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GCC Sustainable Community

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Gonaives Christian Centre: Providing hope,education,economic development ,and social responsibility

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Haiti is generally regarded as the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Though the country was considered wealthy in the late 1700’s & early eighteenth century. The twentieth century saw a decline due to reparations paid to France, an invasion by the United States and a slew of parasitic governments. There has been a great deal of instability in the last 10 years a great number of kidnappings etc. I believe there are a couple of barriers the corruption of the past government. Haiti recently elected a new president in May of 2011 and he seems to be progressive and has the development of the country in mind. There could still be remnants of the old administration and corruption still lurking in certain offices. The concept of Haitians working together is also a little challenging since those who believe in fetichism are often weary of their neighbours believing that people may be putting spells on them and other such ideas. Overall I have worked with some individuals in that area before and with the proper approach and also using the locals that already trust us there will be limited barriers to engagement.

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There are 4 components that I believe are innovative: 1. The comprehensive nature of the project, its concern with the economic, spiritual and future of the community. Oftentimes an agency will focus on just one aspect of a community. This will help to build the entire community. I was told once by a professor that “A mind introduced to a new idea is forever transformed”. This along with “without a vision the people perish” are quotes that continually ran through my mind as I conceived of this project. The innovation here is hope. The people will not only be taught academically but they will have a tactile experience of possibility. Succession planning is another major innovation of this project. Once parents begin to build a business it will be with the idea that the children will assist in its growth and job opportunities being created in the community. Children will be coming out of high school and into economically viable neighbourhoods. Self sufficiency: With the number of natural disasters increasing and the world economy sometimes in trouble, it has been reported that donors are experiencing fatigue. Its our intent to create a program that will help self fund through the following: retreat space, excess agricultural items harvested from the grounds, the sale of products produces on site and tuition from parents as their businesses begin to make money.
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The activities of the project are comprehensive we want to focus first on giving the children a world class education. They will have access to computers and learning materials readily found in America. We will also provide an athletic component, swimming, soccer & tennis to help develop future olympic greats. Secondly the project will require parental assistance and participation which will serve as a form of community building, all hands together for the good of the community and the children. All food and livestock for the centre will be grown on the grounds. We will require parents in order to keep their children in school to volunteer a certain number of hours on the property to help with planting, caring for livestock, maintaining school grounds, sewing and mending uniforms etc. Parents will also have an area to learn to read, receive vocational training and entrepreneurial assistance. The concept of the vocational department is to assist parents in starting businesses that the children will be able to build upon as they become more mature and graduate. In the past many schools have been erected but after the children graduate they are returned to a non existent economic environment. Visiting physicians and nurses will be at the clinic year round until we are able to draw from individuals who have gone through medical training from local schools or our own nurses aide program. Thirdly when school is out of session the centre will act as a retreat destination for various organizations or individuals, boasting of a 100% organic menu, yoga, spa and other amenities. This endeavour will be one of many that will assist in the centre being self sufficient the income from the tourists will assist in helping to reduce the amount of dollars needed from donors. Finally the centre will also have a Christian church component allowing locals to learn about Jesus Christ and fellowship.
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GCC Sustainable Community/Gonaives Christian Center
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GCC Sustainable Community/Gonaives Christian Center

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The founder Stephane Paul was born in Haiti and migrated to the states at the age of seven. In her late teens early twenties she went back to Haiti and worked on her fathers farm raising cattle, pigs and chickens. The livestock was sold to area supermarkets and milks sold to Laina and other entities in Haiti. She increased he father production by more than 50% when she took over the operation. In the last few months workign on the farm we were begining production of shallots for overseas sale. During a particular volitile moment in Haiti in the late 80’s, bandits ransacked the farm destroyed the home, stole and killed livestock. They also make an attempt on Miss Paul’s life. She then went back to the US to continue her education and work. In 2003 however upon enrolling her child in school and sponsoring a child in Haiti through World Vision the concept of the Gonaives Christian Center was born. Miss Paul marveled at the level of education her child received at the Christian School he was attendign on Long Island New York. She hoped that all little Haitian children would be able to receive the same type of education. After trying to partner with a few NGO’s workign in Haiti she decided to work on the vision alone. Soon she aquired 12 acres of land on the outskirts of Gonaives to begin building. She also created a t-shirt company-www.caribbeangirlz.com- whose proceeds would be used to fund the project. Haiti was plunged into further political Miss Paul put the project on hold. Recent change in government is making it possible to make it happen.

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So far the project has not been fully implemented, I have only been able to donate items to children at a school and Fermathe.

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101- 1,000

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Once the project has had three years of growth we will look to team with or institute our own medical program. Many rural areas do not have enough medical staff to assist the people we will be looking toward putting together a program for those in the area who want to pursue nursing to help staff our local clinic. By the end of three years we will also look to those who have participated and are workign in the area of agriculture to build a cooperative where they can begin to ship some of their products overseas and fill supermarkets across the island.

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Barriers would be mainly from the government. I am hopeful because Haiti just got a new president that wants to e more transparent and wants the country to prosperous. Other barriers is that have been away for a long time. I have my father and a few allies in the area.

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At this time my partnerships have mostly been with individuals. I do plan however to involve churches. I did contact my local church and spoke to my past church, they were receptive to the idea.

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I plan on beginning an aggressive fundraising campaign and targeting churches and other NGO's to assist in the vision. I also plan to strengthen the project by including Haitian professionals to serve as mentors and teachers to the students and the parents that will benefit format he program.

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By providing parents with a vocational component and encouraging entrepreneurship we create jobs. Also we prepare the children to come into the newly created businesses and expand. Our aim is to provide a viable economic community where jobs are being created by community members.Both parents and children learn not only academically but learn how to build a business.

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Unfortunately we are at the starting stage once we are up and running for 3 years and are successful the next step is to open a school on the outskirts of Port-au Prince.

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