Fundación TierraVida

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Fundación TierraVida

Cordoba, ArgentinaLondon, United Kingdom
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Fundación TierraVida is an organisation that seeks to inspire, mobilize and support young people to take action that generates positive and lasting change, promotes sustainability within the community and reduces the impact on our planet. We are based in Cordoba, Argentina and work across Latin America through partnerships with other organizations and networks that we actively facilitate and nurture.Our work is focused in the following areas:

  • Education and information about sustainability aimed at children and young people,
  • The generation and promotion of youth-led community action that also engages wider society,
  • Facilitating young people´s participation and engagement in sustainability decision and policy-making processes, both locally and internationally, while engaging with a variety of stakeholders,
  • Promoting and supporting youth leadership for sustainable development.

Our approach to developing Youth Leadership for Sustainability is based on four key pilars:

  • CONNECTING children and youth with nature and their local environment,
  • providing young people with the tools they need to DRIVE CHANGE (changemaking skills)
  • COMMUNICATING to inspire and movilize others
  • MAKING YOUTH VOICES HEARD, by influencing decision making processes and media.


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We develop and empower a new kind of youth leadership that is rooted in values and combines reconnecting youth with their environment, providing them with tools to drive change in their communities and give them a voice in decision making processes at different levels. We meet and engage young people where they are in a progressive ladder of participation and engagement - starting with children to develop their connection with the natural world, teenagers that are just beginning to discover and engage in their community as well as more seasoned young leaders who are ready to lead local and national campaigns, make their voice heard and influence decision making processes at the local, national and international level.
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Fundacion TierraVida
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Fundacion TierraVida

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, LND, London

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, X, Cordoba

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Executive Director

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Marina Mansilla
Pablo Bocco
Veronica Cipolatti

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About Your Organization
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We develop non-formal education programs, campaigns and gatherings that engage, inspire and movilize young people to drive environmental action and address climate change in their communities. We develop youth leadership by giving young people the opportunity to lead and take significant responsibility - both internally as part of our institutional practice as well as externally in the work that we do.

Who is your primary audience, customer or beneficiary?

Our primary audience is YOUTH- not defined as a certain age, but as a transformative energy. We focus on youth because of their incredible potential to drive and catalyze change in society and mobilize active citizenship. We work with schools, universities and youth groups, as well as individuals who want to drive change.

How do your products/services benefit this population?

We are entirely youth-led. As an organization, we provide a space for young people with a passion for sustainability issues to learn and grow as leaders and have an entry point in the professional field of sustainability. Our educational programs engage younger students in their local environment, providing them with the tools to identify problems and effect action. Our campaigns also build and strengthen the wider youth environmental movement.

How many staff do you have (full and part-time)?

15 volunteers (about 4 full time and the rest part time), potentially one paid staff to start this year.

Impact and Sustainability
Organization Mission: What problem is your organization committed to solving? In particular, describe what is innovative about your approach.

Our mission is to a promote cultural change and to build a society that is fair and in balance with our planet, through the promotion of citizen participation and the development of youth leaderships for sustainable development.
We are fostering a grassroots citizen movement starting with and by young people, that creates and drives change at the community level but also is powerful to influence decision making at the top policy-making sphere. We believe that both approaches are necessary and equally important to address climate change and speed the transition to a low carbon society.

Impact: What has been the impact of your solution to date?

In less than 3 years and running on bootstraps operations, we organized a Latin American Youth Congress, which gave birth to the first Latin American network of youth organizations working on sustainable development issues ( We reached more than 2 million people all over the world with the Rio+You Campaign, with 200 simultaneous events in 37 countries. We have carried out massive public events engaging +3,000 people in Cordoba, reached 300+ students with our educational programs including training 30 youth with disabilities as environmental educators. We have taken +170 youth to international environmental negotiations as part of our joint International Youth Media Agency Initiative, in partnership with the Brazilian NGO Viracao. We are now actively engaged in the process of setting up the youth and climate movement in Argentina and Latin America.

Impact: What is your projected impact after receiving consulting support from American Express?

Consulting support from American Express would significantly help us in refining our key messages and the way we communicate and explain what we do to a wider audience. We are right now strongly focused in refining and articulating our model, which will be critical in shaping our work in the next few years. Our other big challenge is our financial viability, including the development of income generating streams, something we started looking since last year. As a result of consulting with AMEX, we expect to:
- consolidate our work in Cordoba and be ready to expand our reach to other provinces in Argentina, as well as disseminating our work at a more regional level through the existing networks we have.
- grow our team in Cordoba at least 50%
- come up with a financial model for the organization and financial projections for the three income generating ideas we have.

Sustainability: Do you currently have the financial and human resources to implement new strategies or recommendations offered through this partnership, or would implementation be dependent on receiving additional funding? Please describe.

Yes - we have a team of 15 right now spread between London and Cordoba. Our running cost are extremely low and we have already secure the minimum running cost for this year fiscal year, so we are focusing our fundraising right now into securing resources to expand and launch two core programs. We are focusing on the challenges mentioned (messaging and financial model) as something we are definitely doing this year, so Consulting with AMEX at this time would be perfect timing.

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Strengthening Key Messages

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Financial Planning

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Financial Planning
Why did you select this specific project type?

Because we are still at a start-up phase and have always ran on bootstrap operations, we still lack a structured financial plan, a strong business model and financial projections for our operations if we are to grow and incorporate paid-staff.

What financial modeling/management challenges are you facing?

Starting with no having a financial model at all, everything that follows!!! We have had good financial management for the small budget we had since we started, but this won´t enough as we grow and expand. In one hand we need to work on a financial model and projections, as well as design a financial management system that would be able to resist expansion.

Are you interested in assistance for your organization overall or for a specific product/service? Please explain.

We need overall assistance for the organization, and possibly including financial projections for one or two of our core programs.

What are you trying to accomplish by improving this area of your operations?

Be ready to grow our scope of action and move to a new stage of consolidating the organizations beyond start-up phase.

If you were to receive support, what is your expected outcome at the end of the consulting period?

A well-though financial model and projections.
A good system in place for financial management in an expanding organization for the next 5 years.

How will support in this area allow you to deepen your impact?

It will allow us to expand, go pass start-up stage, consolidate our work in Cordoba and start expanding to other provinces in the country.

Strengthening Key Messages
Why did you select this specific project type?

We are still at a start-up phase and still defining our products, services and offerings to youth, including finding the best way to communicate what we do. So we definitely need help on strengthening our key messages.

What brand challenges are you facing?

Because our approach is systemic and we work with young people at different stages, as well as at different levels of engagement (locally, nationally, internationally), and engage different stakeholders in what we do, its still difficult for us to communicate and explain what we do to a non-familiar audience.

Are you interested in reviewing your organizations overall brand or for a specific product/service? Please explain.

We need to review the organization overall´s brand.

What are you trying to accomplish through improved branding?

To better communicate what we do in order to engage a wider audience that is not familiar with the field and/or what we do. We don´t want to talk to ourselves, but really want to engage the ¨non-evangelized¨, or those people that want to do something but don´t have the tools/don´t know where to start.

If you were to receive support, what is your expected outcome at the end of the consulting period?

All of this:
• Improved mission statement for our organization
• Clarity and improved descriptions of the key attributes and strengths of your services or product
• Improved standardized text to describe our organization and services
• Messaging and/or collateral material targeted to specific audience groups

How will support in this area allow you to deepen your impact?

Enormously. Huge part of what we do - mobilizing and engaging citizens, starting by youth - is really about communicating the right message, at the right time, to the right people, using the right tone - in order to connect with our audiences. We really need to get our comms right in order to achieve our mission, so this is critical for us.