Health and Healing in Africa.

Health and Healing in Africa.

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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According to the stituation of the climate change that has brought the problem of globle worming it has brought in very many diseases to breakout were by very many diseases have taken lives of many African and intere world at large.

As for as sloving the root cause and finding the possible solution to above mentioned problems Having THINK HUMANITY NURSING SCHOOL in aregion can simply solve both physical,Ecconomical and spiriual plus mental problems that are currently in local sociaties.So this project will exactly Empowere and train young genaration to be part of solution through gaining knowledge and skills to solve to save and to serve the community.

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With the community i would lve to engage this project in,Ecconomic condition of the community is not sustainable due to lack of skills and Trainings in Vocational fields. Many people in the community loolk Humble(POOR) becausethey lack Jobs,creativity in solving Economical problems that are sarrounding. On political part of it ,it is prove that Africa leaders dont want to Empower the younger ones which leads to over staying on power hence killing the talents of younger generation . Security tend to be stable but without expansional of Empowermant wich may led to political insiterbilities. Norms and value ;according to the kingdom and caltural activities of the community is not bad because people in the community are very co-operative socially and active tuareds finding the solution of their problems.I as part of the community and knowing the caltural part i fell of comming in by soving the community challanges by uniting to bring change in communities . AS far as the community is consened ,Its highly populated it is proved with current stituation of how people are living in local sociaties were help and servise are not enough and community would take part in knowing their own problems first be for any one knowing them .

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With much heart that i have to the community i fill to be part of the community solution because of the problems that are causing poverty in the commmunity hence affecting the community condition. And due to all this and i found that in whole western region is having only one Nursing school and it highly populated and very expensive were by not every one affords to join on that school hence this has led people taking wrong courses and proffesion. So the community is real very happy with this i dea of having nursindg school and local leaders at large because it going to allow people to have their courses and it sounds good to be the second Nursing school in the whole western region and community is behind this project. this nursing school is going to be for the community and twe shall bring different people from diffent areas to give services to the community which it has never recieved and it will be the biggest achievemant in the community because i konw thier many services they dont get and i will make sure this sevices are available for better chnging of lives of people in africa by proving health education. COMmmunity will get enough nurses for working in the clinic because their many clinic and hospital but lacking nurses to work and this is affecting the community so much patient are many but doctors and nurses are very few compare to other developed area in some part of Africa.
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Am Jonas aged 20 congolise by nationarity ,but grown in ugada due to wor in DRC,i reached in ugand when i had 8yrs and i had to attend education and to come in ugada i had my grand mom.
What inpired me :
In a country battered by sickness, disease, and lack of adequate healthcare, the Uganda Nursing Assistant School would be a means of providing growth and healing not only for the Nursing Assistant student. This program would train students to become Certified Nursing Assistants.

Jonas is nominating this project because:
Disadvantaged Africans will have the opportunity to attain professional Certified Nursing Assistant degrees and establish themselves as vital instruments in the economy and healthcare system. Beyond career advancement, this project will radically shape and redefine the lives of so many underprivileged Africans. Nursing Assistant students will discover their profound significance and sense of purpose through their contribution to the health of their community. The Nursing Assistants will also have a means of supporting themselves and their families through a professional career. Nursing Assistants will also be a step toward the advancement of African hospitals grossly deprived of adequate staff and resources.

Social Impact
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The project is going to be succesfull because of the problems that its going to solve in the community and the interests of thr community tureds the project.

Also in the whole region 6 Districts there is only one Nursing school that is highly populated and expesive were by it has led most of young ones end up doing wrong courses and wrong professions depending to the population grouth. We need many specialists in middle field because of Epiddemic diseases that are taking lives of people.

And due to the community and thier interest of this project we shall unity familise were by providing some of the services and this will led to support of this project and having other project to generate income for mantaing the school.
The local leaders are willling to come up to support this project by sendind and encouraging youth to attend this type of course in the region and due to this it will be succesiful.

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More than 10,000

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According to the needs that are in the community and due to the self will that we have in becomming solution of the community looking at this project being sustainable because the first resources am looking at is people,Land that is available,beneficicallies and these are youth who will gain skills and trainings on this project.

With the available Resources this project will develope and attract many people which will increase and make a project standa on its foundation and this aneble the project evolve over the next three years.

And with the knowled and skills i have will aneble this project evolve over next three years.Also with the foundation am going to have will aneble the community to get inspired of this project by involving in and they become the part of the family

What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

There are some of the Barriers might hinder the succes of this project an one of the them is
Financally,This above barrier can not be abig problem but by solving its create income genaration project that can be sustainable to other main project.And thereare many other ways of solving the same problem by financial mobilization in the community as well aes you involve the community to take parts and creating community co-coparative to support the school and funderizing to well wishers.
Competation;This will be maintained through providing better sevices,Good qualities relation ship with the community and patient in finding the solution and understand the students problems in cosideration and to self reliance.
High population;Due to the and quality of i fill will be provided that will led the school to populaded will be solved in the way that their will be aspeciffic number in school and class,simple number which is simple managed since the school minds with quality not quantity.
Luck of materials;This will be solved by creating powerfull relation ship with the existing Nursing school in a country.There can be the exchange of i deas and their controbution toureds to why they also they started and how they managed and what makes their school to starnd.
This are the few challanges i will face and the way i wil over comme all these challanges because am the solution of all this challanges .And i belive that am not a slave of the past but am the solution of the past so i will not accept to be draven by this problems.

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In order the project to grow we shall need partnersip for the project to grow.This partnership is from the comminty that the project is engeged in ,NGOS that sponsors students and other health funding organization that can be having the same objective as my project.

And there may friend who are real willing t partner with my project as soon as the project begin and this is real showing the mission and objective to be accomplished in days to comme.And this will aneble to stardered of the project,And when all this paertnerships comes in that is were even we shall provide better services to community since we shall ivolve in other people to comme in to help the community at larg.

Explain your selections

The reason to why i have sellected friend and families is because there amomng people who insipired me to think of this I dea and cauraged by them even to date,Due to friend i have and with the love and the relationship i have created with all friend many people had promissed to comme in to give services to the community by volnteering,Uniting in order to promote the community at lage.
Familes this are the community am living with other wise parents who send thier children at school .This parent are real incouraging me to start this project so that we can provide Education to their childrea.
ISSUE: Increased involvement of parents and families often is cited as one of the most important ways to improve public schools. A variety of studies ( confirms that parent involvement makes an enormous impact on students' attitude, attendance, and academic achievement. Although some working and single parents may be unable to contribute to schools because of work commitments and time constraints, educators are discovering many additional ways that parents can help students and their schools. Some of these ways are dependent upon the school's desire to involve parents. To effect change, parents must find time to participate in their children's education while schools must provide the supports necessary for them to be involved. The resulting partnerships between parents and teachers will increase student achievement and promote better cooperation between home and school. Together these efforts will connect families and

How do you plan to strengthen your project in the next three years?

This is an experience where i alway says: I Want to Strengthen My Project solving the cause roots. It features support, personal stories and experiences, advice, videos, pictures and resources from real people, Challenging tutorials, imaginative projeect.

This profusely illustrated book teaches serious beginners the fundamental skills of graphic design as an introduction to their formal study in health Educatoion, illustration, Biology practical, Nutritation, animation, and virtually all other avenues in the visual courses.
I Want to Strengthen My Relationship With God Stories & Experiences and this will keep me closly with God in my project,Because i belive that every think without God to me does not make sense.Aldo to streangen the project;
1.Volunteer to help at a Special Olympics event.
2.Set up a buddy system for students with special needs at your school.
3.Raise money for Braille or large print books for blind or visually impaired people.
4.Volunteer at an agency that works with children with disabilities.
5. I wILL Read books or the newspaper on tape for blind or visually impaired people.
6.Make gifts with friends for STUDENTS in the hospital.
7.Prepare sack lunches and deliver them to homeless or homebound people.
9.Work with physically challenged STUDENTS on an Education project.

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Lack of efficiency

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world is now much closer with the inventions of aeroplanes, trains and vehicles. Transport and its development (speed, comfortability etc) is vital in keeping in contact with others in terms of business and pleasure. Without them, we'd still be walking, cycling, traveling by sea or traveling by horse and cart which is far more time consuming and limits how far one can go in certain time spans.

The Internet: Again, vital for communication. We've become reliant upon it for all our information. More and more people are using it and it's constantly in development - it's a titan that no one can stop.

Medicines: They have extended our life-spans, and are continuing to extend them even today!

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For many countries, it is the responsibility of the government to assure health care provision for the whole population. But the public health agenda has become so large that the governments of these countries have been unable to provide adequate health care (Buse and Waxman 2001). This has led organizations outside the government to assume part of that responsibility. Moreover, there is a growing recognition by government and international organizations that the involvement of all stakeholders is needed if health services are to reach the poor .