Giving People and the labor market

Giving People and the labor market: Giving People counteracts child poverty and creates job opportunities.

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Giving People is a charity organization that provides emergency assistance for families with children who lack food and other necessities. The organizations working method is modern and unique and based on that the organization acts as a link between individuals who want to help and the helpseeking families.

Giving Peoples goal is to eradicate child poverty, social exclusion, mental illness and to create job opportunities in the community.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

For many people in Sweden and Europe, poverty is a a reality. Many children are growing up in harsh conditions where having food and whole clothes is not something to take for granted. Poverty in wealthy countries often lead to social exclusion and mental health problems. Unemployment is a major problem for many of the families living in poverty in Sweden and Europe.

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Giving People and Riksresursen want to annually offer closer to 1,000 long-term unemployed people the opportunity to come into work by exploiting Giving Peoples platform. The goal is to give the unemployed meaningful employment and job training by allowing them to become part of Giving Peoples daily activities. The unemployed will take part in Giving Peoples daily business work and work with information sharing, coordination, administration and fundraising. Through its work, the unemployed are able to strengthen their self-esteem, make contacts with companies and sponsors, looking for work and thus come into work again after only three - four months.
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Single mother of two who have received help from Giving People: “I became unemployed two years ago. Unemployment has affected my finances so hard that I have had trouble managing paying all my bills. I applied for help from Giving People and within 24 hours I received help with food and clothing for my children. There were seven individuals from different areas in my town that came and everyone brought groceries and clothes for my children. Giving People offered me to come and work train a few hours a day with them. I've been at Giving People for about two weeks and I feel I am full of energy and to help other families gives me a huge incentive. I've got my energy back and a number of contacts that can help me in my work situation.”

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

The full impact this project has is a greater change in the labour market in Sweden. The labour and charity resources combined will make a great impact and a great change for families living in poverty all over Sweden - using the unemployed resources to help bring aid to families in need.

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Many other charity organizations are working to give children in poverty support. Giving Peoples strength and uniqueness is that we with our donors reach out through all of Sweden within hours. Giving People can put food on the table everywhere in Sweden within 24 hours. Giving Peoples collaboration with Riksresursen is unique in being able to offer so many unemployed people jobs.


Riksresursen has great skills in organization building and a lot of knowledge about the labor market in Sweden. Riksresursens task will be to coordinate with employment services in Sweden and coordinate the unemployed. Giving People have a large network and the organization's task is to employ the unemployed.
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RiksResursen AB
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The impact this project has is a change for a large number of long-term unemployed people. A change that directly affects the families living in poverty because of unemployment. The project will start in the 20 biggest citys in Sweden.

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Individuals, Foundations, Businesses.

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The project have reached financial sustainability for 2014. A financial plan for the coming year is made. The financing plan includes fundraisers, doners, sponsors and partnerships.

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Giving People realized pretty quickly after the organization launched the tremendous impact the organization has, and how wide the organization reaches out with its help. The organization wanted to use its power to create change in the Swedish labor market. When cooperation with Riksresursen began it quickly became clear what enormous potential collaboration brings.

About the Co-Creation
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None so far, Giving People and Riksresursen are a very good team with the same visions about how we can change the labor market in Sweden.

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The project is a contractual relationship between Riksresursen and Giving People. Riskresursen will build up the collaboration and organization with the unemployed and lift them into Giving People. This is a solution made so that Giving People can focus on the organisations daily work with charity.

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