EmoART: Empowering Africa to discover, discuss & deconstruct Sexism with Art

Johannesburg, South AfricaAmherst, United States
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$1,000 - $10,000
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EmoART is a non-profit organization created to stimulate self-development in teenage girls across Africa using the arts as a medium of expression and instruction in order to empower them to represent female ability and disprove the false idea that inferiority is inherently or naturally female.

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Can you imagine how many new services and products would be created if people considered women as important creators and consumers of change?
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In 2011-2012, the South African Police Services reported 48,060 rape cases. However, the Medical Research Center(MRC) admits that only 1 in 25 rape cases are reported. The MRC reports that the statistics of Gender Based Violence including but not limited to rape will remain, if not increase, for it is the stereotypes of female inferiority that reproduce the system of violence.

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EmoART utilizes the psychological and physical benefits of artistic performance to engage and empower African girls and boys from less privileged societies to create new and measurable leadership & entrepreneurial efforts that relieve their immediate communities, and eventually, create a progressive Africa sustained by the equal and equally valued efforts of all sexes. With the expertise of professional artists, we have designed a curriculum that uses art to discover, discuss and deconstruct sexism in the cultural norm. The participants are trained as peer mentors and given the liberty to redesign and implement the EmoART curriculum in any format/language that makes the content relevant to the specific needs of their distinct communities.
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Lebo lives in a shack house in the South African slums of Soweto; he just moved back to Johannesburg after his mum ran away from his abusive father. He hates himself for joining his classmates to gang rape a girl walking back home from school; he only saw an opportunity to fit in and he took it. Lebo who raps in his free time can become an EmoART member and get confidence lessons through speech lessons. He feels he can also take advantage of the songwriting tutoring lessons to improve his lyricism. He is really excited about this week's entrepreneurship challenge because he gets to pick a partner to rewrite a song he used to like till he found out that the lyrics actually made him think that it was okay to call women offensive names.

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In three years, EmoART has: • Acquired 2-year partnership with Ernst & Young SA for annual girls’ boot camp by expanding scope of brand message. Secured $5000 grant from Liebman foundation and $500 from the Nile Rodgers' We Are Family Foundation through a clear and persuasive funding proposal. Achieved 100% participant satisfaction through project curriculum based on relevant scientific and psychological research &data analysis.

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Creative Entrepreneurship. (Creativity + stability+ Sustainability)We organize an annual awareness week where professional investors and members of their immediate societies rate their interest in each original idea. The EmoART team is designing a website where we can publish the kids' ideas and partner with organizations/foundations to translate digital approval of public supporters (e.g. likes) into cash kept in an emergency fund for each kid
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United States, MA, Amherst

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