Organic Zero Waste Agriculture: A Pathway to Sustainable Development

Organic Zero Waste Agriculture: A Pathway to Sustainable Development

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Zero waste agriculture is a type of sustainable agriculture which optimizes use of the five natural kingdoms to produce biodiverse-food, energy and nutrients in a synergistic integrated cycle of profit making processes where the waste of each process becomes the feedstock for another process.

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Resource mismanagement and under-utilization has been a major problem confronting Agriculture in this present age and a contributory factor to environmental degradation and Food insecurity. This phenomenon has posed serious threat to humans, animals, plants, environment, social settings and economy.

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The only solution to Resource mismanagement and under-utilization threat is to practice organic zero waste Agriculture. The major advantages of this system include; 1. Optimization of food production in an ecological sound manner. 2. Reduction of water consumption through recycling and reduced evaporation. 3. Provision of climate change relief through the substantial reduction in green house gas emissions from both traditional agriculture practice and fossil fuel usage. 4. Reduction in the use of synthetic pesticides through natural remedies and bio-pesticides. 5. Reduce in the use of synthetic fertilizers through the use of composting techniques such as vermi composting, green manuring etc.
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This idea is going to be an Integrated Agriculture comprising Crop Production, Animal Husbandry, Poultry, Forestry, Fishery & Aquaculture, Value Addition(processing) and Marketing. This practice will be purely organic; every value-added products will carry organic certification, all waste generated from each segment will serve as feedstock for other segment. Take crop production for example, minimum tillage is employed during land preparation without bush burning, even, if it's going to be adopted, it's going to be a controlled burning where the ash produced can be used for earthen pond treatment or added to soil to provide potassium (K). The leaves residues will used as mulch; mulching film will be used where there is water shortage.

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This kind of Agricultural practice will be patented to provide protection. All products will carry trademark of organic certification with unique packaging and brand.
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As a development knowledge Facilitator, one paramount thing I love doing and want to see happening is bringing about sustainable development wherever I found myself. Being an expert in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, I have come to realize that Sustainable Agriculture is a veritable tool needed to bring about sustainable development in both rural and urban community.
It is highly disheartening to see countries blessed with many resources, still struggling to achieve Food security, Cleaner environment and Economic stability. It is in this light, I have come with an Idea that will revolutionize Agriculture and entire Economy and that is, Zero waste Agriculture. This idea is critical to the future of the World,

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Sustainable Agriculture.

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All value added organic products will target every individuals in various locations such as Supermarkets, Hotels, Shopping malls, Motor parks, Airport, Joints, Religious gatherings, Offices, Camps, Resort centers, Institutions and many more. These products will be well packaged and branded, and as well carry organic certification. Products will get to consumers through distributors and middlemen. Some special products can be ordered online and it will be delivered within and outside the region.

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This project is expected to produce a sustained impact on the environment, economy and entire society. There will be solid contribution to food security while protecting the environment and Individual health. There will also be a significant boost to GDP.

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Simple to complex promotion exercise will be adopted to allow Products get to individual consumers. New markets will be reached through various partnership with Supermarkets, Shopping malls, Hotels, Transport services, Online mega stores, and Middlemen. Proper and regular market survey will be carried out to enable me determine consumers' preference.

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Raw materials will be generated internally and other few inputs will come from external sources. To penetrate the market, different pricing strategies will be adopted based on market conditions. Various agricultural shows will be carried. There will be product display in different places such as universities, resort centers, etc. Professional training certification will be provided and franchise will also be sold out as the business expands.

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As an Agricultural Extension and Rural development expert, I have succeeded in giving entrepreneurial training to different people and as well manage Farms with innovation and special skills during my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and awarded for optimal performances in that regard.