SOS. Time to Think. Time to Act.

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SOS. Time to Think. Time to Act.: Support SOS Children’s Villages now, be better with the best!

Project Stage:
$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
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To collect EUR 10 000 for charity in just two weeks in time of deep crisis is a tough job.
Winning on your side a few of the best makes it easier to touch the hearts of the rest - 20 Bulgarian top celebrities donated personal items for an auction, the proceeds of which supported SOS Children’s Villages effort to secure their kids a true home – cozy and safe and equipped with everything necessary for their normal life and full development.

About Project

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Indifference is the major problem raising support for any cause meets. This is especially true for charitable causes and even more for children without parental care related ones. SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria needed urgently financial support for their “My Cozy Home” Program and indifference was in the way. How to motivate as many people as possible to donate? To make them believe that every little counts and a small gesture, if multiplied can make a big difference?

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Motivating the motivators proved to be the right answer. We approached 20 Bulgarians who have long established themselves in their respective professional fields, people widely loved and respected, with request to donate a personal item, of whatever material value, and The Mall, the biggest retail center in the country, will sell it on an auction to the benefit of SOS Children’s Villages. All of these celebrities lent their authority to our cause and inspired thousands by their personal example.
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Twenty of the most successful Bulgarians - athletes (Olumpic and World champions), politicians (the Prime Minister and the Mayor of Sofia), and artists provided unique items associated with their career or personal life. These were displayed in the central foyer of The Mall in special show cases. The items were also presented on the company’s website and its page on Facebook. For two weeks everyone could make a donation on site, through a representative of SOS Children’s Villages, or by bank transfer, specifically stating which item they would like to acquire. The object was to become the possession of the most generous donor. High profile event was held for handling the items to their new owners.