Recycling plastic waste

Recycling plastic waste

Sixth of October City, Egypt
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The process of recycling of plastic waste generated by products of industrial processes important to reduce the environmental damage caused by getting rid of this waste by combustion processes, which cause a lot of damage and serious diseases.

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the problem is common in Egypt because people does not get rid of Rubbish in right way and there is nobody use it .they get rid of this Rubbish by combustion processes, which cause a lot of damage and serious diseases.

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Lead plastic recycling of industrial waste to get rid of it a safe and healthy manner without damage to the environment as well as it can take advantage of these materials as raw materials with relatively low price
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, JZH, Sixth of October City

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Less than a year

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i was walking in the street when i saw some people burn some waste so i thought if any body collect this waste and recycle it to good things that any body can use it that will be useful for all

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Nutrition, Greenhouse Gases, Waste, Smallholder Farmers.

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they will give their Rubbish and i will turn it to something good for using

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make a clean environment and reduce pollution

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in the next two years my products will reach to all the Arab world because it is new project with high quality products

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having a good stuff with good products and reach new markets and having a good plane for development

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i worked in factories in a lot of majors like mechanic and food