Nutricional learning LAB

Nutricional learning LAB

Tonala, MexicoZapopan, Mexico
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This is a Nutrition Lab which promote the creation of social value by letting the people experiment by they own. Given tools which is necessary to initiate they own ideas. In order to learned about nutrition. Working together with the experts in different areas like agriculture and nutrition.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

How we eat is important to prevent diseases and engage a balanced performance of our body. Lifestyle has changed and we’ve forgotten the importance of food and adopted an irrational alimentation. Not knowing how to eat causes chronic diseases and apart from deaths and human misery, it causes a waste of resources in medical treatments. There’s not food sovereignty and, as a Human Right, it is a point that concerns us all.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Teach for the nutrition. Whit the goal of learn by construction of own knowledge. In this cain of communities, we co-create because there is many severs problems near, but whit the kwon-how generate around simple problems, and whit the correct treatment, the result can be a really help full solution for the community. This are going to represents by a place to integrate the diferentes abilities of this community. We believe that this project starts with the persons and there isn`t a solution it`s just the beginning.
Impact: How does it Work

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Imagine if you want to buy some food in a little market. I’m really concerned about the cost and the nutriments that it will give me, but as I don’t trust at all and I don’t know how could I have food dependence, I am obligated to take my shopping chart. But there’s an option: I can learn through others and share what I know by an ecosystem about how could I learn to cultivate. This ecosystem is provided by our Lab, an ecosystem integrated by experts that are from the same community

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

We found out there is already some solutions for the hungry problem, such as the community centers, food stamps, collecting money, etc. ;but all of them doesn´t have a sustentability to keep going, they have to look for funds or people who want to give them money for their cause, and the people who doesn´t support the organizations who feed the needy gives as a reason that they don´t want to be feeding a ball held; that´s why we need not only to feed, but how to earn the money to eat too.
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No sabemos Comer (we don't kwon who to eat)
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No sabemos Comer (we don't kwon who to eat)

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, JAL, Zapopan

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, JAL, Tonala

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Less than a year

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Your Solution
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The history about how this initiative was born isn´t just one, it´s about three different minds who see the world from a another perspective; one of us wanted to fight this problem when he saw that there´s a lot of people among us who doesn´t have something to eat and in the other side can has a lot of options and doesn´t know how to; another member who woke up one day and while he was reading the newspaper found that a lot of people in Mexico and the world is dying because of the absence of what to eat; and the last one who remembered himself when he weighed about 120 kilograms because he didn´t know how to eat well; that´s when OUR story begins, when we realize the problem of the society is that we doens´t know how to eat.

Select Sector(s): To which of Unilever's categories of sustainability does your solution apply?

Nutrition, Sustainable Agriculture, Smallholder Farmers.

Measurable Impact
Audience: Who have you identified as your customers/recipients and why? How will you get your solution to them or engage them in your initiative?

We have identified that our principal customer and user is a community called Valle del Sol, located in Jalisco, Mexico. The community has agricultural resources and knowledge of their land. So, our project focus on maximizing the use of what they already have in order to get greater benefits and sustainability for the community, by letting them learn through experimentation in our LAB.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date and expected impact in the future?

At the time, we have worked with the community through field visits with experts in order to get an overview of the problem. So, as we joined with young leaders of the community, we could schedule a program that allows us to get important points to attend and which would the headlines objectives. We impacted by motivating and clarifying that we are going to act.
We expect to improve the community alimentation, but thinking on future, we know that the project has scalability into a model though different communities, no matter how many or what resources they have.

Growth, Finance & Leadership
Scaling the Solution: How do you intend to scale your activities over the next two years (e.g., reach new markets, diversify solutions, etc.)? What will make this possible?

Our project is intended to the long-term run. As we are working with a community, we want the results to be documented and integrated into a new methodology. We will not stop with one community. As all communities are different and have different resources, our project will have new ideas, products, services or channels to attend specific problems of the community.

Financial Sustainability: What is your business model to ensure financial sustainability?

Our sustentability idea is to invite insurance companies to be investors, because we will give potential workers with a less insurance cost to the work places, because they care on how healthy a person is of when taking the risk when they ensure them, with a certificate which tell they already know how to eat, so the companies the people work for pay less and want to send all their workers to training.

Experience: Please provide examples of any previous entrepreneurial initiatives you have pioneered.

We are a designer and business people who mix all the methodologies they know to solve the problem, we have a team that support us made of a pedagogue, psychologist, agricultor and nutritionist to help us while looking for the solution to learn more about the context; so we attack the problem from different aspects. We have learned also one and another with a community where we want to introduce our idea, so we learn more from the actual user.