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Network for Social Impact: Do good and do well

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for profit
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Our solution consists of 3 stages: 1) Consult the social enterprise ("Create a project") - we identify their needs, and help them prioritize their needs 2) Find the passionate volunteer ("Match a project") - we have a database of volunteers in our web platform. Our database detailed out the volunteer's skill, expertise, career background, education background and their passions (e.g. children, woman empowerment, etc) 3) Connect the volunteer with the social enterprise ("Complete a project") - once we matched a project, we will serve as a third-party advisor that ensures the project is being run completely ensuring the volunteer has independence and time flexibility to complete the project and the social enterprise achieved its need.
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Network for Social Impact
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Network for Social Impact

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Andriani Winoto

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A website platform that connects individual volunteers and high-impact social enterprises in Indonesia for exciting remote cross-border projects that leverage on the volunteers' skills.

Who is your primary audience, customer or beneficiary?

Individual volunteers (people who wants to volunteer their life skills remotely and independently).

How do your products/services benefit this population?

We aim to provide a bridge between the private sector to the social sector - high-impact social enterprises need support just like a commercial enterprise, hence the volunteers' work will come in handy for them to leverage on and scale up their operations.

How many staff do you have (full and part-time)?

8 part-time

Impact and Sustainability
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We found that there are a great number of high-impact social enterprises that find it a hard time to scale up their operations due to their limited budget to hire professionals that could help streamline their operations e.g. a micro-finance cooperative relies on oral communication to explain its SOP to its employees.

While there are a great number of volunteers who want to do good and contribute back to the society however didn't find the time to volunteer due to the lack of time flexibility in volunteering.

Therefore, we want to create a platform that connects both parties together.

Impact: What has been the impact of your solution to date?

Network for Social Impact had the privilege of working with 12 social organization in the past year across the vast Indonesian archipelago: from West Sumatera, Riau and Riau islands, Jambi, West Kalimantan, South East Sulawesi, Java island and Bali. With them, we curated 24 collaboration projects, born out of real needs in the communities. The 15 matched and completed projects (62.5%) in 2013 are making differences in the lives of over 10,000 children living in tropical jungle and remote villages, 100,000 farmers, 2,500 middle to low income women, 650 people living with Lupus and their families.

Impact: What is your projected impact after receiving consulting support from American Express?

We projected a 30 matched and completed projects in a year - this will mainly come from the increase in our volunteers' database and increase volunteers' participation in projects.

Sustainability: Do you currently have the financial and human resources to implement new strategies or recommendations offered through this partnership, or would implementation be dependent on receiving additional funding? Please describe.

The founders would be willing to invest additional equity up to S$4,000 for working capital requirements to achieve the desired outcomes.

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Financial Planning

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Financial Planning
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Out of passion

What financial modeling/management challenges are you facing?

What will be a value-added monetary model for our services

Are you interested in assistance for your organization overall or for a specific product/service? Please explain.

Yes - especially for our project creation and matching service to the social enterprise

What are you trying to accomplish by improving this area of your operations?

Our sustainability

If you were to receive support, what is your expected outcome at the end of the consulting period?

Review of our business model and visible means to monetize our operations

How will support in this area allow you to deepen your impact?

It will determine if our current operation is sustainable.

Strategy Design
Why did you select this specific project type?

We need a third-party advisor to do a strategic review on our business model

What strategy opportunities or challenges are you currently facing?

Mainly in accumulating volunteers in our database to be matched to the social enterprises

Are you interested in reviewing the strategy for the organization overall or for a specific product/service? Please explain.

Yes - it will be to increase the volunteers' sign-up rate in the database and their participation in our projects.

Do you have a current strategic plan? If yes, what are its primary goals? If no, why not?

Our plan as of now is to match a volunteer who have the skills required to run the project, but we have been finding it a hard time to find such volunteer automatically - we need to source for our family and friend to do the project.

If you were to receive support, what is your expected outcome at the end of the consulting period?

To have a streamlined operation especially in matching the projects with the volunteers.

How will support in this area allow you to deepen your impact?

To be able to achieve our 30 matched and completed project per annum...or even more!