Recycle used cooking oil into eco-soaps and Biodiesel

Recycle used cooking oil into eco-soaps and Biodiesel

MalaysiaBatu Caves, Malaysia
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$1,000 - $10,000
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We provide proper channel for societyto dispose of their used cooking oil which is subsequently reprocessed into eco-soaps or Biodiesel.The soaps are commercialized and part of the profits congregated will be donated for charity.We also conducts eco-soap workshops to raise awareness among society.

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Options for disposing of used cooking oil are difficult because the solid waste regulations restrict the disposal of liquids in landfills.Subsequently unlawful disposal arises which includes open burning that causes black smokes,pouring down to drains that can cling the sewer system and eventually lead to unsanitary conditions.All these has intensely disrupted the ecological environment , marine life and leading to global warming.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

The proposed solution is by collect the used cooking oil from restaurant and household and reprocess it into Biodiesel and Eco-soaps. Biodiesel acts as renewable energy and reduce the usage of petroleum.Moreover,Production of biodiesel produce glycerin as by products which is useful to make a Eco-friendly soaps that is biodegradable. The soaps will be sell to public.Free oil pickup service and free eco-soaps will be given to community to increase their participation rate. The knowledge of soap making will be share through workshop and social network.Part of the profit will be donate to charity organisation. This success to gain attention of public to recycle their used cooking oil which will pollute the river,main source of water to million
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My solution makes a difference as it is well rounded and able to sustain itself in the long run. The activity of the initiative are such as grease collection services, grease to soaps program, eco-products, outreach activity, and charity. The primary activities of my project are grease collection services as it prevent public to dump their used cooking into drain which pollute the water. Besides, my eco-products that are environmental friendly could reduce the impact of consumption from daily commodities used. The profit that are donated to charity organisation also helps to combat social issues such as animal extinction and so on.

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There is some company is addressing this problem.However, they only focus on restaurant that use large amount of cooking oil as there are for profit. As a social enterprise that inspire to tackles environmental problem to maximize social well being, we provides services not only for commercial used but also for household who only use a little amount of use cooking oil and give them the Eco-soaps in return. This made out solution differ and able to raise the awareness and participation of public through this project. Moreover, other company do not provide free eco-workshop.
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As a scout which often mingle around with the natural grow my interest to protect and save our only mother earth.Hence,I further my studies to Environmental Science during my Bachelor program. As a student of Environmental studies that are exposed with current environmental issues make me keen to contribute to society to minimize this problems.
Just a random idea that pop up of my head when I got no idea where to dispose my used cooking oil even after I asked around. I began to research and found out that actually used cooking can be reprocess into useful goods too!I believe this project will be success as a well rounded and high sustainability project.

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My target audience are the commercial owner and all household that are used to dumping their used cooking oil into the drains.
My solution will engage them in my initiative because we provide free grease pick up services even for household user. Moreover, they can get Eco-soap for their daily use when they return their used cooking oil.Refer to
Besides,they can participate in the soap making workshop for free which may cost them up to 60 Usd at the market.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date and expected impact in the future?

The impact of work are such as manage to collect 100kg of used cooking from the public in 2 months time. All of the used cooking oil are reprocessed into eco-soaps and sell to public.
Moreover, we managed to held participatory workshop for kinergarten students and local scout group. Local organisation could learn this method and make their own eco-soap to raise activity fund.
Moreover, we are keen to help to combat social issues . We donated some of the soaps for old folks home and donated some of the profit to WWF to help to combat environment related issues.
The expected impact in the future is to expand this program by partnering with other society at other area. The amount of used cooking oil collected is expect to growth tremendously and a bio-diesel generator will be build by using the profit generated.

Growth, Finance & Leadership
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In the future, to accommodate the increasing popularity of grease collection programme in the local communities, the accumulated Funds gathered from the profits of selling the eco-soap may use to build a biodiesel generator. Recently, Malaysia’s government has launched a B5 biodiesel where southern region is made mandatory to follow the successor of its program that was first launch successfully in the central Malaysia.
Besides that, biodiesel generator also produced soaps as by products.
Moreover, to ease the insufficient human capital, disabled can be hired to produce the eco-soaps. This will provides an abundant job opportunity to them.

Financial Sustainability: What is your business model to ensure financial sustainability?

This environmental project could sustain itself in long run without facing enormous financial problem unlike other projects or society.

It could gather funds from the sales of eco-products produced rather than depending on donation.
The sales itself is enough to cover all the expenses includes the production, transportation, pick up services and so on.

Experience: Please provide examples of any previous entrepreneurial initiatives you have pioneered.

I have various entrepreneurship experience since I was young by helping my family business.

Moreover,as a students of Environmental studies helps in my project. My faculty are very supportive for my project,professor with strong knowledge are able to provide advice for my project.

This project also won Bayer Young Environmental awards and chosen as a project to represent Malaysia to compete for International competition.