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Yalla Trappan

Malmö, SwedenMalmö
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$250,000 - $500,000
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A women’s cooperative - Characterized by participation and empowerment. Where women go from shy glances and bent backs to Occupational pride and poise; from Reliance on income support to Earning real wages. This also means that in an area with high unemployment and where people frequently say there is little hope and vision - they are setting an example for their children.


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The general aim of Yalla Trappan to provide work for women who would otherwise have severe difficulties entering the labor market; The Yalla Trappan association is based and founded in Rosengård, Malmö, which is known to be a highly segregated area. Unemployment is high - but many young people also say that they have little confidence in their future. The Yalla Trappan association is also engaged in showing that real change is about people getting engaged in their communities - help will not come from the outside.

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to provide work for women who would otherwise have severe difficulties entering the labor market. Yalla Trappan wants to provide the local community with a meeting- and business-center, where they wish to unite social and educational activities with work and entrepreneurship. The members/employees at Yalla Trappan are getting work opportunities - meaning money and pride- and also both theoretical and practical training . But the most important thing is that it is built on the competence of the women, seeing their competence and knowledge as relevant and valuable. The products and services that YT provides, are based in the competence of the members. As a meeting-center Yalla Trappan strives to work with civil society to build social capita
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For many young people, growing up in Rosengård, Malmö, is stigmatizing. Unemployment is high, hope is low. But YT show that you can make a change. It shows this by engaging with many different actors - public, private. And, maybe most importantly, it is NOT as project. All revenue is earned income. For some women, it is the first job that they have had. Now, as YT is spreading, they are role models.

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Local YT can contribute ti change in many local communities. the potential is to have a YT in every neighborhood - and the business model will work for that.

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In Sweden - few other social enterprises are active in this field


We need to keep up the good team that we have. strategies for the future includes european connections - so far we have had enquieries from a number of countries. Top management in partner organizations are very dedicated so far - the challenge is to keep the interest up.
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cooperative social enterprise

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15 part-time employees (eq. to 9 FTE)

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, SK, Malmö

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"Mångfaldshjäle 2013" (Diversity hero) awarded by Diversity Index (http://www.diversityindex.se);

Project Summary
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-... desing/furniture
-IKEA is a big employer in Sweden, also the products are close to the competence that YTs members have
-IKEA contributes with business opportunities, but most important the collaboration in itself creates knowledge for both parties - about business values; working/living conditions in Sweden etc.

-Green Furniture
-Recycles furnitures; primarily customers public authorities airports etc.
-Ecological considerations/knowledge for staff; business opportunities

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so far the organization has affected only a small number directly - but a large number indirectly. To date it might be 20 people who had been employed at YT. But it is also important to keep small - so wider impact is expected through spreading f the concept, which is being done right now.

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Regional government, National government, Customers.

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Yalla Trappan today has a business model that is based on earned income, and is doing well. We get some government (regional/national) funding for projects to develop the business model and to scale operations on a regional scale.

Founding Story: Share a story about the "Aha!" moment that led the Partners to get started and/or to see the potential for this to succeed.

Yalla Trappan was formed in 2010 with inspiration and staff originating from the so called Trappan projects in Rosengård, Malmö, from 2006-2010, initiated and financed by the European Social Fund and local partners, aiming to enhance possibilities for women in Rosengård to enter the labor market. Employers and the municipality considered the women in the Trappan projects un-hirable. Founder Christina Merker-Siesjö, thought it all seemed like a waste of resources. Given the right tools and a market/platform for their abilities these women could develop and become self-sufficient producers. Yalla Trappan wanted to make use of the successful initiatives that had started in the projects and with commitment, participation and democratic routines they started the new social enterprise, where they wish to unite social and educational activities with work and entrepreneurship.

About the Co-Creation
Barriers: What main barriers may you have encountered to co-create during the creation and implementation of the project and how did you try to overcome them?

difference in organizational culture is most important. working with collaborative workshops to create understanding.

Governance: What is the type of the relationship between the partners? (e.g. joint venture, contractual relationship, joint project...)

relationship has been quite informal, but as it is becoming more of economic value, we have been making more formal contracts.

Interaction model: How is the project a transformative partnership? How is the interaction transforming the partnering organizations and their employees/ leadership in terms of creating a new vision, new management practices, new skills and new organizational structures? Please provide for concrete examples

it is transforming - because we are bringing quite diverse partners into the partnership. and the process is NOT about giving - its really about finding new ways of building collaborative production strategies. But it's only a beginning -

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