Shannon Code and Play - Teaching code and robotics to kids 8+

Shannon Code and Play - Teaching code and robotics to kids 8+: Preparing next generations in the creative use of the linguae francae of the future

Gijón, SpainGijón
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Kids are the most proficient/eager technology consumers. We´ll make them even better technology creators. They know how to “read” technology. We´ll teach them how to “write”.

We´ll encourage their natural creativity through a “learning by playing” mode and evolve them from being just consumers to creators at an early age when they can learn more easily, for a better understanding of the world they will live on and their society´s prosperity

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Perception: Our kids are “technology wizards”. They are extremely proficient with computers, tablets, smartphones, videogames, etc. They are savvier and more prepared. They are more than ready for the tech-driven world of today and tomorrow. Reality: Our kids are merely avid consumers of technology, most of those gadgets cleverly designed for “addictive consumption”. They can “read” but they can´t “write”. They can´t create their own games, applications, hardware...Their natural creativity is getting crippled. Code and Robotics will be the “linguae francae” of the future and heir education will be flawed without it and other STEM- related knowledge. Organizations as small as schools and as big as countries and as encouraging this.

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Fundacion Create and Shannon Code and Play aim to spark a movement that will introduce Spanish kids to the opportunities of Entrepreneurship and teach them Code, Robotics, and Recreational Science. We use playful methodologies developed by experts in Computer Science, Education and Psychology from Stanford, Princeton, and Harvard in order to encourage their creativity, help them to reach their full potential and create a positive impact on society We stimulate their problem-solving, collaboration, organizational capacity and other social and tech skills through Summer Camps, Workshops and Extracurricular Activities. These skills will be useful whether they´ll eventually create their own companies or pursue a career in science or not.
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Alberto (10) and Mariana (8) went to our Summer Camps. Alberto a disciplined kid, was attracted to Code, while Mariana, an outspoken girl, got in love with the Robotics field. When they came back to School, Pablo pursued his interest through our Extracurricular Activities. He started to develop their own games, and sharing them with other students from his school and through an online community of interested kids from all over the world. The free spirited Mariana joined our Girls in Robotics Club and evolved her interest with other girls. Alberto grow up to be a biochemist, and developed software to unfold proteins while Mariana joined Electrical Engineering and started up a company that makes earrings that checks your diabetes.

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Fundacion Create and Shannon Code and Play will contribute to create and nurture a breeding ground for future tech savvy entrepreneurs that will generate a robust ecosystem prone to generate extraordinary wealth throughout all the society. Our main goal is to scale as fast as possible and reach as many kids as possible to introduce them into the world of entrepreneurship and technology creation and evolve their interest through the time. To generate awareness on the society as a whole, we´ll run significant grassroots marketing and outreach efforts and secure partnerships with a broad range of sponsors. We´ll declare victory - but we are aware that this is mostly “wishful thinking” - if the movement we plan to spark will eventually generate policy reform so entrepreneurship and tech education are included on Government Educational Planning for the future.

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In Spain, no dedicated companies/organizations are addressing directly this issue besides a feeble and atomized “grassroots” movement. We bring the “professional” approach and a “full product” that consolidates the desired syllabus and focus on: Creativity: We understand creativity as the most determinant value both in professional and personal success in today’s society, where creativity is a basic for adaptation. Entrepreneurial Inspiration and Education: We aim to get a more creative, dynamic and sustainable society, where individuals will be able to create and develop their own personal and social projects, and face innovation without fear of failure. Technology: Code and Robotics will be the “linguae francae” of the future. Kids will evolve from being just consumers to creators, and will do so at an early age - when they can learn better and more easily.


Fundación Create will bring expertise in organization and deep knowledge of the target objective: educating kids and inspiring them towards the opportunities of entrepreneurship. They have been doing it successfully since 2011 and have significant experience in securing partnerships with Companies, Schools and other Educational Institutions and Governmental Bodies. Shannon Code and Play will bring the expertise in creating and growing successful companies. The Managing Team and Board of Advisors are more than capable to run and scale this project, and have an extensive success record in Spain and USA in creating and running companies, marketing, project management, education, finance etc in companies such BBDO, McCann Erickson, DDB, Stanford University, Princeton University, British Council, Grupo Covadonga, etc.
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Wikreate Labs
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Non profit, foundation

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Wikreate Labs

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, AS, Gijón

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Shannon Code and Play
We encourage kids 8+'s creativity by teaching them Code, Robotics and Recreational Science in order to reach their full potential.
We will bring the expertise in creating and growing successful companies with an outstanding track record.

Fundacion Create
Non For Profit
We encourage kids 8+´entrepreneurial spirit through inspiring and hands-on programs performed in partnerships with educational institutions.
We bring the expertise and methodologies for education in this age range and securing partnerships with Companies, Schools and other Educational Institutions and Governmental Bodies.

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We focus on gender equality. It is our goal to enroll at least 50% girls in our programs to break the current gender barrier in the tech field and place attention on disadvantaged groups: we will offer a complete and extensive grant program in order to include as many disadvantaged kids as possible.

In the short term, both girls and boys will benefit greatly by learning important skills for their future. In the long term, we will create a critical mass of skilled people that will stimulate social and tech entrepreneurship while generating thousands of qualified jobs and wealth.

We encourage the development of a humanistic morality through respect for moral behavior, the work well done, solidarity and respect for the others in order to create better workers, business professionals, entrepreneurs and of course, individuals.

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Individuals, Businesses, Customers.

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Yes, we´ve reached financial sustainability from the very beginning. This is not a capital-intensive project and we are bootstrapping it with very little money - and a lot of hard work - by the founders. We are also closing win-win alliances with strategic partners such Schools, Summer Camps, Youth Associations, Fundations, other NGO´s, Companies, Government Institutions, etc.

We are a dedicated and focused partnership. Our activity and business model is aimed exclusively on introducing kids to the world of Entrepreneurship and teaching Code, Robotics and Recreational science to kids 8 and up.

Nothing else to distract us from our main goal: scale fast and reach as many kids as possible to create a positive impact in society as broad as possible.

Founding Story: Share a story about the "Aha!" moment that led the Partners to get started and/or to see the potential for this to succeed.

The idea for Shannon Code and Play came up in San Francisco with Tony Seba (Stanford University, Singularity University), Ezequiel Trivino (BBDO, Wikreate, Wikreate Labs, Instituto Empresa) Elena Castanon (BBDO, Wikreate, Wikreate Labs, British Council) and Maylen Rafuls (Princeton University).

We started to discuss President Obama encouraging all American people to learn code - and the “organized” movement - sponsored by Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg etc - and the grassroots movement that was beginning to permeate American schools.

If American kids need desperately to learn how to code and other STEM-related matters because their economic prosperity depend on that, the situation in Spain will be similar.

We confirmed the untapped opportunity and the market situation described above and decided to look for strategic partners and aligned Fundacion Create.

About the Co-Creation
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None so far. Both organizations are extremely aligned and committed with a shared mission and our skills and resources are synergic.

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The relationship takes the form of a joint project and is bound to be extremely synergic.

Fundacion Create´s mission is to encourage the entrepeneurship behavior on school kids, as soon as 8 years old. Shannon Code and Play operates over some of the skills - Technology, STEM, Code, Robotics, Recreational Science - most needed for the entrepreneurship-oriented and humanistic Fundacion Create´s goals.

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Both organizations will benefit greatly by learning from each other in terms of methodologies, management practices, growth strategies, etc.

We represent different “flavors” of social entrepreneurship. While Fundacion Create is a typical Non For Profit organization and is bound by legal more stringent by-laws, Shannon Code and Play considers itself a “Non For Profit in disguise”. We have decided to adopt the form of a more standard corporation in order to have more freedom in terms of strategy, budget allocation, etc, but our core mission is 100% social. We represent the new breed of social mission oriented companies.

We believe that the partnership will be extremely fruitful for both organizations and for the society as a whole.

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