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NLab: We code for change

Dar Es Salaam, TanzaniaDar Es Salaam, Tanzania
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Nlab works to build an ICT competitive, creative and innovative young generation in Tanzania by introducing new ICT technologies and teaching coding to children of all abilities in Tanzania. We also organize coding festivals, holiday camps for children and mentor their innovations.

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what if your kid came up with a life changing digital solution that fights albino killings in Tanzania?
About Project

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A very small percentage of kids in Africa finish their studies with coding knowledge which is the language of computer programming, a knowledge which has allot of potential in the world we are living. In short children are not taught skills that they can use to create jobs even when they are still young and schooling. As a result there is a big challenge of unemployment among the youth who finishes standard seven or form four without any skills.

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there must be a change in the education system, starting teaching coding (computer programming languages) to kids and teens, impacting them with entrepreneurship skills and letting them look for problems in their community and use the knowledge of coding to come up with solutions. we have seen the necessity of teaching how to code as a career builder to children and youth. with technology, youth can achieve a skill, and with these skills, they can build up something awesome which can be a career and with a career, they can be change leaders.