waste recycling in ecological coal

waste recycling in ecological coal: alternative energetic solution to fossil fuel

DOUALA, CameroonDOUALA, Cameroon
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Founding Story

Waste recycling in ecological coal is a project of NANDOU TENKEU Müller, a young researcher on green economy specialized in waste recycling at the plant laboratory, Doctorate school, University of Douala Cameroon. This is to supply the local population which a non toxic and alternative energetic solution to fossil fuel at low cost, which low carbon rate in the atmosphere. The Project was started in 2012 in the CLUB ECOLOGY when we discovered that the Cameroon littoral mangrov where distroyed to fume fishes, that is why we invented this easy solution to provide this alternative energy to local population, the actual need of the entire population is 200 000 tons of charcoal by destroying more forests, that is why this project is welcome


Project owner: NANDOU TENKEU Müller Raw material unit: BENELESSE GYULIA ERNEST Drying Unit: EBOULE EKWELE Raoul Carbonization Unit: NDZODO NDZANA Eric Martial Control unit: NGO NWAHA Crescence Logistic: NGANTCHIA TENKEU Cedric
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Fondation Camerounaise de la Terre Vivante, Living Earth Foundation UK, COMIC RELIEF, UKAID, EUROBIOPARK, INCUBATEUR D'ENTREPRISE Douala, Ministry of environment, nature protection and sustainable development, University of Douala, African Centre of Renewable Energies and Sustainable Technology are our key partners, each of them contriuted for the launching of the star up stage of the project.

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administrative challenge, acquire the legal authorization according for the locals laws, and technical challenge: acquire appropriate and performant equipment to industrialize the production are the mains importants challenges we have, and to overcome them, we are producing and sell in the market the test product to obtain money to cover all those procedures