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$10,000 - $50,000
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An independent charity directory for Europe which helps social sector unlock business advertising money for funding of good causes. Learning from similar tools elsewhere, we are creating a unique solution for European specific needs. For Europe, to close the gap and start a new chapter, in which giving in Europe can cross borders and European NPOs get the position that they deserve - equal players in the global giving also in the online world.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

The European non-profit sector is facing a reduction of the state financial support. It has to look for alternatives. Apart from private donors, where there is not much room for improvement left, there is the challenge of building a strong funding source with business world. But for that the non-profit sector has to become a reliable partner. Given comparable price and quality 91% of customers prefer brands associated with good cause, 46% are even ready to pay more for them (Global CSR Study, 2013). To survive, companies have to upgrade to the so called CSR 2.0. with partnership with social partners, transparency and accompanying content. In this development the gap between Europe and other developed countries is getting bigger and bigger.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Trend, so called giving 2.0, noticed by biggest such as Amazon as well as smaller businesses, is in development of online branding experiences in which brands let customers decide where the “good money” goes. Brands pay, customer choose by purchase checkout, in games, wherever. Tools for that are updated directories/ lists of reliable information about NPOs used to let customer easily choose. Learning from experiences of such lists elsewhere, we build a list for Europe, which respects the specifics of the European reality and helps to link marketing money with good doing - bring social and business to co-create and allow European NPOs to become part of the online giving 2.0 in which are now present almost exclusively in US registered NPOs.
Impact: How does it Work

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Real example of a startup launching a new portal x with business model defining that part of every purchase goes to a good cause selected by customer.They can (1) Start to build the collaboration with NPOs one-to-one, (2) collaborate with local portals listing NPOs within one country, or (3) use lists which support only NPOs outside Europe. None of them actually an option for our startup. With the they (1) get an easy and simple access to updated information about selected NPOs activity,ratings and projects which help customers choose and portal x create valuable content about its good doing and (2) a tool that makes cross-border support of NPOs in Europe possible. Just the same for a small start up as a player such as Amazon

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

We are in process of research and development of the right model which can face the European taxation and legal complexity. It would be our wish to be able to list and support in the Goodlist also NPOs from countries not yet members of EU, with which we are already in contact. Maybe can co-creation between social and business sector on this level overpass the political unification and be an example that not everything is that complicated to do in Europe. With enabling social sector to become a reliable partner for business and help the two come together and easily co-create this would path a way for an even stronger demand for so called hybrid legal forms of organisations and a hint to European legislation creators to make those kind of forms easily accessible to innovative citizens, as we can see in other part of developed world.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

As mentioned before, there are two lists of this kind in US (Charity Navigator and GuideStar) from which we want to take example. There are some lists in different European countries listing only national NPOs where transparency and actuality are often very questionable. Within Changemakers projects there might be some which try to link the same players, but we have not found a project addressing this issue for Europe in terms required for the mission of transforming advertising money into funding of NPOs on cross-border level. Our idea is to let the existing national listings co-create. As already mentioned, Europe has specific taxation issues and a copy-paste of US model would have no sense. We already taste the complexity of this project, but looking at Transnational Giving Europe project, which is the furthest example in this attempt, aware that we, Europe, have to react.


The Goodlist has been founded in startup spirit and it is clear that co-creators are on mission to realise it. In our business plan are foreseen the following core competences which have to be covered consequently: (Phase1) strategy & operational, financial & legal, promotion, IT; (Phase 2) target group relationship (divided into business, social and public), (Phase 3) research & education, consulting. With access to networks of RealMakers, our first media partner Forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften and other co-creators we have channels to the competences that we might not cover with time. With the task to cover as much of Europe as possible we want to reflect this also in formation of our core team members which covers already now in Phase 1 with 3 members 3 different European nationalities, languages and cultures.