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Singapore, SingaporeSingapore, Singapore
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for profit
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Make The Change is a Social Enterprise that through education and mentorship, engages creative community to volunteer their time and expertise in social projects that helps social enterprises and NGOs to achieve their social mission.

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All social enterprises and NGOs have great marketing collaterals and targeted marketing campaigns that are affordable and easy to implement
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There are many social enterprises and NGOs that have great ideas for and awesome social missions, unfortunately they do not send out the right message do to the lack of a proper communication and marketing strategy due to lack of resources and different priorities.

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Make the Change is helping solve this problem by helping them with creative services done by our pro-bono volunteers and mentors. We meet these Social Enterprises and NGOs and build a marketing campaign that will meet their requirements and will help them achieve their social mission.
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, Singapore

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, Singapore

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- Singapore President Award Exhibition
- Public Service Campaign Exhibition in Seoul and Busan Korea

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Recommendation from Ashoka

Tell us about your partnerships:

Olswang - Legal Advice
MAD School - Volunteer engagement and training
Partners in other projects:
Olswang, Crossroads Community Center, Touch Community Services, Rotary, *Scape, SE Association, EMPACT, CHAT Community (Institute of Mental Health Singapore), Be Movement, Aiducation International, AVPN, STEP (Solutions To End Poverty)

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Strategy Development and Operations Framework:
We face challenges in measuring impact and management of skilled volunteers. We also need a system to manage “clients”.

Consistency in Quality Works:
Managing and controlling of volunteers’ work can be challenging.
We manage the risk by engaging experienced Chief Designer to oversee projects on a part time/voluntarily basis.

Irregular Volunteers
We may encounter difficulties to fulfill the organizations’ needs at short notice due to limited or availability of volunteers.