more'.

Founding Story

For many years I have helped companies, home owners, schools to save energy and switch to renewable energy solutions. I have had a clear vision of the imbalance of energy consumption Vs lack of energy on the planet. New Europe-wide legislation relating to 2020 targets for energy efficiency resulted in an energy credit model being developed in Ireland. I discovered a way to extract the value for these credits and assist energy users in 'Donating as they saved'. Since then I have worked on various models to include or exclude energy credits to ensure the sustainability of the concept.


Colm Byrne: CEO 12 plus years energy sector experience Micheal Galvin: IMPMV Consultant, commercial energyauditor. Mark Dwan. Camphill Community: Engineer and AD consultant Rick Mc Grath: Wind power developer and energy consultant 'grid integration'. Louis Fitzgerald: Consultant, founder of Renewable World, Work on 3 continents. Ex financial controller of Airtricy utility in Ireland
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, KK, Kilkenny

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, KK, kilkenny

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Individuals, Businesses, Customers.

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Just recently launched, but I was part of a team that recently won the best community energy award 2014 in Ireland

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School For Social Entrepreneurs Ireland

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We have partnered with Renewable World for our overseas aid work primarily because of their level of experience, professionalism and focus on long term impact assessment of the economic returns from energy provision.

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Potential for rapid growth in the coming months, hope to counter balance this with funding to recruit the appropriate team.