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In this project we will find a quick solution to the problematic and ecological pesimo the public transport service that affects the general population, and also reduce the high levels of greenhouse gases that the city produces.

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The problem is the lousy public transport which owns the country. This service is in private hands that give little importance to users. Any citizen who does not have a means of transportation itself suffers with this problematic. The problem itself bears several implications, reduces the quality of life for residents, generates large amounts of greenhouse gases that directly.

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The solution I propose it to use HHO Cell combined with petro fuels in public transport service. That will force other companies to improve. This idea also reduce the emition of greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere.
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The life quality of the inhabitants immediately improve, both for users (for the good service offered) as for the general population (for the reduction of greenhouse gases). The country is not so much with superhighways that would help reduce traffic jams. So also implant competitiveness with other companies, obligsndolos to improve to stay in service. The company will have vehicles of different capacities so as to have a better way of efficiency in each work area and get all the points where the public transport fails, sk generate development in these points.

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A hundred percent of transportation system in Paraguay depends on petro fuels. There isn't willingness on private companies or government to change this situation. Currently, there is a project about a metro or mono rail bus, but like I said before, the government has no desire to improve the service and a lot of interesting projects are lost in the Parliament of the nation.
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, CE, Fernando de la Mora

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, CE, Asuncion

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1‐5 years

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Public transport services in my country belongs to private companies and 100% depends on fossil fuels. There are only few companies that provide acceptable services, or at least a service, which is safe for users.
In the year 2010 I have researched a lot about alternatives for improving the public transport service. I read about Cell HHO and I decided to implement in my vehicle. I built the cell with financial support from my family. I don't have the necesary tools to measure the performance of the new conditions of operations of my vehicle. Although the performance was clearly superior compared to the vehicle without the cell. I could realized that the performance have improved due to the difference in torque and power.

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Greenhouse Gases.

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The recipients would be villagers from the city of San Lorenzo, Luque, Asuncion and Fernando de la Mora City. They are not safe using the currently public transport services. Those people who suffer every day because of the lousy service that companies provide.
If it takes out the project about using HHO Cell in bus transportation the inhabitants would support the idea, because there is a big dissatisfied in the population. The ticket bus will cost less due to the less requirement petro fuel.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date and expected impact in the future?

It is expected the total support from population for this initiative, so that this business will grow itself. Other companies that don't give the similar service will be forced to close, and those that remain will have improve the system working. So overall service will be improved in few years.

Growth, Finance & Leadership
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I have uninstalled the HHO Cell from my vehicle, since it was a not well installation. It had water leaks and other details that I had to repair. Althought I have uninstalled it, I didn't give up with this idea, only kept it for a while, until I have enough resources to continue with this project. Next year, I will finish classes at university and I'm going to look support from private companies that could be interested in my project. I want to equip with HHO Cells about 10 buses in the capital of Paraguay. This idea could be also implement in food transportation, so the cost of resourses would decreases.

Financial Sustainability: What is your business model to ensure financial sustainability?

The bus transportation with HHO Cells would be sustained itself by the cheap cost of ticket bus. This is due to the less requirement petro fuel that is necessary when it is combine with the HHO Cells in the engine.

increases torque, horsepower, and reduces hydrocarbon contaminants. The hydrogen is burned faster and cleaner than gasoline or diesel. This makes the car run better, cooler and more efficiently

Experience: Please provide examples of any previous entrepreneurial initiatives you have pioneered.

I have implemented a HHO Cell combined with petro fuel in my vehicle three years ago. The distance covered by the vehicle per week was the same as it was without the cell. I could note that after installation of the cell HHO, the amount of fuel necessary was less. The vehicle was filled by the same amount of fuel, but at the end of the week, there was more fuel than before the Cell HHO. There was a saving of fuel each week.