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Ungdomar.se was initiated in 2000 and is today one of Sweden’s largest information platforms for youths (ages14-24). Ungdomar.se aims to create meaningful activities and venues for youths - both physical and digital. We strive to create interdisciplinary collaborations between businesses, politics and civil society to work together for a better and more sustainable world, as well as encourage young people to take their place as social actors.

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Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

Today youths are growing up in a very uncertain world, with huge social, economic and environmental challenges. On Ungdomar.se, which every week is visited by approximately 100 000 unique youths, we have identified three major areas that young people discuss and worry about, sustainable development, unemployment and mental health. On top of this, almost every day young people are overwhelmed by negative messages in media which contributes to the feeling that our planet is on the edge of breaking down, that unemployment rates are rising and rising and that 1/4 of Sweden´s youths experience some kind of mental illness. It is a huge problem that youths today to some extent have lost faith, both in themselves and in society at large.

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Ungdomar.se want´s to enable youths to take place as social actors so that they can create the society they want to see. We operate mainly within 4 projects; 1. We_change. One of Sweden´s largest sustainability tour. In jan-april we will engage 500 teachers and 10 000 youths in sustainability together with organizations such as Ikea, WWF and the environmental ministry. 2. PallaJobba! This project is a further development of we_change which focus on youth employment.In fall 2014 we will visit 5000 students with the goal to provide tools to help youths make better choices in the future and make use of their often unlocked potential.3. #psynligt & Kom igen!.To adress youths mental health situation we make research available on Ungdomar.se.
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When we_change and PallaJobba visits youths we can truly see that inspirational projects such as these are needed and wanted. We have measured that 57 % of the participants have more knowledge about sustainable development and 48 % feel that they are more empowered to change the world after we_change. For our healths projects #psynligt and Kom igen! we have created a huge involvement from youths but also from politicians, institutions etc . #psynligt aims to show that mental health has more than one face and is a campaign that now has over 450 instagram pictures from youths around Sweden, was been spoken about in in P3 news and acknowledged in Metro its first week. Kom igen!:s front page on Ungdomar.se has had almost 15 000 hits.

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This year we target in total 12 citites and 15 000 youth with we_change and PallaJobba but in the future we plan to have a concept that can be adapted by municipalities themselves and be decentralized, hopefully even run by local youths. We want to put pressure on the school that sustainability need to be taught to everyone and that all kids have the right to meet a future employer in their school years. We believe in role models and we will use Ungdomar.se as a nest to do storytelling and involve young people in telling their own stories. With #psynligt and Kom igen! we have the ambition to contribute in making youths situation better, eliminating preconceptions and connecting young people with eachother to create belongingness. Ungdomar.se should be the actor that empower young people to believe in themselves, create space for them in society and the actor that take them seriously.

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There is no one doing ALL that Ungdomar.se is currently doing and engaged in. Although we have competitors such as ask.fm. reddit, The Good Tribe, Facebook, Wakeup Call, Realstars, Fryshuset and UMO.se just to mention a few. Overall we have many competitors when looking at funding opportunities but we aim to create an offer for partners that includes both business value and CSR values.


We will need a team that understand and has a conscious way of looking at the business world today - and at the same time see how it will need to change to be more sustainable. A valuebased team with a strong business mindset is crucial to achieve success and large positive impact for Ungdomar.se. We will need specific knowledge in the areas we are working within; unemployment, sustainability and mental health. This can be inhouse or we will find external partnerships such as Fryshuset, Föreningen Tilia, The Natural Step, companies, Forsking.se and so forth. We will need marketing people to build Ungdomar.se:s brand and an extremely organized and structured projectleader for each project as well as an overall manager that can overlook and see common patterns in all project.
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Business world
Among many others we work with Ikea, Coca-Cola, Fortum Värme and Returpack to respond to youths concern on business role in society. We choose companies that have a well developed work within sustainability, but that understand that they have a long way to go. Many of our strategic partners in we_change and PallaJobba! understand the role of youths and youths input on their organization in order to exist in the future. They are during our tours involved in a panel debate called "Hållbarhetsgrillen" and a workshop where young people solve actual problem they are facing today. Their key-motivation to join is partly to understand their future employees and consumers, partly to show that they are interested in youths ideas and transparent in their work but also it is a CSR engagement.

In Kom igen! we have a strategic partnership with a governmental research network, forskning.se. They together with Forte initiated Kom igen! to make research available for young people that rarely reach them. We have scanned Ungdomar.se:s plattform and found out the approximately 40 000 of our questions from youths concern mental health. These questions are through this project connected with the latest and most relevant research in a fun, easy and interactive way. Forskning.se provides credibility and researches and Ungdomar.se understands youths and know the exact questions they worry about.

Civil society
We are closely working with non-profit organizations in all our projects to mirror society better. In we_change we have a close collaboration with Fryshuset and WWF where they provide knowledge and have been leading a workshop in social sustainability and ecological sustainability on the pre-sustainability tour for the 500 teacher. In PallaJobba! we have just initiated a close collaboration with Tranfer where we together will develop a packaged for schools and municipalities to bring and bridge the gap between school and society.

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Ungdomar.se strives to create a better world for young people by both lifting them as social actors but also by bringing society to them through our projects. As previously mentioned we have been able to measure a positive impact of we_change and our campaigns #psynligt and Kom igen!. As we have seen that our projects are not only appreciated but also needed we believe that we can next year double how many students we can meet through we_change (20 000) and more than double how many we meet though PallaJobba!. We will also continue to campaign with #psynligt and Kom igen! where we will launch a website and a facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/psynligt?fref=ts) and have the aim to change the image of mental illness as well as reach out to all youths that experience some kind of stress, self-destructive, suicidal behavioral etc.

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NGOs, Businesses, National government, Investments.

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We are very close to finding a business model that consists of partnerships with private and public sector as well as a minor part from NGO:s. 2012 was a positive year and 2013 will most likely be a financial challenging year where our Investor Stenhaga will cover up for the losses. We have made investments in both the website Ungdomar.se and also in hiring more staff to be able to deliver good results to our existing partners and to scale up with new projects such as PallaJobba and #psynligt.
Today we are mainly financed through partnership in we_change and PallaJobba but during 2014 we will focus on commercializing the website though ads and campaigns that add value for our visitors.

Founding Story: Share a story about the "Aha!" moment that led the Partners to get started and/or to see the potential for this to succeed.

Ungdomar.se started 14 years ago and has ever since been a platform where youths share, interact and inspire each other. Three years ago questions concerning climate change and businesses role in society started pooping up and we felt the need to adress these concerns. So we initiated a "sustainability tour" called we_change that in 2012 and visited around 4000 high school student to inspire and engage youths in sustainable development together with companies such as IKEA, Coca-Cola and SPP. Today, we_change is one of Sweden´s largest sustainability projects that not only inspires and engages around sustainability but teaches and enlightens partners on how their future employees and consumers think and act. It enables business, municipalities, NGO:s, the school, politicians etc to be more transparent and actually being able to respond to youths questions and needs in a personal way.

About the Co-Creation
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Time is a very important factor and creating a combination between societal and business value in order to sign partnerships. We manage this by being persistent, by never giving up and always being professional when delivering offers to potential partners. We have also identified that it sometimes is a barrier to be a for-profit organization operating in a traditional non-for profit arena when seeking funding. I strongly believe that this is an advantage but with respect to this transparency and clear policies are even more important for us as a company. It is an important part to gain trust as well when working closely with schools and teachers, and this comes with a lot of responsibility which we try to manage by creating strong relationships with municipalities and principals/teachers and by having partnerships with organizations that provide credibility such as Skolverket.

Governance: What is the type of the relationship between the partners? (e.g. joint venture, contractual relationship, joint project...)

Ungdomar.se always make sure to have solid contracts in place before pursuing with our projects. We_change and PallaJobba! is a contractual relationship with partners whereas #psynligt and Kom igen! is a joint project . #Psynligt was initiated by Ungdomar.se and later joined föreningen Tilia and Fryshusets nätvandrare. Kom igen! is a joint project with forskning.se, and supported by different Swedish research councils such as Vinnova, Formas and Forte.

Interaction model: How is the project a transformative partnership? How is the interaction transforming the partnering organizations and their employees/ leadership in terms of creating a new vision, new management practices, new skills and new organizational structures? Please provide for concrete examples

Ungdomar.se strives to gather organizations from different areas of society and bring them together on an arena where youth is in the center of attention. I believe that is is rare that for example Coca-Cola and WWF is on the same arena discussing sustainability like we do, but this is exactly what is needed - being able to bring all actors to the same platform. For example we started out we_change with the aim to inform youths about sustainable development by putting companies on stage to describe their work within the field for thousands of youths.Now, three years later we have the same companies in a "Hållbarhetsgrill" having young people challenge their work and asking why they are not doing more! The employees at Ungdomar.se are primarily people that wants to create a better and more sustainable world, but in addition to that we have a sense of how to create business-value.

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