THE GREEN LINK, sustainable city logistics

THE GREEN LINK, sustainable city logistics: THE GREEN LINK is building a European City Network to deliver and pick up mail and parcels using ecological vehicles only

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The Green Link (TGL) is a business of parcels deliveries and pick-ups in central Paris with a fleet of 100% battery electric vehicles. Besides its core activity, TGL is working for elderly people delivering home diet meals ecologically.

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Considering that the transport sector is responsible for 25% of the CO2 emissions in Europe, it seemed to be a good candidate to bring our fresh ideas to work. City congestion is at its peak almost everywhere in Europe. We work for companies for whom the last mile is becoming less efficient due to congestion, new regulations regarding the quality of air in cities, and evolution of the business with more B2C deliveries with a 35% growth per year; We have a strong willingness to offer additional services such as delivering with appointment, providing social role by taking care of elderly people staying at home.

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The Green Link operates 3 green hubs and a fleet of 50 electrically assisted cargo bikes and electric vans ; The 3 hubs are supplied outside rush hours either by truck and/or boat by us or by our customers ; The parcels are consolidated in the hub before being optimized into rounds and being delivered exclusively with clean vehicles. the last mile is 100% operated with green vehicles before being consolidated in a Green Hub which is a city logistic hub.
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Before arriving in our green hub, a warning file is sent very early in the morning. This allows us to calculate the different rounds minimizing the distance of tours. Today, we are delivering more than 2,500 parcels per day (for TNT) and 600 fresh food meals for S&V, a total of 65 green messengers. Once the green messengers are on the road, we are able to communicate in real time to manage the daily operations. All of our green messengers have a mobile application showing the optimized routing to follow. The application will show the exact streets where to pass on. Parameters : minimizing distances of tours, taking into account the specificities for bikes, maximum duration per round, minimum stops per round in order to be profitable.

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The Green Link wants to work hand in hand with majors players and stakeholders of the sector to jointly develop solutions that will serve their interests, the cities in which we operate and the environment at large. We are willing to participate in the high level upfront definition of new methods and sustainable solutions to urban freight in Europe's cities. Investments and thought contributions made by The Green Link with these partners should ideally be transposed into operational partnerships to be finalized at the local level. We can offer urban mobility solutions through a Toolkit. Our vision is to offer the solutions to more entrepreneurs in cities providing them with loan for renting the electric cargo bikes, with our access to our fleet of electric cars, with access to our software. We aim to become the Europe’s preferred supplier for efficient and ecological city logistics.

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We are all experienced partner with a value added in our core business. We have both invested a lot of time in order to make sure that we respect the food regulations and that the services will be optimal.
About the Lead Co-Creation Partners
Saveurs et vie
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Saveurs et vie

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ALICHEC Award, Starter 2014

Project Summary
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-Saveurs et vie
-Diet meal
-1.Reduce their last mile cost
2. RSE
3. Respect delivery time
4. Having Messenger with a social watch !
-Among other customers, they provide us with 600 daily diet meals that will be delivered exclusively with electric cargo bike. This is in partnership with the city of Paris

-Institute for sustainability
-Support the demonstration of sustainable city logistics projects across Europe
-Allocation of a budget of 220k coming from the EC Fund to test and demonstrate the solutions in Paris (2013-2015)

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The Green Link has helped to reduce C02 Emissions due to transport by more than 10% using only electric cargo bikes and green city hub. More than 200 tonnes of C02 have been avoided by delivering more than 2,500 parcels and 600 fresh food meals to customers.

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Individuals, Customers, Loans, Investments.

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Our solution is profitable since the first day we are operating the business. The green link ensure the partner to reduce its cost of transport by no consuming diesel, by having low maintenance cost for the bike, by increasing the productivity when delivering the city centre…

Founding Story: Share a story about the "Aha!" moment that led the Partners to get started and/or to see the potential for this to succeed.

It was a tender for the city of Paris that was looking for a partner to deliver ecologically the centre of Paris. The Green Link has been recommended by the city to the company Saveurs et vie. We have then used European Fund to demonstrate that we can deliver and respect the cold chain even by using electric cargo bike.

About the Co-Creation
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The main obstacle was to respect the cold chain in the cargo bike. To overcome it, we have developed an isotherm box respecting in that way the standards of temperature.

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Contractual relationship

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Traditionally, the partner was preparing the meals outside of Paris and used diesel truck to delivers its customers. Today, the delivery vans have been replaced by electric cargo bike. The partner is bringing the meals directly in our city hub before being delivered by The Green Link. We have replaced 16 small by vans departing from the hub located outside of Paris, by one big truck that will bring the meals on our Hub. Then the last mile is exclusively done with cargo bike. The particularity is that we have to avoid breaking the cold chain while realizing the transition from the big truck to small cargo bikes. This operations lasts less than 5 minutes.

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Alizée Du Bus, Ashoka Belgium