Mobile School Program

Mobile School Program: For the smart and safe internet usage of our kids

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Mobile School Program aims to educate elementary school students about safe and smart mobile phone and internet usage. Our volunteers (Magyar Telekom Plc.'s employees - lots of them ICT experts) can provide the pupils with a more complex view in order to see the opportunities and also the possible threats of the digital world. The courses are free of charge.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

Kids of our time - the so called digital natives - use digital devices and services on a very high level. But in the same time they need our help in the field of interpretation, evaluation and the appreciation of accountability of the information. We can show how they can use internet in order to make their life more simple, colorful and successful, but in the same time we can prevent them from harmful incidents such as cyber bullying, grooming, phishing e.t.c. Being on the spot, having a real interaction with kids at school helps us to improve and continuously update Mobile School courses and it gives us insights which help us to evolve digital courses for parents who are the most important participant in the orientation of their kids.

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Who do digitally natives listen to if it's about their playground, the internet? Who can be an accountable source, someone they can refer to? Of course it's an expert with knowledge, experience and the real willingness to help without any (business) interest. One of the most important characteristic of this program is that the operation is based on the volunteer work of the employees of the business partner in this co-creation. The other important factor is that there is real interaction with kids. They can ask questions, they are free to devote if they disagree, and this occasion not necessarily ends up with the and of the class. They can find us, ask us on the internet - on Facebook and on our webpage.
Impact: How does it Work

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Mobile School has two important impacts. On one hand, the program gives inspiration for all those who work as volunteers for it. On the other hand, Mobile School helps children who take part in its courses to behave more carefully, in a more conscious way in the online world. Mobile School has a strong impact on the volunteers. One of them told us later that he’d been thinking of changing his job, as he found it excessively monotonous (he’d been installing internet in homes for ten years). When he heard about the possibility of teaching children about safe and smart mobile phone and internet use, he joined the volunteers. Nowadays he’s about to finish his college studies; his thesis, is about his voluntary work in Mobile School.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Mobile School is still a young program, growing bigger and stronger every day. Our plan is to go online and develop a training material (MobKomX and Magyar Telekom together) and educate not only students, but also their parents and teachers–to help them understand children and their online world. No we are about to start a research in this field. We would like to start this new type of lectures in the beginning of 2015 that can launch a comprehensive change in the society by offering help to anyone in Hungary in the safe and smart use of mobile phones and internet.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

There are only a few, small groups teaching internet safety in Hungary, besides Mobile School. The government and some nonprofit organizations also try to launch programs, dealing with this topic, but still without significant results. Mobile School has a special program, with unique features: we can visit any school in Hungary, free of charge, we answer requests instantly and visit the given school as soon as possible (in 1 months). We are the only initiative in the country to have lectures on the safe and smart use of mobile phones – it is the specialty of Mobile School.


A key to the success is the cooperation between MobKomX and Magyar Telekom. The patron of Mobile School is one of the chief officers of the company, asked by the employees to represent the program. The patron helps to accelerate decisions, related to Mobile School, and protects the interests of the program–inside and outside the company. Mobile School also has a dedicated representative and contact person in the Brand department organizing communication, advertising and setting up Mobile School publicity events. Organizing school lectures, keeping contact with teachers and volunteers is done by the program leader and an education coordinator, within the voluntary association. The most important part of the team is the group of more than 300 volunteers. Besides them, some other employees help by their special skills: giving legal advice, IT support, helping in administration tasks.
About the Lead Co-Creation Partners
Magyar Telekom Plc.
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voluntary association

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Magyar Telekom Plc.

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The corporate volunteer activity of the year 2013 - by Volunteer Centre Foundation Hungary

Project Summary
Co-Creation Model: Tell us about your main strategic partners and how the partnership truly create value. For each Partner please include its type (business/social/public), its name, a short description, its key motivation to participate in the co-creation project, and the key contributions it is making in the co-creation project. Please follow the format displayed below:

MobKomX Voluntary Association
- Social partner
- Short description: The association was founded in 2010, there are psychologists, sociologists, teachers, communication and ICT experts within the founders. They saw that there is a big need to help children to find a safe and smart way of mobile phones and internet usage. There were some initiatives nation wide at that time, but these were not executed successfully, because there was no interaction with kids.
-Key motivation: Mobile School is a "grass root" initiative, the idea came from the call centre colleagues of Magyar Telekom Plc. One of the founders of the voluntary association was a former employee of Magyar Telekom Plc. He saw that there is a big gap between the need and the possibilities of the association if the founders operating it as a hobby in their free time. He decided to make it on a bigger scale, he left the company in 2013 and dedicated his personal and professional life to this initiative.
-Key contributions: MobKom X Voluntary Association has the insights and a well working network

Magyar Telekom Plc.
-Business partner
-Short description: Magyar Telekom Plc. - a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG - as Hungary's leading ICT provider connects to its customers life a million ways. Phone, broadband, TV and IT: having a high quality, reliable and uniquely wide service range. Magyar Telekom with its 7800 employees is one of the biggest employer in Hungary. The company is committed to the idea of sustainability, with its responsible attitude and sustainable solutions Magyar Telekom aims to make tomorrow more livable.
-Key motivation: The management of the company believes that a successful corporate responsibility program must have connected to the business profile. It is in our business interest to educate our recent and future customers to find their way in the digital world. A digitally matured society is the key success factor not only for our company but also for the country. As a responsible company we pay special attention to volunteer programs. In our company's volunteer strategy we aim to find those actions where our colleagues are able to help with their expertise on those fields where they are professionals. Mobile School is a perfect choice for this.
-Key contributions: In 2013 Magyar Telekom Plc. decided to donate Mobile School program not only with cash donations. The company submits its car park for the volunteers so they can teach the students all around Hungary. The company also supports the volunteer program with flexible shifts and with team building trainings for the volunteers.

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Our results in numbers:
January 2013–March 2014: 23 500 students participated in the program, with the volunteers of the company giving almost 800 lectures. Seeing the results and the success of Mobile School, Deutsche Telekom AG, parent company of Magyar Telekom, started negotiations with the leaders of the program about expanding the initiative to an international level. In Hungary, Mobile School plans to grow 20% each year. During the development process the number of volunteers increases together with the number of schools, attending the program. Presently, there are 100-120 lectures in a month – it will be 130-150 in September.

Funding: How is your project financial supported? [select all that apply]

Individuals, Businesses.

Sustainability Plan: Has your project already reached financial sustainability? If not, what is this solutio’s plan to ensure financial sustainability? Do the main partners have enough stake to sustain the solution? If this project requires limited budget, how will other resources be secured to maintain or grow this work?

MobKomX has launched several projects to support sustainable operation. The voluntary association negotiates with possible future business partners and also with national regulatory authorities interested in this field. Besides, in Hungary people can afford 1% of their income tax to support nonprofit organizations. MobKomX has this source of income this year, and also takes part in several tenders, still in progress.

Founding Story: Share a story about the "Aha!" moment that led the Partners to get started and/or to see the potential for this to succeed.

A few enthusiastic volunteers of Magyar Telekom were visiting schools to teach children. Their reason to teach was the recognition that their skill gives them responsibility, as it is a unique knowledge on an important subject–important for the society, too. More and more volunteers joined the program, but it was still a small-scale initiative: they reached only a few schools in a month, and didn’t have the financial background to visit schools in the countryside. As their voluntary work became harder, they even thought of finishing it. Then, one day, the Chief Legal and Corporate Affairs Officer of Magyar Telekom wanted to join the program – and it was the moment to change things. This top manager, father of three children, recognized the importance of Mobile School, and seeing that some help is necessary to continue with the voluntary work, he offered the company’s help.

About the Co-Creation
Barriers: What main barriers may you have encountered to co-create during the creation and implementation of the project and how did you try to overcome them?

It was a hard task to reach schools in the countryside, to expand and leave Budapest with the program, helped by volunteers from the coutryside. This problem was solved by a strong internal communication campaign, followed by a recruitment of volunteers within Magyar Telekom. It was extremely successful: 80 new volunteers joined our program.

Governance: What is the type of the relationship between the partners? (e.g. joint venture, contractual relationship, joint project...)

A three-year donation agreement, with the details of co-working and obligation of parties was signed. Besides benefits, fixed in the agreement, there are several added values for both parties. The key to the co-working on the operational level is one dedicated person in the company, responsible for the cooperation, managing the communication of the cooperation and representing the program in the company. As of the past of our program and the successful co-working, this is an exemplary cooperation–the parties received a prize for it -The corporate volunteer activity of the year in 2013

Interaction model: How is the project a transformative partnership? How is the interaction transforming the partnering organizations and their employees/ leadership in terms of creating a new vision, new management practices, new skills and new organizational structures? Please provide for concrete examples

Mobile School has a strong support in the top management of Magyar Telekom. It means that the program has a priority within the social responsibility initiatives–and the top managers themselves participate in the program as volunteers, giving lectures in schools. It’s a kind of example for others, having a positive impact on the company culture, showing a kind of humane leadership–all of these have a strong positive influence on the motivation of employees. It happened several times that leaders and employees went to hold a lecture together, and the voluntary work done together led to a more direct and sincere relationship, hard to achieve in the hierarchy of a huge company.
Mobile school lectures for students and future courses for teachers and parents turned to be one of the pillars of Magyar Telekom’s social responsibility strategy, having a focus on digital education.

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