Agewell Employment Exchange for Older Persons

Agewell Employment Exchange for Older Persons

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An Employment Exchange exclusively for the Old People

Gainful re-employment is an area of great concern, for many. Some want it because they find themselves completely active but retired. Some need it because of their yet unfinished responsibilities. For many, it is a question of survival; there are still many more who just want to keep themselves occupied.

Agewell proposes to work as a nodal agency and would exclusively work towards bringing together the opportunity seekers and opportunity providers.

Agewell also proposes to make every older person self-reliant. In changed socio-economic circumstances, older persons can not possibly expect more from their family members as well as from society. For comfortable and respectful life they have to be prompted to become self-reliant.

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It has been observed that at the time of retirement many of the individuals are in the peak of their threshold. After retirement, overnight they become redundant for all practical purposes. Indeed it is ironical; very few people prepare themselves for their life after retirement. Research suggests that normally most of the people at the time of retirement have one or more of the following unfinished tasks in hand; ~ Children are still school / college going ~ Marriages – especially of daughters ~ Settlement of sons ~ Medical treatment of family members / self ~ Some court cases (i .e. getting house vacated) ~ Old parents living with them ~ Not much of the savings ~ No house to live in In addition, most of them are mentally and physically fit to work for some more years. First few days after retirement are welcome and good for a change, but afterwards time hangs on... specially if one has not planned the post retirement period properly. Most of the people have to look for alternatives to keep themselves occupied during the day. There are different categories of people who are seeking gainful employment and broadly they can be divided in three categories. 1. Most of the retired people feel that they are not required to work after retirement as their savings / pension will look after them for the rest of the life. If a person has retired with one or more of the problems mentioned above, his perceptions of sufficient gets diluted. On top of this, the cost of living, which is escalating in geometric proportions, compels him to look for a second career to complete his unfinished responsibilities. 2. Many retired persons who are otherwise financially sound and do not have any of the above responsibilities, find it difficult to spend the full day on their own and seek useful employment because when they have nothing to do, time hangs on them. 3. There are many who are financially settled and because of social standing do not want to take up a job as such, but are keen to do something for the society and do not know how to go about it. The elderly people find it difficult to find a suitable job / employment due to various reasons such as: a. Not knowing where and whom to contact b. There are no separate organizations to help them c. Find it odd to approach any placement agency and compete with younger people. d. There is no proper response from placement agencies, because usually even they are more focussed on younger applicants. On the other hand there are number of organizations in the private sector, who are in constant need of experienced, matured and knowledgeable employees. They find it difficult to locate them. There is no placement service, which can meet their requirements. These experienced people can be a great asset to any organization provided they are utilized properly.

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METHODOLOGY Keeping in mind the needs of elderly people who are rich in experience and have all the faculties working, a system has been evaluated to help them with a gainful employment. a. A close contact will be maintained with organizations from where people are retiring. b. Category wise data will be maintained on computer for speedy identification. c. Close liaison will be maintained with the industry. . d. Regular seminars / conferences will be held for HRD /Personnel Managers. e. The concept of hiring retired people will be popularized amongst corporate sector. In addition, we create Gainful engagement opportunities for Older Persons through Project Eklavya Salient features of the project: • An Intergenerational Initiative, as a gainful engagement for retired old persons • To provide community involvement and to pursue opportunities for complete development of their potential • Launched Home Tutors & Easy Accounts schemes as pilot projects in Delhi • Initiated at district level through Agewell Consortium of volunteers spread across the country
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In the course of interacting with older people through the Agewell Helplines, Himanshu Rath realised, our government is the biggest employer which unfortunately doesn't allow you to work after 60. With higher longevity now, 60 is no age to stop working, particularly when you have to take care of your needs for the next 20-25 years. Many have more children and by the time they are retired, one or two of them are not yet settled in life, so there is constant need for money. For the employment of such people, one is dependent on private enterprises only. The jobs most end up doing are secretarial ones though many are capable of picking better jobs.” The corporate world is adamantly against employing retired people.

You don't have to raise their salaries every year and you don't have to deal with the arrogance of youth. Instead, old people will be ever grateful for giving employment.

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Organising approximately 35000+ jobs and encouraging many more thousands of older people to take up tuitions etc. over a period of almost 10 years cannot be termed as a huge success. However, in view of having done this free of cost without charging any money from the employment seekers or providers, the possibilities of scaling up the number and also adapting it in almost all societies are very bright.

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More than 10,000

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More than 10,000

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With increasing footprint of Agewell Employment Exchange for Older Persons, greater media attention, better corporate acceptance & participation and ever growing demand for “experienced” workforce the possibilities are endless.

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With increasing numbers the financial pressures increase and in time to come that could be the only barrier to reduce the pace of catching up with the possibilities.

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None, so far

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So far, only the above mentioned have come forward to support.

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The project will continue at the same pace till the time some substantial funding is received. We are making all possible effort in the hope to increase the number of placement by at least five times.

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By highlighting the facts
• They are more economical as the salaries are negotiable and they don’t look forward to any promotions or raises.
• They have vast experience & knowledge behind them hence they can even be utilized for training the younger employees.
• They are dependable, punctual, disciplined, less demanding and more accommodating.
• They have more sense of responsibility and take keen interest in work assigned to them. They are also less likely to get involved in office politics.
The list is endless. A recent study in Britain has also found that the older employees are more productive than their younger colleagues.

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Attempt to influence other organizations and institutions through spread of best practices is an-going process for us.

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NGOs/Nonprofits, For profit companies.

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NGO/non- Profit and for Profit companies are the once who offer employment possibilities to older persons and they are the only ones we have been collaborating with.