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Shoulders Of Love-Uganda ( SOLU ): Kabale Charcoal Briquette making from Garbage !

Kabale, UgandaKabale, Uganda
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Improving people's lives through training in CHARCOAL BRIQUETTE MAKING from garbage

Our Mission is to reach ,mobilize and empower Marginalized Communities through capacity building and advocacy for sustainable development

Our Vision is to have an empowered and Self sustaining community .

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"What if the marginalised class like women and youth could be trained in making charcoal briquettes from garbage to alleviate poverty "?
About Project

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This project is trying to address at least there or four major problems affecting man kind .The first one is Poverty ,unemployment ,dirty environment with rubbish littered every where ,Low or now house hold income . Charcoal briquette making where youth and other marginalized people like women are trained how to make charcoal briquettes from garbage .Poverty ,unemployment,low income and dirty environment are the major problem here in Kabale town

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

To address poverty and unemployment , the proposed solution is training youth and other marginalised class like women on CHARCOAL BRIQUETTE MAKING TECHNOLOGY FROM GARBAGE .This has increased house hold income since many people in Kabale town have and are now able to make charcoal briquettes from rubbish and agricultural wastes which are later sold .originally 90% of the population in Kabale town used to depend on wood charcoal from trees which would lead to the destruction of forests but as of now people can make charcoal briquettes on their own which have a high demand and there fore ready market . This has increased income at a house hold level and the environment has got relieved of garbage since it is collected for use in briquettes.
Impact: How does it Work

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Charcoal briquette making is a solution here just making differences in the lives of many .As already pointed out, the primary activity is making charcoal briquettes from garbage or rubbish as well as agricultural wastes. This is the first innovative solution of this kind in Kabale district which is 415 km from Kampala City .This has empowered the community members financially as well as keeping the Environment clean .The project promotes the use of agricultural waste and alternative Bio-waste to wood for manufacturing charcoal briquettes in addition to sensitizing local communities on the environmental concerns of using wood charcoal and deforestation in Kabale . Peoples income have increased at a house hold level thus a big difference.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

The work has had many impacts to date since its inception .Please note that these impacts are on people and the environment . For example,this work has been /is very instrumental in alleviating house hold poverty .This is because people have been trained how to make charcoal briquettes from garbage and since garbage is every where it mans that raw materials are available and at the end ,these briquettes are sold to restaurants around Kabale town and other biggest customers are hotels, schools and roadside vendors though we also sell to households.All these have increased people's incomes and thus getting rid of poverty .In addition, many people who had no work or jobs have been trained and they are now self-employed and can now earn a living thus solving involuntary unemployment and thus a big impact.The project is also a big milestone in relieving the environment from garbage .

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

I would love to see this project replicated to a greater and for this to be possible , some strategies have to be put in place including : Buying a bigger charring machine to meet the demand .This will help us to increase production of more briquettes .In addition , there is need to secure enough space for production and spreading of the briquettes to dry faster. This will be possible by buying an acre of land to expand the business and once we acquire bigger land, we shall shift the production section and keep the offices here for training and other management issues .

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

To ensure financial sustainability , the solution plans to to buy a bigger moulding machine and charring drum from the already savings which we have.These are helpful in mixing raw materials for charcoal briquette making .In addition, we plan to to buy an acre of land around Kabale town to expand the business .Once we acquire bigger land, we shall shift the production section and keep the offices here for training and other management issues.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

In my district, there is no on else which is addressing the the same problem using my approach.I must let you know that my approach of making charcoal briquettes from garbage is the first one ,How ever it should be noted that the only ones addressing the same problem are using like modern methods of Agriculture like piggery ,poultry etc.There fore mine is a unique one and with a steady and ready market since many people are buying charcoal briquettes which are almost replacing wood charcoal that is widely used here and this ensures marketability in Kabale District here in Uganda.

Founding Story

I was born in 1986 and immediately when I clocked 12 years of age ,my parents died in a fatal accident from the village back to Kabale town where we were living and thus leaving us behind as total orphans in a single room .This made us to start living with our aunt who who also a low income earner in the town dealing in street vending .Our aunt used to suffer for us since she had no other work to do .I managed to go to school since I got a sponsor from Canada and I reached to a University in Kampala where I completed my studies in 2009. By this time, I came to know a boy who introduced me about Charcoal briquette making in one of the Kampala suburbs and I decided to go back to Kabale and also train my community members including my aunt


Yes my project is endowed with well qualified staff to do the work .It involves environmentalists , development consultants and even young graduates from the Universities who are well equipped with the Knowledge to do my work very better . For example there is a lady called katushabe Judith who is responsible for monitoring and evaluation.She has worked with many organizations and success has always been achieved wherever she goes .
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Shoulders Of Love Uganda ( SOLU )
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Shoulders Of Love Uganda ( SOLU )

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, Kabale

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, Kabale

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Friends and family, Individuals, NGOs, Regional government.

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I believe that training would help me make an even greater impact on the social innovation field because i expect to meet other fellows who are not only clever but also intelligent and have interactions with them as well as lengthy talks. This will enable me to expose my innovation field and even ask for guidance and more knowledge and skills will be acquired .In addition to this, I expect to meet and interact with American express Executives and this will give me a chance of future collaborations which may help me to get future funding since I expect to share the challenges am facing with my innovation so as to make it reach at a great height.This will give insight to these people about my social innovation and advise me how I can mitigate the challenges like of financial constraints by either holding fundraising moves on my behalf in their home countries .In addition to this during the leadership training I expect to join an ad hoc team of other top innovators and be integrated into a network of thought leaders, Ashoka Fellows, and potential investors that can help me scale and increase the impact of my work hence helping me to make a greater consequence on my social innovation . I also hope to be be featured in a trilingual media campaign designed to share my projects, insights, and best practices thus exposing my work that will give me a platform for seeking for funds to help me make a greater impact.

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I am called Musimenta Godwin aged 28 born on 21/09/1986 and a Ugandan by nationality and a mukiga by tribe in Kabale district which is 415 Kilometers from kampala City . I started my education in 1994 and when I was in primary Five , all my parents died in a fatal car accident while coming from village to kabale town leaving us as total orphans together with my two sisters in a single rented room. I managed to continue studies and good enough I got a sponsor from Canada through Compassion international who decided to sponsor me because of my academic excellence and good enough I got a first grade at Primary seven that gave me a chance to join secondary school as a total orphan. During my early child hood ,I happened to be a leader for e example I was the prefect for School Garden where I encouraged the growing of fruits in the school gardens and I was even given the a ward by the the District Education Officer of Our district (DEO) who had come to visit the School .From there I became the Prefect fro Academic -a position I held at primary level and even at secondary level while In senior three .I never stopped form here but later became Chairman School council while in Advanced level at the same time a secretary Publicity of the Uganda national Students association (UNSA ) while at Kigezi college Butobere .This was one of the juicy positions I held as I would be tasked to mobilize all students in Uganda at a national level .Form here ,I went to University where I contested and became the minister for On and Off campus affairs until my completion in 2009 where I went to the field .because of the life I passed through as a total Orphan , i knew the situations and challenges children who are vulnerable face and this prompted me to initiate a local Community Based organization ( CBO ) called "SHOULDERS OF LOVE -UGANDA " ( SOLU ) which am now running as the Executive Director and founder .This CBO is legally registered with a legal reregistration certificate in operates in many areas including ,Educational support to Orphans , Human Rights Advocacy and Good Governance , Improvement in Agriculture , Community Support on water and Sanitation etc with clear missions and vision . During my life as I a young orphan, we were living with my aunt who was poor since was a street vendor of mangoes .I saw the situation she was in and was never happy ,so as I was at the University I came to know about Charcoal briquette making from garbage which i tried my level best to know much about it and decided to introduce it to my community members in Kabale who are poor so that they cal also p[practice tit and live a good life including my aunt so that these people can know how to eradicate poverty using raw materials within like garbage which would other wise been a problem to the environment and now these people have been trained and are really now smiling .In my photo ,you can see people being trained about charcoal briquette making irrespective of race, religion or tribe .This partailly expalins what motivbated me to begin such a project and my Organization at large .For CHARCOAL BRIQUETTE MAKING , I believ that it will transform the lives of the low income earners who were suffering lime my aunt whom I grew with going through a hard life trying to make us get what to eat through mangoe vending on Kable streets but now her lifwe is transformed .