Kalima Shipping and Logistic Solutions

Kalima Shipping and Logistic Solutions: Water Bottling Processing Plant

ArgentinaCapital Federal , Argentina
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for profit
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$500,000 - $1 million
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Argentina, Capital Federal

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Our proposal includes the design, execution and commissioning of a plant for the pdoruction of packaging and bottling water and beverages, considering the social and economic impact that can produce in the area. The purpose of this project is to achive the supply of drinking water in areas without potable water. Knowing that some cities or areas have no access to potable water and being conciuos of the high impact that the supply of drinking water in public health we understand that this proposal can be of a great interest

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This project will have a social and sanitary benefits in the local population and also will generte jobs in the area. To implement the poject will be taken into account the existing standards in use of the"Technical-Sanitary Regulations for Drinking Water" . The plant will be defined starting with relevant studies that will be conducted for the conditions of water provision and the quality of it in different locations.

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