Fit Mommy app

Fit Mommy app

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$1,000 - $10,000
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Obesity in pregnancy is a serious health issue for both mother and child. "Fit Mommy" app works with our audience and their lifestyle to give personalized help and encouragement. This has many benefits to the future health of the babies and their mothers, and also savings for healthcare.

About Project

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Obesity in pregnancy Mood swing in pregnancy Unhealthy lifestyle Lack of essential knowledge of healthy pregnancy Lack of self-motivation

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After having research results we chose to create an app, which could help women to track mood swings and suggest healthy life style advice depending of their feeling during that day. The idea is that women could easily track their mood changes during the time of the pregnancy. The results will be shown in clear chart and diagram where user could see daily, weekly, monthly results in curves and bars. As well we have to mention that app will have a day counter until predictable childbirth and the results will be shown in simple way where user could see her current place in the timeline.
Impact: How does it Work

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A user logs in Fit Mommy with the user name: Jessica. On the welcome page, the pregnant loading bar shows that there are 12 weeks and 3 days left till her due date. Jessica feels a bit tired today because she could not sleep well last night. She chooses ‘‘not happy’’ mood and see the suggestions to cheer up her mood. Here are the suggestions for Jessica’s ‘’not happy’’ mood today: 1. Do small exercise each time (Instruction) 2. Shoulder rotation (Instruction) 3. Swim simulation (Instruction) 4. Runner’s stretch (Instruction) Jessica feels like swimming because she thinks that swimming will refresh her body and especially help her to get a deep sleep tonight. Jessica chooses ‘’Swim simulation’’ suggestion. Jessica closes the app.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

There are many mobile applications to encourage pregnant women taking exercises during their pregnancies, but most of them are trying to push the women to take physical exercises. Our application is approaching in a different way, which is through the women’s mood.
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Our first “Aha!” moment was in 2012 year. When we were introduce from Odense University Hospital (OUH), Denmark about this problem. After having a lot of meeting’s with clinicians and talking with patients from OUH. We came up with idea about Fit Mommy app which could help in future for pregnant women with her problems.
Our second “Aha!” moment was in this year when we got shortlisted in European Youth Award 2013. After that we got even more boost and believes that our solution might work and succeed in the future.

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Customers will be women who are having obesity in their pregnancy period or after it. Being overweight or obese during pregnancy can cause complication for babies. Obesity in pregnancy is prevalent in general. It is important that women are aware of the increased risk of maternal and fatal complications associated with obesity, and they should be advised about the possible strategies to minimize them prior to conception.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date and expected impact in the future?

Our goal:

2013: 75% users, who are not obese
2014: 85% users, who are not obese
2015: 90% users, who are not obese

Growth, Finance & Leadership
Scaling the Solution: How do you intend to scale your activities over the next two years (e.g., reach new markets, diversify solutions, etc.)? What will make this possible?

1. Develop more platforms: in 2014 we will continuously develop for iOS.
2. Expand market: in short term we will promote our app in neighbor countries like Germany, Nordic countries, and later on we will promote it in EU.
3. Languages: can easily be created in Nordic languages and other European languages
4. Integrate with weather forecast: the suggestions will be provided based on the actual weather to be more accurate and avoid inappropriate suggestions
5. GPS: the distance and location of user will be recorded and can be shared depending on user need.
6. Social media: this will be an open option
7. Collaborate with other organizations for competitions: offer weekly/monthly competition with prize as free ticket to the zoo, etc.

Financial Sustainability: What is your business model to ensure financial sustainability?

The most ambitious finical goal of our project is to get the investment for developing our application. Therefore we are looking for the investors, who care for women’s right and have the capability of investment. The investors could be our first client-Odense Hospital University (DK); other domestic hospitals or international hospitals, etc.
Our project is also appropriate for the investors’ businesses as well as the investors’ social purpose.

Experience: Please provide examples of any previous entrepreneurial initiatives you have pioneered.

We have made a few websites, web-shops, mobile application and mobile games for our school projects, which were made bases on the requirements of real clients in different fields such as: manufacture, cultural museum, café and restaurant, lighting store, etc.