Axios Project

Axios Project

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Project Managements, as the expertise and professional approach to a given project and its goals, is a main key to a success in any sphere. Management as practice and science has devoted a great attention to organisational development for institutions and enterprises in private and public sector.

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The inefficient collaboration and partnership of more organisations and their networking for future cooperation, has been the main problems for resulting positive in the organisational and management skills in the given project activities of the project leaders.

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"Project Axios" is an original vision, wich will create different sub-projects , leaded by the "Axios" team in collaboration with local and worldwide partners, for a common goal, to create, develop and accomplish the needs of the citizens, for reaching higher standards of living.
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Through precise creating and quality managing of different kind of projects from all spectres of modern life, will open a new way to a creative and inspiring person with optimal accuracy, a person that will be prepared to integrate in the modern society . The First Step of activities of "Axios" would be to create a departments for better coordination and professional activities of the program and creating each project according to its field, - Department for Management & NGO Networking - Department for Art & Creative Development - Department for Ecology & Environmental Protection - Department for Education - Department for Health, Sports & Tourism

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The inefficient collaboration and partnership of more organisations and their networking for future cooperation, has been the main problems for resulting positive in the organisational and management skills in the given project activities of the project leaders. Axios is addressing this problem in a way that management skills would be combined from more professional aspect, since will be a combinations of more organisations in one, which is key for fulfilment of given project.
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Association for Art & Culture Development AXIOS - Skopje
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Association for Art & Culture Development AXIOS - Skopje

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The need for such project and such organisation is of big importance for the development of the cultural and artistic awareness of the population, but also for it's activating in the development of art and culture itself.

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Water, Greenhouse Gases, Waste, Sustainable Agriculture, Smallholder Farmers.

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"Axios" is an association of citizens & organisations, sharing common interest to sustain and improve a high-quality life of any individual in terms of modern living. The Association is organised by voluntary membership of interested citizens and is non-profit, non-governmental, non-religious organisation.

Target Groups:
All Citizens, Artists, Individuals, Organisations, NGO's, Foundations, Local and International Institutions, Embassies, Universities and more…

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date and expected impact in the future?

The Main goal of "Axios Project" is based on development of cultural and artistic, social, multi-ethnical, multi-cultural and ecological awareness.
Through creating, organising, and managing projects that will create a common vision with a common goal, to will improve the standard of the living, from material, educational, artistic, cultural, to health, social and spiritual aspects of life.

Growth, Finance & Leadership
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Since, Axios has different projects and sub-projects in it, year by year the projects should become bigger as Axios Network is getting bigger. Since Axios is in a beginning phase, some of the most important projects has to be implemented in the first year, so the next years the activities be scaled in higher level.

Financial Sustainability: What is your business model to ensure financial sustainability?

In connection with the financing of the centre there is great need for long-term access to donors. Minimum of five years is required before the project becomes effective and reaches its capacity for implementation. The relationship between donors and projects should be marked with trust, confidence and flexibility to enable the Axios Project to develop in terms of its members to best meet their needs and those of donors.

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Working as event manager over 12 years, for different organisations, institutions, local communities etc. made me creating Axios Management Team, which is a group of artists and managers, that through their activities in their area in the past years, they succeed to cooperate with more than hundreds of institutions, NGOs, embassies from more than 25 countries world-wide, and were active in more than 800 events in Macedonia and worldwide.