Intensive Care Unit for Happiness

Intensive Care Unit for Happiness

Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal
Project Stage:
$100,000 - $250,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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The fact that health care model to support children and youth with chronic disease is punctual and disintegrated from their ecosystem (caregivers, health care professionals and community), we propose a unit to capacitate happiness guardians through a multidisciplinary program (it involves individual and group approach, art therapy, mindfullness, laughter yoga,etc),that begins inside the Hospital and extends it self to awareness in the community.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

The clinical model that supports children and teenagers with chronic disease is interrupted and desegregated from their ecosystem.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

To build a supportive, integrated and continuous network to children and teenagers with chronic disease, promoting simultaneously, psyho-social and emotional capacity building, positive communication and awareness among their ecosystem, through a multidisciplinary approach that is complementary to the National Health Care System. All activities will begin with teasers inside the main hospital ward, in order to refer beneficiaries for the the specific intervention wich will occur in the Unit space, extending itself for awareness in the community.
Impact: How does it Work

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An hypothetical example could be: Joseph, 9 years old boy, enters the hospital ward and receives a happiness shot (e.g., teaser: free hug compaign), in order to encourage him to visit our space and participate in the group activities, as well as individual support addapted to his pshyco-social and emotional needs. His aregivers are invited to integrate a support group. This program takes from 1 to 8 sessions inside the hospital and extends through awareness campaign in schools, community support groups and association network.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

It will improve the National Health Care system, in and out the Hospital, through a complementary articulation between different services (social network) In the next 5 years we intend to be present in at least 5 hospitals, Implementation of ICUH in the House of Dreams that can be open to other target population. A Product that can be easily replicable, adapted to local needs, through supervision and monitorization

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

The National Health program is addressing it in an interrupted and punctual way, there are no private actors or social network supporting it, that's the main reason why we created a systemic and holistic approach to complement the National Health Program.


The main Team is formed by three professionals, volunteers and interns. The three professionals are: Sabla, graduated in Sports psychology and experienced in experimental education with children and teenagers as well as in Son Rise Therapy (Intervention with autistic population) capacity building programs; Andreia, a child psychologist, with experience in support groups and dealing with social actors among children and young population and Maria, adult psychologist, experienced in crisis interventions and designing social impact projects as well as mental health programs. The volunteers and interns will participate in activities where most needed, such as ongoing activities in the whole hospital, activities in the community, group activities with children and youth, etc.
About the Lead Co-Creation Partners
Grupo José de Mello
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Grupo José de Mello

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Lobo de Vasconcelos


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, LI, Vila Franca de Xira

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- Grupo José de Mello
-Type of partner - public
-Short description sentence – Holding that has recently integrated to a new hospital
-Key motivation to participate in the co-creation project – They will appropriate a new model for health structure
-Key contributions in the co-creation project – Health structure (Hospital) for the pilot.

-Pressley Ridge
-Type of partner - social
-Short description sentence – An association that works with children, youth and their families in a vulnerable situation in the community.
-Key motivation to participate in the co-creation project – Expand their intervention in Portugal
-Key contributions in the co-creation project – Their expertise in community intervention

-Type of partners - business
-Short description sentence – A company that teaches Mindfulness through Programs and workshops in schools, universities, companies, etc.
-Key motivation to participate in the co-creation project – the possibility to integrate their intervention in a hospital context.
-Key contributions in the co-creation project – the possibility to integrate Mindfullness techniques with our target public.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact. Please specify using qualitative and quantitative data (e.g. # of indirect and direct beneficiaries); help us understand how this solution truly makes a difference.

There is an accepting response from the hospital towards our pilot intervention plan. The outome of this project are the following:
The services and products will feet the special needs to each children and teenager with chronic disease, as well as their ecosystem; The multidisciplinary character of the unit, that is focused in Health and prioritizes integration of services in order to promote continuity and integration of different approaches to support the target population; The cost-cutting through the awareness and maintenance of emotional health.
targeting around 2000 children and teenagers with chronic disease and their ecosystem.

Funding: How is your project financial supported? [select all that apply]

Individuals, Foundations, National government, Customers.

Sustainability Plan: Has your project already reached financial sustainability? If not, what is this solutio’s plan to ensure financial sustainability? Do the main partners have enough stake to sustain the solution? If this project requires limited budget, how will other resources be secured to maintain or grow this work?

Partially yes (for designing and initial implementation). The plan for long term is to have governmental funding, according to candidatures opening, also through open workshops and trainings that can be bought by general population, merchandise selling, private funds and the local teams will be able to implement the model without depending on us.

Founding Story: Share a story about the "Aha!" moment that led the Partners to get started and/or to see the potential for this to succeed.

When we introduced the model (ICUH) to the holding José de Mello, our co-creators, they expressed astonishment towards the way we discover how to complement the National Health Plan and its needs. They naturally expressed the need for a ICUH in an Hospital.

About the Co-Creation
Barriers: What main barriers may you have encountered to co-create during the creation and implementation of the project and how did you try to overcome them?

During the creation some partnership was made. The main barriers was the time of response of some entities were slower; there were some financial barriers, so we are thinking about ways to overcome it by trading and sharing services;

Governance: What is the type of the relationship between the partners? (e.g. joint venture, contractual relationship, joint project...)

Joint project.

Interaction model: How is the project a transformative partnership? How is the interaction transforming the partnering organizations and their employees/ leadership in terms of creating a new vision, new management practices, new skills and new organizational structures? Please provide for concrete examples

Through psycho-social emotional capacity building of health care professionals that will prevent their burnout and increase productivity. Also that hospital will have an interventive approach that doesn't requires extra human resources, and allow them to create awareness, promote health, reducing psychopathology and preventing overcrowded services. They will gain an innovative model for the health struture. Each hospital will gain also a social network in the surrounding areas, and new partners.

How did you find out about this competition?

The Association CEO is linked to social entreperneurship institute and receives Ashoka informantion.