Ibis Wellness Inc

Ibis Wellness Inc

BarbadosLakes, Barbados
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for profit
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$10,000 - $50,000
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A chain is as strong as it weakest link. We want a positive future for our children’s children. We want to in vision a more productive nation. Ibis Wellness Inc. proposes providing natural bath and body products as well as nutritional supplements which contribute to one’s total well being.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

There is a decrease in the utilization of agriculture land in Barbados. Additionally, our import food bill for the year 2012 was Bds$700 million an increase from Bds$550million for the year 2011.For the year 2013 it is projected that the import bill will exceed previous years. This has a negative impact on food security because as a developing nation we are still unable to feed ourselves.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

The creation and strengthening of the agricultural value chain, where link are formed to provide healthier more reasonable food items that can make an impact on the countries overall health in a positive way. To make the connection for total wellness to occur there must be a balance of what we eat and use on our bodies to accomplish this.To link farmers to persons who are in the agro-processing industry and /or make holistic and medicinal products locally, regionally and internationally through the formation of the cooperative New Age Planters. To work alongside other organizations such as Green Business Barbados to help with maintaining standards for environmental friendly practices.
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In the rural area where a local bee keeper is producing honey for consumption and whom the company purchases honey to include in its products was able to open another income stream for him. Instead of just getting rid of the beeswax as a waste product the company purchases some of it to be purified and used as an emulsifier in the production of creams. The company is also looking to extend its line to include candles to utilize more of the beeswax. Ibis also uses goat’s milk in the production of its products sourced from another rural farmer. This indicates that once our production levels increase the raw materials required form local farmers will also increase.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

There are a couple of natural bath and body companies in the Caribbean region who are offering body products only while other companies produce natural products for consumption only. Ibis Wellness Inc proposes to be different by presenting itself as a lifestyle brand that offering natural /organic products for the skin and to be eaten. This idea came into fruition when marketing my will also include a sector which produces some raw materials such as essential and carrier oils.
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Ibis Wellness Inc
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Ibis Wellness Inc

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Suffering from eczema in my early twenties, I became very conscious of what I put on my skin. Having a background in natural sciences, I used this to concoct a skin cream from local ingredients incorporating an old time remedy from my granny. I also started to make other products such as soaps and scrubs and gave them as gifts to close friends and family. After getting a positive response from persons who had receive them I realize that I could make this a success as I was addressing skin issues of everyday people. Living a holistic lifestyle encompasses a lot of things and the company believes that offering a range of products in a variety of areas will help its customers reach their goal of total wellness.

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Nutrition, Sustainable Agriculture, Smallholder Farmers, Supply Chain Micro-entrepreneurs.

Measurable Impact
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Through our marketing research our main customers are women between the age ranges 18-40 e for the body products. In terms of healthy food alternatives and supplements both sexes in the age range 18-54 are our main customers.
The main recipients of this project will be small to medium size farmers. Such farmers will be made aware of the proposal of the cooperative by public notifications in the paper and on television.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date and expected impact in the future?

Ibis Wellness Inc. through its products and promotions is able to educate the public about the benefits of knowing what goes into the products they used and also the benefits of using natural and organic products. This was measured through an analysis of the sales revenue and the demand for its products. The company is committed to using organic and wild crafted ingredients hence the farmers who provide these raw materials have to be trained in practices to produce such materials. The company will be working with other organizations like Green Business Barbados to help with maintaining standards for environmental friendly practices. With increase in product range and production capacity the number of farmers will also increase. Currently the company works with 5 farmers.

Growth, Finance & Leadership
Scaling the Solution: How do you intend to scale your activities over the next two years (e.g., reach new markets, diversify solutions, etc.)? What will make this possible?

The company has invested in equipment to help increased the production of the current product range and also to make it possible to diversify the products offer. With the formation of the cooperative New Age Planters as well as working closely with Green Business Barbados and other green companies this will help the company in maintaining high standards in production. The intention is to help develop the organic farming sector in Barbados through the cooperative and to provide outlets for farmers to have the produce available for sale through more than one avenue. To keep up with the demands of the market the cooperative will extend it reach regionally.

Financial Sustainability: What is your business model to ensure financial sustainability?

Through the formation of the cooperative, New Age Planters, the members will be provided the opportunity to equally invest in their growth. In return Ibis Wellness Inc and other agro-processors will provide ready markets for these farmers thus benefitting from securing high quality raw materials for their production at competitive prices. This will therefore increase the competitive advantage of the companies in the marketplace

Experience: Please provide examples of any previous entrepreneurial initiatives you have pioneered.

I am currently registering the Cooperative New Age Farmers which has been in operation for about several months. The company started processing unpurified beeswax to use in products. I was a finalist in the Caribbean Innovative Challenge 2013. The company participated at an international trade show in Santo Domingo, Design Caribbean2011 with it natural body products.