Poult Vault Inc

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Poult Vault Inc: Using poultry to solve social issues.

CameroonBamenda, Cameroon
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for profit
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Poult Vault is a business which sells life and frozen chicken at various sizes, use poultry manure to make biogas for households, produce and sell enhanced organic fertilizers and make pillows from chicken feathers . They also run a credit and schooling scheme for women, youths and school kids.

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what if chicken could be used to push alternative fuel ernergy, soils conservation, access to credit, health, education and employment
About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

In Cameroon, good quality meat which is a main protein source is scarce and very expensive for average citizens causing health hazards especially children. People cannot afford this necessity because of unemployment, lack of education and insufficient access to credit. Rampant deforestation for fuel and poor agricultural techniques cause soil degradation and climate change, with agriculture being the mainstay of the economy.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Poult Vault is social enterprise. We use our poultry to solve many social problems. First of all, we supply affordable good quality chicken to the community to fight against malnutrition especially in children. We use poultry manure to produce cheap renewable bio-gas systems in households therefor reducing deforestation. We combat soil degradation by producing enhanced low cost organic fertilizers for farmers. We make pillows out of feathers. Additionally, we run a credit scheme for women and youths where they get our various products on credit, paying later without any interest charged after many key training sessions. We provide access to education by people paying tuition and other school needs using farm inputs we use in the poultry.
Impact: How does it Work

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Poult Vault is life changing. Ms Mado, a single mom with 3 kids, a small piece of land, sewing skills and no job. She started with Poult Vault with the chicken loans scheme which she sold chickens at the local markets. After training sessions on marketing, poultry keeping, entrepreneurship and biogas systems, she further got interested in the programs. She uses biogas and installs them in households and the fertilizer in her farm. Today, she is able to put all her children in school, she has opened a tailoring business for clothes and feather pillows. Her farm helps provide food for her house and extra to sell, she now supplies chickens to restaurants and she has enrolled 6 of her nieces in the Poult school program in her village.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

Good quality Chicken, a protein source which was seen as a delicacy is now affordable to everyone, reducing malnutrition especially in children. The poultry currently employs 6 permanent staff and 10 temporal staff in various domains in the poultry .The chicken loan scheme has involved 130 women and youths for the past 3 years. These have help create employment and reduced poverty. The biogas systems have been installed in 80 houses which has been used as an cheap alternative energy source reducing climate change, encouraging afforestation and reducing smoke related health problems like eye and lung problems. Also we have supplied organic manure to over 500 farmers and we have trained over 2000 people. We have 100 children enrolled to the poultry schooling scheme giving them an educational opportunity by them paying for their school fees using farm produce.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

There is a large chicken market in Cameroon given importation ban of chicken in the country. Our value of cheap but good quality gives us an opportunity to spread nationwide and to other African countries. Our supply has already reached four major cities. We also plan to bottle the biogas we produce for it to be used nationwide. Also we plan to extend our credit program to 50,000 people and extend the schooling program to 250,000 children in the country in 5 years. We want to industrially produce cheap effective organic fertilizers and pillows. We plan to replicate this idea throughout Africa.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

Poult vault is financially sustainable.All of our activities either create revenues for the business or reduce costs inventively. Our steady growth has come from bootstrapping. But now we wish to go into large scale industrialized activities of all our commodities. To this effect, we plan to accept external funding and investments for up to 35% worth of shares after we must have created well recognized brands for all products and services.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

The chicken sector in Cameroon is still a small scale venture because it is seen as a delicacy. There are very few poultry farms nation wide The very few people in the business are all about profit maximization and they don't make use of all poultry resources. Our values are people and community driven not finance driven. Chicken is the most widely accept protein source with very little cultural and religious controversies as seen with other meat sources making the demand even higher. There is no fully industrialized farm in Cameroon with Cameroon supplying just 35% of chicken demands.

Founding Story

I got into first real contact with chickens in a market when i lost my transport fare to go home. Being stranded in the market, i asked an old woman who sold chickens lend me some money which i was to return the next day. She instead told me to sell the chickens for a commission. They were 13 in number and i sold all of them for more than the prices she asked me to sell. When selling them, i realized that i liked the birds when holding them in my hands, it was much more profitable than i thought and there was a market potential. When i arrived home, i decided to keep a few chickens. That is how my journey started. I have never seen that old woman again. I consider her an angel who introduced my to my dream.


Poult Vault is a center for a diverse team. We have poultry 4 workers who are experts in poultry keeping, we also have have a part time veterinary doctor, 1 agriculturalist who is in charge of poultry inputs. We also have marketers\ sales agents for our products and services, part time trainers for training programs, an accountant and one driver for all transport. We plan to employ more experts in all products and services we provide as we grow.
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Cameroon, NOT, Bamenda

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Cameroon, NOT

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Businesses, Other.

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In 2013, I received an award from the anzisha prize which seeks the 12 best young entrepreneurs in Africa every year.
Also in 2014, Poult Vault received the impact award from CAGWEESA network in Cameroon

Tell us about your partnerships

We are in partnership with IRAD, an agric research institute in Cameroon who help us with strategic resources and latest poultry technology trends which we use in our poultry.
Also we are in partnership with national skills academy (NSA), an australian institution which helps us with trainings and other many resources.
Also we are in partnership with JOBS CAMEROON, an organization which seeks to make job opportunities and other opportunities known nation wide. we partner with them to source for good workers and poultry specialists.
We are in partnership with the Anzisha prize and ALA (African leadership Academy) which helps use with any resources they can. from intellectual to financial.

Challenges: What challenges might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

Poult Vault operations are very capital intensive with prices of poultry inputs being very high. There are also high chances of disease outbreaks due to environmental factors

How does your idea help young people create bright futures and improve opportunities for meaningful and long-term careers?

In Cameroon, there are numerous programs for training entrepreneurship to young people but there are no programs for pragmatic solutions. Through our activities, we get young people to be immersed in various levels of our activities which makes them learn and also makes them generate income. At the Poultry farm itself, we employ 4 full time youth staff who take part in the raising of the chickens. At the level of sales, we train youths on marketing and sales for free and give them these chickens for free to sell in their local markets or communities to make a living. We also train youths on poultry keeping and assist them with all resources we can for them to make a life for themselves. Also, we sell enhanced organic fertilizers to youth farmers in our community to help them increase their yields. Also we help schools in rural areas employ more young teachers by making these schools have more students and peoples through our school fees scheme.

Target Age Group(s): What age group(s) do(es) your solution target through it's programming?

18-35, 36-64.

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Job Creation, Education - Curricular, Training/Skill Development, Community, Products or Services, Financing, Rural Economies, Other.

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0 to 500

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Fewer than 10

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Create New Industries: recognize opportunities in the marketplace to build new professions or new markets

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Lack of youth empowerment