With my heritage, I seize my freedom

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With my heritage, I seize my freedom

Gabes , Tunisia
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My venture is called Authentica~ with my heritage, I seize my freedom ; Women will be financially independent in order to preserve their local heritage.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

My venture addresses umpolyed women in the Southeast area of Tunisia in order to help them find a job and to prove themselves in order to achieve their financial independence through involving them in producing traditional gadgets and food in the aim of saving our local heritage.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

My venture will open to umployed women the chance to work and prove themselves. This venture will provide those women with the needed skills in order to know the structure of their work and to maintain a safe environment to encourage them for an effective productivity.
Impact: How does it Work

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My venture will bring a difference to my region, since there are many unempolyed women. There is a place in my city called " Shett essalam ", where we can find women who are keen on doing traditional gadgets : baskets and fans made with fronds ( palm leaves ). Their perfection in doing such hand made products will help us to cook organic foods based on dates adated to our modern diet ; cookies, ice cream... since Gabes has been known by its huge oasis sites ( 30,89 square miles of oasis ), so our activities are to provide for these women the needed frame to boost their skills and to make them work and produce in a good enironment.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

Our targeted community is mainly unemplyed women in the regio. Unemployed women are affected in order to find job opportunities. There are no organizations working in this space especially providing umeployed women with opportunities to work and be independent.
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Authentica : With my heritage, I seize my freedom...

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, GB, Gabes

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Founding Story: What inspired your venture? Why?

What really inspired me to keep going on defending my idea, the effort of these women to find creative ways to bring money in order to prove their presence in their society and to afford what their children need and want as much as they can. I was inspired by their energy and committment to be an effective part in their community. I spoke to many women and I saw inside them a brighter future, a glimpse of hope that the future of thier children will be better. I was always thinking about doing something and helping these women, so I thought about this small entreprise that will provide them with job opportunities.

What do you want to accomplish in your first year?

What I want to accomplish in my first year is helping these women to be more involved in their community by providing them with job opportunities and help them to be familiar with the work conditions and also to make them more aware about their rights and their duties to maintain a good performance in the workplace.

Set your first goal or milestone for your Venture Team in the next 6 months that will bring you to your vision

propagandizing the idea of the project and let the community know about " Authentica"

Identify three major tasks you will have to complete to reach this goal
Task 1

Telling these women about the idea of my venture by visiting them frequently for evaluation and feedback.

Task 2

Establishing a strong social media and networks in order to make the idea of my venture in a wider range.

Task 3

oraganizing some compaigns in my community on women roles in prserving the local heritage.

Set a second goal or milestone for your Venture Team in the next 6 months that will bring you to your vision

Gaining people trust and support in different ways ( fiancially and psychologically )

Identify three major tasks you will have to complete to reach this goal
Task 1

Asking support from different part such us ; The Tunisian Union of Industry, commerce and handicrafts...

Task 2

encouraging some women who got different job in the same field of preseving heritage in sharing their experiences.

Task 3

Asking help from different associations in civil society to let us reaching different areas where unemployed women exist.

Set a third goal or milestone for your Venture Team in the next 6 months that will bring you to your vision

Get the work start officially.

Identify three major tasks you will have to complete to reach this goal
Task 1

gaining qualified workers after providing them with some trainings and courses to boost their skills.

Task 2

maintaining a good ambiance to encourage women to produce in a good workplace.

Task 3

get the project grow gradually in a wider range.

How will your Venture define success in the short term (1-12 months)?

In the short term, my venture will define success by bringing different impacts to the area. Women will be financially independent, emancipated and more self confident. they will reinvest their profits in the education of their children and create a better generation. My venture will help in providig a better healthy nutrition because our products are mainly natural.

In the long-term (1-3 years)?

My venture will have an effective role in preserving heritage in the south of Tunisian since Tunisian appreciate a lot dates and the traditional crafts. It will help also in protecting the environment indirectly since our traditioanl bags will encourage people to use them as a substitute for plastic bags, and this is our own way in promoting our local heritage and let others know about it.

How will you measure success?

Our great success will be measured when we will see our employees who are mainly women become as they wanted to be one day; being finacially independent and affording essentiql needs for their children. Besides, the big role that will played in the local market in promoting traditional gadgets and foods.

How will you recruit new members for your venture?

The recruitment process will be by organizing frequently some trainings and conferences to attract interseted people to help in this respect and they have had already signficant experience in serving in their community in order to get involved quickly in the work environment and to communicate with our employees.

How will you appoint new leaders and transfer leadership when the founding members want to leave the team?

This seems as a challenge for our venture to appoint new leaders and transfer leadership when the founding members want to leave the team since we need some required skills which have to be present such as responsibility and committment...in addition of organizing some trainings in leadership skills in order to let them boosting their knowledge in this respect.

How will you continue your project in 6-months time or once you have spent all of its initial capital?

Any project will maintain its sustainability by exploring different ways to get some fundings and to ask for support from different parts in the community.