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Theatre Technology House: Common Community- A digital Radio Soap on good governance and social Justice

Lira, UgandaLira, Uganda
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Common Community Radio Soap Radio Drama (soap opera) campaign on citizen participation in monitoring service delivery, making free and rightful decision during election and ensuring that leaders are held accountable after election.

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Leaders would give all they promise during elections, will there be poverty, poor roads, dilapidated health systems and poor school structure?
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Many times in my country, elections are held with leaders promising heaven on earth. As an LDC with already inadequate system to Cary out civic education and voters education, these caning politicians dupe the ordinary citizens into believing them. They do not always heave empty promises but use chap materials to bu votes from the ignorant people. in the end, when they are elected, the promises end with words, Nothing is done!

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There is need to carry out continues and well researched information dissemination to empower ordinary citizens and help them make informed and right decisions during election. The information gap is wide especially in my region where poverty looms and it is very easy to lure a poor person into believing such lies as done by politicians. When the community is informed, they are empowered not only to make informed decision but also to influence leadership, monitor leader and hold them accountable. They are also able to make their contribution towards their own development and work together with government to address various society needs.


Rising Voices Micro Grant 2014
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Thr prject is a qaulitative approach to social transformation and the desired result is change of attaitude. This is basicaaly along term impact or result that the project intends to achive. At its current stage, the programme has a great impact in the region. It is having a high partnership and its content is used reference points in many situation by the local community and during important decision making. We use digital technology and ICT to collect feedback and the texts messages, letters and phone calls we receive confirms that the programme is touching the lives of the community. The solution in this project makes a difference through enhancing the reasoning of the populace. the logical sequencing of the story is rich with lessons.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

Our radio story has put us at the stage where the local feels, we can best tell their stories and challenges in their community. The fictitious depiction of the community, has made it easy to trust us with a story, because we are not only able to expose the vices in the society but provide the citizens with a variety of information needed for social transformation and economic development. Many people, government institutions, NGOs and religious institutions confide in us and use our stories as reference tools. The locals have adopted and are using the programme for training, guiding and helping members of their society and families.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

The radio station we are using covers a radius of over a hundred kilometers. and this means the programme reaches over 10 districts in the region. The way the locals have embraced it means we can reach out and greatly impact the entire region with the project. We have a task of packaging content and information relevant to the current and changing needs of the beneficiaries, of which we have successfully scored in it. Our production team work with and constantly engage the stakeholders at different levels . Partnership, broadening of content and keeping our original focus is equally vital.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

The project has been surviving through Individual and friends support. I financially support the programme and work with a team of friends who voluntarily do the production. The team are a group of University students and local youths/talents mobilized and trained with support from Rising Voices Micro grant that i won last year. Through the support, i have procured recording gadgets and we use them to generate income to finance other activities.

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Many Agencies work on this particular interest, There are NGOs here sharing the same vision, though their approach is reaching and training individual or other agencies. On this particular intervention and specifically our style, in the region, we are the only agency involved in it. The production and sustenance of a radio soap is an expensive venture, and its dared by financially established institutions, however, with the expertise we have at TTH, we are able to use minimum resources to achieve this rare dared monster. Our approach has succeeded in achieving three seasons of success.

Founding Story

Northern Uganda spent over two decades in war and the impact of the war was immense on the population. Among topical challenges were violent conflict that extended from the war, breakage of social system and poverty. The health,education and other social systems have been destroyed, the morals and the strengths of the society degenerated as a result of confinement in camps. Theses society inadequacy and lack of support system fueled internal conflicts, dependency attitude and reluctance. There is need to change the people attitude, initiate them to get involved in the social and economic development of their families, society and the nation. Knowledge and information is a great tool needed.


Currently the team is composed of the team leader(Founder) and a voluntary technical team who work together with a big number of regular volunteers(currently they are 21). The technical team are friends who offer technical input in ICT, production and research. The volunteers, act roles in the story, carry out field interview, and participate in other activities. WE ARE BOUND TOGETHER BY THE LOVE AND DESIRE TO MAKE OUR COMMUNITY A BETTER PLACE!
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Theatre Technology House
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Theatre Technology House

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, Lira

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, Lira

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Rising Voices Micro Grant 2014

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Friends and family, Individuals, NGOs.

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The leadership training would expose me to a variety of skills, approaches and information i need to better my initiatives. It will also widen my horizon and give me perspectives that are necessary for comparative analysis of my interventions. The training will also put at my disposal personalities that are worth relating with, consulting and collaborating with when i return. In them i would find mentors, inspirations and partners.

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I am a 29 years old male Ugandan, Alango by tribe, coming from the central part of Northern Uganda. i am a broadcast producer and a specialist in programming on peace and social issues. I produce radio drama, pre recorded radio show; magazines and features and air them on a community Radio based in Lira town(Radio Wa 89.8 FM- i am also a final year student of Kyambogo University perusing Bachelor of Arts with Education- Majoring in Literature in English and offer English Language Teaching as my second subject.