Pan de Esperanza, Catering Delights and Farm of My Dreams A social business that feeds on the differences

Pan de Esperanza, Catering Delights and Farm of My Dreams A social business that feeds on the differences

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$1 million - $5 million
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Generating employment for people with disabilities since they can produce and market quality products and services that meet the needs of the formal market.
Playing roles efficiently and having responsibilities in the entire business process of baked goods, food, catering and educational visits. To do this, we work on strengthening the basic skills that are the foundation for achieving vocational and technical quality as well as human development, autonomy, self-determination and cultural identity. A continuing education that allows them to obtain paid employment. Similar to the work carried by millions of men worldwide, becomes divine task, in a labor that recognizes them as legal subjects.

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Of the 400,000 inhabitants of Moreno (Buenos Aires), 64% of the population lives below the poverty line and 28% below the extreme poverty line. Of that number an estimated 60,000 people have at least one type of disability and from that total, 85% are poor or indigent. It is notable that 82% of PWD who are in working condition, is excluded from the labor market due mostly to physical barriers, communication and attitudinal issues. This condition of disability and poverty aggravates the access to opportunities and to fulfill their human rights. Their families reflect the ignorance and isolation that bores the fate of their children, full of prejudice and "tags" that prevent them from recognizing them as subjects of rights. Other children with disabilities are the result of poverty, insecurity and inadequate nutrition. Children who receive special education and even reaching complete their basic education do not have the attitudes and skills necessary to access formal employment. Our history dates back to 1994, when we decided to initiate productive activities with the PWD. In a clay oven we began to knead the bread that years later that would feed thousands of children who attend our public schools to develop income generating potentials that improved the economy of the families Andar young people.

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- We apply personal therapeutic approaches to improve the performance and skills of disabled people living in a poverty context. - We create accessibility, so that everyone can use an object, enter a physical environment, using jobs, incorporating knowledge and learning or access to a service regardless of their technical skills, cognitive or physical disabilities. - We incorporate young people into a process that transforms their lives from passive-receptive to productive-active. - We adapt the content and methodologies to their functional, social, productive and personal development. - We create sustainable productive projects that generate genuine employment and equal footing with other citizens of their community. - Implementing the necessary institutional arrangements for the supply to be recognized both locally and nationally. - We develop knowledge and skills in management skills and business management, enabling business development as a tool and not as an end in itself, product quality, service, acceptance and positive attitude of the community. - We promote inclusive attitudes. - We share our experience with social organizations that tap into the social economy to improve living conditions of PWD.
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The PWD who acquire the skills required can obtain jobs in our bakery Pan de Esperanza ("Bread of Hope"), where baked goods are made daily for 20,000 children from schools in Moreno. They also perform tasks in our catering "Delicias", where they supply a demand for breakfast, lunch, executive packed lunches and social events for hundreds of people and businesses in the community. On the other hand, they participate in the "Educational Farm" with a training proposal, inclusive and environmentally responsible, led by PWD to transmit knowledge to over 2000 children in schools received annually. Local companies also value the efficiency of our youth work, incorporating them operational tasks in their companies. This growth arises from a first action, which is the inclusion of PWD to a comprehensive training process in order to significantly transform the situation and reverse the construction of an unfavorable social vision about the disabilities in the context of poverty. Recipients have the opportunity to access training tools optimized information and teaching methods that address the demands from any professional setting. A second action was to understand that to maintain and improve each of the initiatives we are implementing tools incorporating a business process management approach to social organization. Our goal is to improve efficiency through the management of business processes that should be systematized organize, documented and optimized continuously.
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Asociacion Civil ANDAR
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We create an inclusive social context, we generate employment with ist corresponding wage for PWD dignifying job tasks. This is what motivates us to develop sustainable productive activities and this has been essential to resolve the difficult situation faced by people with disabilities in our community.
We live in an inclusive social context that makes invisible the citizen status of the disabled. This company focuses on the deficit that only provides care and treatment responses, a conception of disability that generates so much public policy as family and community actions that end up being functional approaches to these criteria as a way to assimilate welfarism to contain disability. Consequently, access to employment of people with intellectual disabilities do not pose a problem to be solved for the state, community and families of people with disabilities.
Since our inception, Andar felt that disabled people achieve a genuine citizen participation and social integration when it equalizes opportunities and there is access to work. It is, from its active role in the workplace and the collection of a living wage, enabling them to achieve personal independence that enhances self-esteem, quality of life and inclusion in their family and social environment.

Social Impact
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Generation of paid employment: by 2008 55 people with disabilities
In 2009 we incorporated 10 people
In 2010 15 people and
By 2011, we will add 15 people.
Improved wages of PWD: in 2008 the baseline
In 2009 70% increase
In 2010 increase of 85%
In 2011 40% increase
2 Companies Moreno incorporated 3 PWD in their companies.
20 youths are trained in food trades, arts and environment.
We increased our portfolio of customers 2 Government offices, 12 new private clients.
The catering and bakery sales increased 77.52% in a 2010 compared to 2009.
And plans to increase sales by 50% relative to 2010
Transdimencional focus of PWD (psychological, social, legal, political, economic) plays in depth the complexity of the situation and the various aspects that we consider to generate employment opportunities in the formal market.
The PWD are building a new identity that allows them to make decisions and exercise their rights.
10 couples of PWD who work in Andar are raising their children responsibly.
Andar has created an PWD advisory council representing the workers' voices.

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The strategic plan for 2014 is expected to generate 100 new jobs, 120 young people in the food trade school, 20 people including the labor market and bakery franchises 10 family homes for young people.
By 2013 we expect to open our second bakery to supply neighboring towns, with a portfolio of 400 schools, potential customers Andar - 2014 compete in tenders.
Catering: 2012 provides venture services to canteens - 2013 services to gated communities and organizing events in See.
Educational Farm, 2012 partnerships with foundations to finance public schools visits. 2013 visits at weekends "family relief"

What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

- Lack of regulatory frameworks and public policies that guarantee equal opportunities. Along with the federation that brings together our organizations who are promoting a law and a regulatory framework to enable scale and competition in the formal market.
- Access to funding to enable us to face new challenges. We are preparing to create a development area fund for productive enterprises.
- Overprotection of families and lack of therapeutic training of professionals entering the institution. Workshops invaluable for understanding the new dimension of his son. Internal training and induction procedures for new entrants to the organization.

Tell us about your partnerships

Our alliances are segmented according incumbency and intervention need.
With universities, to generate intellectual value, improve internal processes, corporate communications, best practices, other: IAE, Business School of the University of San Andres, Universidad Austral, Universidad Nacional de Lujan, Architecture.
Foundations and NGOs we work together with them to develop programs to strengthen management and specific business processes of social businesses: Aportes de Gestión, Ashoka, NESst,
State and Federations, for the design of public policies: federations, municipal, provincial and National Disabilities Councils, National Ministry of Labor.
Organizations in Latin America: FEDAR, Colombia, Ecuador Hilarte, Compromiso Peru, Paraguay CDI.
Businesses: we develop knowledge and product exchanges .
Grassroots organizations: we provide institutional strengthening are sharing experiences with organizations in 10 provinces.

Explain your selections

The financial support required to achieve the current results is the consequence of a process that has progressively evolved around different partnerships based on transparency and long-term relationships, we have built relationships of trust and systematized and rendered the results for each project.
First, the coordinated work with the National Government through grants allowed us to improve the infrastructure and purchase equipment to go out and compete on equal terms with the rest of the bakeries and caterers.
The sale and production quality progressively gave us access to more customers, improving sales and revenue. This growth, especially in the last three years led to an organizational point of conflict that led us to develop a strategic plan and initiate a process of cultural change that was led by universities, foundations, NGOs and partners ofAndar.
The sales growth, optimization of resources, implementation of a stock and costs has allowed us to improved profitability, achieving greater autonomy in decision making and future strategic investments, resulting in many cases external resources an adjunct to decision making.
Other income that have benefited the activity was from awards from competitions national and international that give social and economic recognition.

How do you plan to strengthen your project in the next three years?

2011 consolidation of procedures, in addition, we are incorporating the skills necessary to implement the strategic plan 2011-2015.
Sales: 2011 envisages a 40% sales revenue relative to 2010.
Professional training: February 2012 opening of the first comprehensive training school of trade and food management foreseeing 40 young people per year, 10 families, 10 teams of grassroots organizations in Argentina to replicate the model.
Franchise "Bread of Hope" for 2014 will be operating 10 sales outlets in Youth Homes, to do so in 2011 we selected 10 families. 2012, training of 10 families. 2013 installation and commissioning of 5 sales outlets. 2014 launch of 5 sales outlets.
Bakery: 2012 expanded the bakery to double its production capacity, with funding from the national government, own funds and donors, clients expected 100 schools; 2013 second bakery opened schools designed to serve neighboring towns, with a portfolio of 400 schools, potential Walking customers.
Catering 2011 provides for expansion of facilities and equipment with funds from two wins World Bank competition and NESst. We have equipment donated by the Universidad Siglo 21, 2012 new services to canteens, 2013 See event organization.

Which barriers to employment does your innovation address?
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Lack of skills/training


Need for regulatory/policy support


Lack of visibility and investment

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1 - In February 2012, we will inaugurate the 1st Trade and Management School of Crafts in gastronomy. This will train new entrepreneurs and improve the skills of those already included in our production activities.
2 - Andar integrates a national commission to create a law regulating this business (social business), ready to join the Congress for its approval.
3 - We offer our clients quality products and services, we aim to gain market share by focusing on product quality, providing visibility and recognition to the disabled worker. Would not use disability as a means of seduction of the customers.
We look for responsible investors who want to generate long-term partnerships. And improving business sustainability and self-financing.

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Enhanced existing impact through addition of complementary services


Repurposed your model for other sectors/development needs

Please describe which of your growth activities are current or planned for the immediate future.

1º School of crafts and food management:
• Local Development Program: comprehensive training to young people in our town.
integration program or local businesses.
or Programs of productive enterprises.
• Regional Development Programme: To train leaders, staff and PWD.
Program of Productive Units or NGOs.
integration program or local businesses.
or Programs of productive
2 ° The culinary quality production develops. Therefore aim to diversify clients creating alternative delivery services and personal attention.
3 ° inclusive model, a venture that is born for PWD approach generates a space where young people without disabilities include conditions of vulnerability.

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Government, NGOs/Nonprofits, For profit companies, Academia/universities.

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Design public policies with the national and provincial state. We are part of the Municipal, Provincial and National Disability Councils in Argentina.
We integrate the Federation of Protected Workshops in the Province of Buenos Aires and we worked for the creation of regulatory and equal opportunities frameworks. At the universities we we are a model approach much needed to inspire ad train students. With the Federation of Protected Workshops we createt a federal system of employment for people with disabilities, in municipal and provincial councils including people with disabilities to give their point of view.
Grassroots organizations see a role model in Andar, we transfer experiences, recommendations and organizational development.