Schoolbags for Bosnia-Herzegowina

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Schoolbags for Bosnia-Herzegowina: Used schoolbags from Germany for pupils in BiH

Zenica and Sarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegovinaZenica and Sarajevo
Project Stage:
$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
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We have gathered school backpacks and other related educational materials (sport equipment, books, computers and notebooks) in Germany. With the help of a lot of our generous sponsors we brought the material directly to war-torn Bosnia-Herzegovina and made many school kids happy.

About Project

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The majority of school children in BiH don't have enough money to buy these items. With our support we helped two times already, with great results - education is the important thing in the world and our goal is creation of better education environment for those most vulnerable ones. Most of the children who benefit from our project have suffered war and poverty, Very often families cannot afford to buy basic things like backpacks - a simple backpack can be a lifeline to these children as studies show that an education is the best way a chronically poor child can escape poverty in later life.

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A lot of more programs for schools in Bosnia would be the solution
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Support of the Bosnian Industry would bring some work if we would open a office in Bosnia

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With additional sponsors it will possible to work with more people in full-time jobs. So far, we have reached 30 schools in our region (out of 5500 schools in the state Baden-Württemberg) - there's more potential however additional human resources are required in order to extend it and money....

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There are other concepts existing however they don't pick up the material at the schools / Each person who helps have to pay 10 Euros but we don't want to deal with money and pupils


Each team member had it's own section - Organisation, Sponsoring, etc.