The Way out from the World of Complete Silence

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The Way out from the World of Complete Silence: Our foundation's aim is integrated employment and the placement of severely disabled impaired people to the open labor market.

Budapest, HungaryBudapest
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$50,000 - $100,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Keeping in mind equality we want to achive a project with Auchan Magyarország Kft., Siemens Kft. and Unicredit Bank jointly where they employ hearing impaired people, furthermore we'd work out the methodology together.In addition, we demonstrate and improve their products, services together in order to help hearing impaired people’s life (e.g understanding the operation of hearing aids. With our help these people can integrate to society easier.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

Nowadays in Hungary there is a group of disabled people who live in a totally segregated way. They are segregated from the majority of the society. This is the group of people with hearing impairment. We have experienced this phenomenon during our work in the past few years. Since people with this diability do their education in segregation or in an integrated way and they learn by lip reading, the primary problem is that they do not know Hurgarian neither sign language because they do not study it. In addition, there is the fact that Hungarian education does not provide any qualification for them in sign language. Because of the circumstances mentioned above , the majority of them have a qualification which is not marketable.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

It is of utmost importance that we find and reach the hearing impaired people. We send essential information to them electronically through our facebook page, e-mail, telephone, webcam (e.g scholarships, rehabilitation, preparing the appropriate medical documentation, searching jobs, giving legal, lifestyle counselling). We encourage the transformation of the educational system to make contents totally accessible for the hearing impaired people. At our foundation we rehabilitate and improve the hearing impaired people’s skills, mainly communicational skills. We keep contact with all the authorities they go to and we are fighting constantly that they get services in their mother tongue - sign language.
Impact: How does it Work

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In the past two years in cooperation with Auchan Magyarország Kft. we have helped hearing impaired people to get mainly cashier and other positions as well. Thereby healthy and disabled people communicate , work together and accept each other. We hear a lot about healthy people standing intentionally in the line of a hearing impaired cashier. This is one of the workplaces where healthy people meet disabled people and it is very natural without any amazement or wondering what is the problem with them. Here the disability is not emphatic. According to our experiences it is much more effective and has a bigger impact than organizing events when people tell about a certain disability but the actual disability is not shown.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Mainly through our facebook page, website, newsletter, e-mail. In person, on events, for instance: on workshops. Also the participation in the media and appearances are really important. We also rely heavily on our partners to spread the idea and the innovation of our project. Our aim is to call in as many employers as we can to employ hearing impaired people and to promote integrated working. Also we always encourage our clients who come to us to train themselves , (we help them find appropriate training opportunities, and help them improve their communication which is a key to having a job) in order to find a job in the open labormarket. We hope that this good example will spread through the people, and eventually many of the employers will find that they do not have to afraid of employing hearing impaired people.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

There is a big association called SINOSZ (Hungarian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing) who receives subsidy from the state – they only deal with advocacy, provide sign language service and help with travel discounts. We share information with the local organizations which relates to potential jobs, rehabilitation, promoting employment. No organization addresses this problem and gives that type of complex services through the help of fellow hearing impaired people. There are small organizations with which we cooperate. They help information to flow, organize events and have clients who seek for jobs so they transit them to us. (eg.Nasiba, Harke, Motiváció,SVOE,Kézenfogva Foundation). These small organizations have few hearing impaired clients since they deal with other disabilities as well which result in very different methods and strategy.


Our colleagues’ (15 hearing impaired people, 2 mentors, 1 rehabilitation counsellor) advantage is that they know the world and everyday problems of the hearing impaired people really well. Auchan Magyarország Kft.: the management of this multinational company has been committed to the employment of disabled people a long time ago – It is the part of the company culture. We cooperate with Virág Kiss who is responsible for the 19 supermarkets and very enthusiastic in the fulfillment. Unicredit Bank: We negotiate with the manager of one of the bank branches about the right construction regarding employment and integration. We received support from the superior managers also. Siemens Kft.: Siemens Audiology Solutions is the biggest company in Hungary who distributes hearing aids and other accessories that help hearing. We cooperate with the CEO of one of their stores.