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Gen Y Inc.

CanadaCalgary, Canada
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for profit
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$250,000 - $500,000
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Gen Y Inc. is a multigenerational culture consultancy that helps organizations not only attract the right people for the right reasons, but articulate and understand their internal culture to boost engagement, productivity, moral, and increase retention.

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What if a job was as dynamic as the person within the role?
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In 2020, 51% of the workforce will be Generation Y. In 2025, that number jumps to 75%. With the average tenure of a Millennial being only two years, we help organizations attract employees based on a cultural fit and not brand or salary attraction. By administering our proprietary Cultural Diagnostic Tool, we ensure organizations articulate culture and attract the right people for the right reasons.

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Generation Y has been generalized and stereotyped negatively for years. Any time we open the Globe and Mail, National Post, or local newspaper, we read about disconnect with an entire generation. By empowering employees and allowing them to have a risk-free, anonymous voice heard and ideas implemented, we shape how work is done in Canada. Gen Y Inc. is the solution to this growing problem.
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After administering out Cultural Diagnostic Tool, we better understand the workplace culture concerns and strengths within an organization - from the people within it. From there, we identify strengths and leverage them, as well as identify opportunities and capitalize on them. This process allows clients to not only attract the right talent, but retain them longer.

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We have worked with universities, not-for-profits, multinationals, small and medium sized companies, and students from across the country. We have been asked to speak at numerous national conferences (WILB, CACEE, ACC, Conference Board of Canada, etc.) about the impact and importance of workplace culture.

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We are building an alliance network with companies that implement the work we recommend based on the discovery Gen Y Inc. conducts within companies. These companies include sustainability, benefits, marketing, productivity, and engagement. With new partners across the country, we are quickly building a referral network that spans the country all the while building a brand with a stellar impact and strong reputation.

Founding Story

Eric Termuende and Emerson Csorba were both Vice Presidents of their Student Unions (UofC and UofA, respectively) and were connected directly to 55,000 students. Eric Termuende was also an ambassador for a leadership conference nationally and met with representatives of over 500,000 students at 40 postsecondary institutions across the country. With retention problems impacting the workforce and training costs so significantly, the two set out change how work was done and articulated, and speak for a generation of emerging leaders.


We currently have four full-tme staff, numerous mentors/advisors, and people in the community who are happy to be a sounding board for us.
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Gen Y Inc.
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Gen Y Inc.

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, AB, Calgary

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By connecting with change makers across the country, I will be able to better understand the generation we represent with Gen Y Inc. and be able to help shape the future of work here in Canada. By learning and connecting with Ashoka changemakers, I will be able to empower people within the workplace to make positive change and help improve retention and boost the efficiency of attraction.

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