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SaferMom: Using mobile technologies to provide health care to pregnant women & new moms

lagos, NigeriaLagos, Nigeria
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$10,000 - $50,000
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SaferMom is helping reduce maternal and child health crisis in Nigeria by providing vital health information needed for survival to new and expectant mothers using innovative and personalized SMS and voice calls in local languages.

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What if we can make the world safer and more sustainable to every child and woman in the developing world?
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Nigeria loses 40,000 mothers and 260,000 new born babies yearly due to preventable diseases.With about 50 % of total population of Nigeria living in low income communities, access to comprehensive healthcare is a luxury. Many new and expectant mothers travel for several hours away to access healthcare thereby reducing antenatal care by 40% in the developing world. Many new mothers fail to present their babies for immunization routine

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SaferMom is amobile health education service that provides pregnant women and new moms with an infant less than one year of age with free, evidence-based, brief health messages though SMS and voice calls. Our project is unique because of our deep understanding of the challenges new and expectant mothers faces. With 40% of Nigeria's population living in the slums and low income communities who neither can read or write, our ability to structure our tools in local languages help drive immediate impact. Messages provide tips on subjects including breastfeeding, car seat safety, developmental milestones, emotional well being, exercise and fitness, immunizations, labor and delivery, nutrition, prenatal care and safe sleep
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Mrs Adegun mary, a 27 year old who hails from a low income community in the out skirt of ado ekiti.She lost her first baby to tuberculosis. Evidence available in her maternal post card showed that Mrs adegun's baby didn't receive the BCG vaccination. Luckily, she got pregnant a year after,Mrs Adegun now uses our services for follow up her pregnancy and hopefully after pregnancy since SaferMom platform send immunization reminders to help track immunization schedules.

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The program has seen signs of success, including registering 1400-1600 in few months, with over 75 percent of callers interested in receiving advice and/or registering for tips and reminders. Pilot shows 43% decrease in complication during pregnancy and child birth.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

a. Securing funds & partnerships with telecom services, Government agencies, ministries, b. Engaging community health workers and volunteers to facilitate registration of mothers c. Leveraging on already existing outlets to promote awareness. d. Use of social Media and localized media

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SaferMom provides vital health information to new and expectant mothers in SMS and voice call in their local language through our database in exchange for a paid cost. Subscribers pay monthly or yearly to enjoy our premium services using Recharge cards, USSD codes, VAS services and scratch cards available in all primary health care when fully in expanded to scale.

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According to World health Organization, Nigeria records about 6 million new born yearly and more that 20 million children are below the ages of 0-5 years which are our target market.With future subscription by future mothers and fathers. Statically proven, mobile health market is evaluated at about 20 million dollars in Nigeria if it is well monetized.Our project is unique because of our deep understanding of the challenges new and expectant mothers faces. With 40% of Nigeria's population living in the slums and low income communities who neither can read or write.


Lanre Adeloye – Co founder and CEO, 5 years experience in Public Health with specialization in product design and project Management Cletus Ajibade- Co-founder, CTO, 7 years experience in software development, Code Expert and Multiple tech Award Winner Ayodele Oyadeyi (phD) - Director of Research and Advisory Board
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, LA, Lagos

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If selected , this will give me a robust platform to further promote and create sustainable and innovative solutions to improve our products and services. My experience at the programme will further help promote and develop our ideas to scale thereby having a ripple effect on our team.This will help us break barriers and ignite possibilities in maternal and child health across Africa.

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Lanre Adeloye is a Corporate brand specialist,Social entrepreneur, mHealth & Digital Health freak, Start up Enthusiast, and International Award winning writer.

He's currently involved in active development of techno powered ideas to serve women and children in the poorest communities across the Nigeria by engaging low cost mobile technologies to support health literacy,follow up pregnancy, Education on breast feeding,family planing as well as tracking and promoting vaccine coverage in susceptible populations.

Lanre Adeloye is so passionate about Africa's renaissance. His vision for the continent is to see an Africa where exceptional leaders will help drive massive economic growth in Africa and proffer a lasting solution to poor health care ,poverty, extreme hunger, child abuse and youth unemployment through innovation and technology.


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