Visualize Lab : Infographic media for changes

Visualize Lab : Infographic media for changes

Bangkok, ThailandBangkok, Thailand
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Visualize lab is the graphic studio where we manage confusing information and simplify them into a piece of cake by "Design + Data" concept to visualize an easy-understanding information. Which makes these benefit can widely know in society with difference and creativity design.

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Most organization which works on social or academic sector have a huge numbers of good information, but they usually have several problems among communication process. Sending raw information to people are not easily acceptable and looks so hard to understand. This makes obstruction on people's perception to the information.

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We use communication method 'wisely' to express solutions to society. Simplicity and Easy to understand information is needed to their target. Which many organization are not much focus on this point. Infographic with well-arranged data is definitely more interesting than sheets of paper!
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Our infographic and animation that "Visualize Lab" Made are focused on social improvement issue. We consider doing jobs to solve problems among events also. Such as "Roo Soo Flood" gives useful tips for migrants during Thailand Biggest flood in 2011, Sustainable agriculture for thai farmers to our most successful project "Same Sex Marriage" that widely known in thai society. The government also interested in this point and now, they are processing related law by the Ministry of justice.

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Infographicmove is the graphic studio that doing infographic in social issue. They distribute their work via Fanpage and "a day bulletin" Free weekly magazine. ( / Statistically, they are having 34,956 Likes on pages and working under "Creative Move" organization. Infographic Thailand ( is another infographic production house which mainly focused on news and marketing issue. This firm based on marketing content with private company, Having 75,890 Likes on pages.
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"Roo Soo Flood" (รู้สู้Flood) -
The project gained volunteers from many fields to do this 10 episodes animation. Those helped provide and disseminate useful information about the 2011 flood which occured across Thailand. Each episode is both entertaining and informative and the series has gone viral on the internet. We are part of that phenomenon. Later, infographic is booming in our country.

"The right to same sex marriage" (
Distribute by 'Gay Me Design' are widely shared via social network. To promote the "Right Civil Partnership" law, which now widely known from our work!

"Sustainable Agriculture"

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Sanitation and Hygiene, Nutrition, Sustainable Agriculture, Smallholder Farmers, Supply Chain Micro-entrepreneurs.

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We usually serve our tools to NGOs and Social Organization. They have tons of information to express to society but needs some sharpen with design to simplify their data into friendly-easy-powerful media. Many topics could become talk of the town after sharing their story in form of infographic.
Our target basically on-line population. They love beautiful picture, not over 5 mins of video and some interesting point that intersect their life. This tools also works with educational media too!

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We mainly focus on 'communication' style with "DATA+VISUAL".
"Roo Soo Flood" Animation to gives knowledge about Thailand's biggest flood in 2011 reaches 1,266,605 views (ep.1). It was published in Thai and English. Local Free TVs and emergency camp use this animation as a first-aid media. After that, infographic trends has been hit Thai's social media. Many social organization express their idea by using infographics.

"Same Sex Marriage" Reaches60,352views. It was widely shared through Social Media. Nowadays, this topic has been raised in many TVs program. Then the government via Ministry of Justice is now pushing the related law on Same sex marriage too. This is the great impact that over our expectation.

Nowadays, ThaiPBS and MCOT channel are using animated-infographic with their news scoop. Thailand's facebook user has liked 'infographic' pages more than hundred thousands too.

Growth, Finance & Leadership
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- Firstly, we are focusing on Asean Economic Cooperation in 2015 will be an opportunity to graphic industry. Corporation among region needs better communication strategy. Infographic would help them communicate effectively to their target.

- Secondly, we would expand co-operation with Charity or Social Organization both in Thailand and all around region. Such as ACHR for better city living.

- Thirdly, we plan to do a training about 'data + idea' in private organization to give benefits to related department.

- Finally, we will create trainee program with newly graduated students to refreshment our ideas and give sustainable learning with social responsibility.

Financial Sustainability: What is your business model to ensure financial sustainability?

Apart from working with Non-Profit Organization from both government and private sector(As fundraising), we also accept jobs from Private company for their commercial in 30 : 70 proportion. We would bring profit we get from business part to support our job with Social sector.

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"Same sex marriage" was over-expectation. It was spread amazingly fast and people gives positive feedback to our media. Its also encourage Thai society about gender equality. Finally, the topic was raised to the government, the Same Sex Marriage law in our country was widely known and people are having better understanding why 'they' need this law.