Mon Bebe Shito

Mon Bebe Shito

Kumasi, GhanaKumasi, Ghana
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If you have ever been to Ghana you would have heard of shito. A popular dark spicy souce eaten together with foods. We have remade this shito with a unique formular and added chunks of diced beef to allow consumers to eat our shito and have a good and healthy nutritional addition to their lives.

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The residents of Ghana consume shito in almost every meal but this high consumption of shito adds little nutritional value to their bodies. That is because the traditional ways of preparing shito use less protein rich ingredients in an attempt to save cost and require the buyer to buy fish or any other form of protein to their food. 39% of children in Ghana are malnourished mainly due to poverty and a lack of nutritional knowledge.

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Mon bebe Shito not only has a great taste but also contains all necessary nutrients which enrich the human body. The label of the product provides nutritional information which educate the consumer and the contents which is the shito also nourishes the consumer. Chunks of diced beef have been placed in the package which allows people to eat our shito without buying any form of protein. This saves them some money as well as gives them value for their money. With partnership in the form of funding and distribution we can get this product on the shelves of all supermarkets and retail stores in Ghana and help solve the problem of malnutrition and poverty in Ghana.
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Our shito is made with the idea of providing nutrition to consumers. The diced beef included in the shito is also preferred among our consumers. They even created a slogan for our shito "all you need is shito" because it contains the protein which they would normally have to buy in addition to the food they purchase.We educated them on the label about the benefits of shito for them. One customer told me that she never really knew that shito provided so many benefits. The taste is also great and can be used in greater portions. Traditional shito has a very spicy taste but ours has been toned down and has more of stew nature than the traditional shito.

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There are other shito businesses running but there is no major established brand of shito in Ghana. All other competitors just want to make money on their products regardless of the consumers health. The bottles are also terribly packaged which to me shows their lack of seriousness for this business. So far we are the only brand which has diced beef in it making us stand out. Our taste is also unique because we add a lot of nutritional value to our shito.
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Mon Bebe Foods
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Mon Bebe Foods

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, AS, Kumasi

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My wife loves to cook and she made some of her special shito for a friend. The friend came back thanking us and said that this should be all around the country. At first it did not hit me so strong but later as I had the privilege of enjoying this shito more and more I realised how different it was from the ones I buy by the roadside to eat with a ball of kenkey (maize made into a ball, its really good with shito) and I remembered what my friend had told me. I talked to my wife and we began to make the first commercial batch of shito. We sold it to tertiary students who depend heavily on buying food from vendors and they loved it. We made a good profit and have always been getting orders from a lot of the students. They love it, trust me.

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Nutrition, Supply Chain Micro-entrepreneurs.

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Our customers are mainly Ghanaians because they love shito and consume it on a daily basis both locally and abroad but we are zeroing in on senior high school students, tertiary students and the general public as our main target group. We plan on getting it into retail stores on the major campuses. We are currently on the KNUST campus, and in one of the biggest retail outlets in Kumasi, Opoku trading Limited. We believe retail backed with strong marketing is the way to get it across to our consumers

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We began producing in July 2013 with a startup capital of $600. With what we had we have been able to produce 300 bottles(500ml). We also made flyers and distributed them in the hostels on campus and organised free sampling to get the students to like the product. Last month we worked out a deal with Opoku trading and supplied them with 50 bottles. Those bottles sold out within a week and they are requesting for more but we lacked the inventory. In the future we want to roll out our product to Accra and to more major retail shops through out the country. The Ghanaian community living abroad is another major target group which we are hoping to supply through exporting in the near future.

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Over the next two years we intend to become the leading name in shito in Ghana through advertisements and meaningful partnerships. The team currently consists of;

Kekeli Buckner - Business relations, secures deals, creates & implements marketing campaigns.
Abigail Buckner - Chef, prepares the shito with the secret recipe.
Rexford Adumako Bonsu - Financial secretary, takes charge of finances of the company.

The price money will be used to get a larger production space, produce inventory to cater for high demand and to advertise on local media to attract partners and investors who can help make this a global brand. We are also intending to introduce chicken flavour in the near future for our customers who do not like beef.

Financial Sustainability: What is your business model to ensure financial sustainability?

Mon bebe shito derives revenue from each bottle that is sold. Customers buy a bottle which is either GHC 8 for the small one, GHC 15 for the medium or GHC 30 for the large one. These are retail prices. We sell it at wholesale at GHC 7 for small, GHC 13 for medium and GHC 26 for large. For financial sustainability we have to get it into all major retail outlets to increase sales and this can be achieved through advertising and partnerships.

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I have a business which run a graphic design and website development company. We have developed the first ever online crowd-sourcing platform for graphic design in Africa and a customizable data management software. I have learnt to work in teams and gained valuable experience in starting and growing a business.
I have made mistakes on my way but made sure that I learnt from every mistake and improved myself and my skills.